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I am 20 yrs old and want to get breast...

I am 20 yrs old and want to get breast augmentation due to going through pregnancy and nursing. I have deflated mom boobs, with no volume, and the right is a bit larger to than the left, including the nipple.

Let me tell you, I searched, and searched, and searched, and searched some more for the right surgeon. I hate the fake, round, too big look. You never see a girl that couldn't have gone just a teeny bit smaller!

I was willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. as long as the before and after photos on their website matched my taste.. YES every surgeon has their own style as you'll get to know as you look at hundreds of before and after photos, and if I called they were prompt and friendly.

I always wondered..who cares if they're friendly if they're the best.
Well when you're calling from out of town and the receptionist says "well why would you want to travel to Texas," then I think, well, if youre not working for a reputable surgeon and really need me to answer that question, then you are not the place for me..
When you call and the gal answering the phone knows her facts, it really really does make you feel way more comfortable.
The receptionist needs to be curteous and informable!

I basically gave up on looking in Colorado, but decided to give it one more try and found Dr. Campanile in Denver.
I could tell from the before and after photos on his website that I liked his work. Women, who had obviously had children, that he had performed breast augmentation on looked great. I was advised by a couple other surgeons that I needed a lift as well..But dr campanile didn't do lifts on cases like myself and they turned out looking so much more natural..not the up in your face, round look. A surgeon has got to realize that women who are going from nothing are going to turn out differently than a woman who has "extra tissue" to fill, and I really believe Dr. C understands that from his photos.

I called to schedule a consult and the front desk staff was knowledgable and friendly. I kept researching doctors while waiting for my consult, but just knew he would be the one.
I am 20 and a lot of docs won't put silicone in unless youre 21. When I called back again to check if it would be possible the front desk gal was again friendly and didn't need a moment to think about her informative response. She explained how dr. c was a part of the research trials FOR silicone implants and that I could get them before I turn 21.

At my consult the office was nice, and Dr. Campanile had a sweet demeanor. I felt comfortable with him right away.
I told him I want the smallest implant possible, just to fill in my excess tissue. I was sure I didnt want high profile, but he suggested it really may be the best option for me, pulled out his tape measure and showed me how there is only a 1cm difference between high profile and the step below.
Also discussed whether or not I wanted to make my nipples smaller/the same size, (I got the idea from another surgeon at another consult), but after thinking about it after the consult decided I didn't like how after pictures looked of the scar around the nipple.

I called soon after to book my surgery.
I am going back in about a month for a pre op apt. and to pick my size.
He does sizers during surgery, so we will pick a range of three different sizets that he will try during surgery to see which he thinks will look the best, and obviously will need a larger implant in my smaller left breast.
Right now I am a 32D, which makes no sense, but the lady at victorias secret said it's like a 34c, or a 36b, or a 38a, but I am smaller around the rib cage, so the 32 d works great.
Therefore, I'm not too concerned with the "size" I end up being. I told the doc I want as small as possible, and quite frankly, he's gona do what he's gona do. And I'm okay with that because after all my research I found someone who I trust to make the right decision of making them look good!

So I'm scheduled for May 13th.
I have a tendency to heal slowly, and not be able to tolerate pain well so will be getting plenty of help from boyfriend, mom and dad with the kid, and plan to take two weeks of from work. I do home health care visits and am hoping this will be enough time.

Also before I said im getting silicone, and sub muscular, which seems to be what everyone is getting lately.
Will update later, and post before and after pictures.

Less than a month until surgery now!!! I am going...

Less than a month until surgery now!!! I am going in next week to pick the size range for my implants!!!

Sometimes at certain times of the month my breasts blow up to a larger size than they actually are. When this happens they're fuller, so there's less "extra" skin to fill in. I was concerned that this might fall on the date of my appointment and would mess up the sizing process. Thankfully I don't think this will be the case, but i did look this up, and read that most likely it would be fine either way...I don't see how that wouldn't mess things. That's my only concern at this point, hopefully they're not like this on surgery day either. I read that you should eat less salt and drink a lot of water.

Also was wondering what types of supplements I can start taking, and what types of things I can get ready that I'll need. My school semester has kind of ended earlier than I had expected so I'll actually have some time to get things ready!! Getting so excited. I got pregnant with my son at 15 years old, so never really experienced having nice breasts before they blew up and stretched out due to pregnancy.

I am going to have my boyfriend take pictures of me in all the lingerie i have bought monthsss ago, before and after pictures to see the difference in everything. I've also started to pick out swim suits and bras I plan to buy after I know my new size:D

I went to my pre op apt. today. I am sooo excited...

I went to my pre op apt. today. I am sooo excited now that my surgery is in just three weeks. Today we did measurements and decided an implant range. We chose high profile upon the surgeon's advice due to the fact that I have an abundance of extra tissue to fill, and by doing this will hopefully cause a lift effect. My request was the smallest size possible in order to just fill what I have. We chose the range between 350 and 400cc, and are going 25cc higher in the left breast since it is smaller. I made it very clear that I would like to avoid using the 400cc implant, it just seems too big to me. The surgery takes place at a hospital near the surgeons office in Denver CO, which is about an hour drive for me. I was given instructions not to take any supplements or even daily multi vitamins since they may cause blood thinning. They sell medical grade vitamins, which prove to be safe, but I declined purchase since I don't usually take vitamins anyway.. I would rather eat a handful of carrots. My boyfriend went with so he was able to feel an actual implant. I showed him the difference between a saline and silicone implant and we agreed the silicone would have a much softer feeling result. I am working hard to get my life in order right now!! Get the house cleaned, finish the semester and take final exams/finish school projects, finish out my sons first year of pre-school, arrange care for him and myself the week of surgery! I thought by scheduling the surgery the week i got out of school, that he would be out too, but turns out he stays in a week longer than me so now I have to find people to take him, etc. Anyway, this is definitely the most excited I have been now that I have chosen the size and everything. Ohh, and I have to take this chance to brag about the surgeon and his staff again. They are all very professional, caring, just great. This was my boyfriends first time meeting the surgeon and felt very comfortable with him. He has a calming way about himself, and as long as my results turn out well, I would have been more than happy to come from out of state even to go to him.

Hmm, for some reason the photos I am trying to...

Hmm, for some reason the photos I am trying to upload won't show up, so I will have to try again later. I am starting to get everything ready for surgery. It got moved up to earlier in the morning, so I have an arrival time of 6 am, so I will need to leave at about 4:45 I will just have everything ready in the morning so I can just walk right out. Having my boyfriend take pre op pictures of me was NOT fun. Looking at the pictures afterwards made me cry. My chest looks like a fourty year old woman and I am only twenty. Also, taking pictures really made me realize how uneven they are. It's not every day I actually examine like that, so I never really pay attention to it. They are also really saggy, I'm glad I don't have to get a breast hopefully things will work out and they will be lifted. Anyway, they really disgust me right now... On a more positive note I am so so so excited for the surgery. I'm going to make meals the weekend before for the entire week so my boyfriend doens't have to worry about feeding me/my son. Friend gave me a good idea to make chicken rice teriyaki bowls with broccoli, carrots and mushrooms to make and dish out into tuperware to have healthy lunches for the week, and my boyfriend will have food to grab in the morning before taking me to the hospital. Two more final exams to take for school then it's time!!!

So it's sat. and my surgery is mon morning!!! I...

So it's sat. and my surgery is mon morning!!! I have to be at the hospital at six a.m. Today I am getting everythinggg ready. My mom is babysitting today, which is nice so that I can get everything done. After just ending a school semester my house is a wreck so I have been spring cleaning last night..Only two more bathrooms, my bedroom, and some vacuuming to go!! I'm going to have the house spotless. I have pretty much figured out child care arrangements for next week..Dad's coming monday morning to watch the little one during surgery..And I have planned a menu for the next week. So I'm going to go to the store tonight to do all the shopping, then either tonight or tomorrow I'm going to cook all of the meals so that we can just heat them up, and my boyfriend doesn't have to cook..Also think it will be good with people watching the little one so they know what to feed him. Anyway, I am being OCD getting everything ready. So besides that I'm curious to know what I might be forgetting. I was wondering if I should take my meds with to the hospital..anybody know?? Anything else I should take..a pillow for the car..a barf bag!.. my folder of paper work from the surgeon's office.. Have grabbed things from the store that I thought I might need too like facial cleansing wipes, cocoa butter. I even had my boyfriend wash my hair for me so he knows how. I told him it will save me yelling at him when it comes down to doing it..who knows, maybe I'll be able to wash my own hair, but I thought I should be prepared just incase. SOO EXCITED!!!! Any advice ???

So I had my surgery yesterday morning, but I'll...

So I had my surgery yesterday morning, but I'll start with Sunday. It was mother's day so I wasn't home allll day. Son finally in the evening I had to take a nap then bust things out. I had almost the entire house cleaned by this point, but still had to make all the meals for the week..spaghetti, hamburgers, taco meat, pork chops, all the lunches.. I made an excel spread sheet with the menu if that gives u any idea.. even meatballs for my sons pre=school graduation today. So I didn't get done till like one in the morning.. then I had to shower, shave, straighten my hair. Anyway, when I was finally ready for bed at two in the morning, I had to get up at four, and I barely dozed off. I couldn't fall asleep. I had a bit of a sore throat I think from cleaning, so I think that's what was keeping me up, because I wasn't nervous surprisingly. My dad came in the morning at 4 a.m. then my boyfriend and I got ready to go and left at 4:45. We got to the hospital right at 6 a.m. checked in at the front desk, then was taken to the registration area for surgery. I had the nicest friendliest nurse who I got along with really well. This room was like an emergency room type setting..curtain for a door. She drew my blood for the pregnancy test, put my i.v. in, I changed, put my clothes in a bag under the bed. Next I was taken to a larger room.. the type you would stay at the hospital for a longer period of time (really outdated and reminded me of the hooters hotel in las vegas.. lol) then my nurse came in so I could meet her, then the anesthesiologist, then Dr. Campanile came in and I told him I really didn't want to the 400cc Implants. He told me he didn't know if it would be possible until he got in there, but that he might be able to do an internal lift like "a bra under the skin." in order to get the nipple positioned higher. After marking I kissed my boyfriend good bye and they wheeled me off to the operating room. There was the anesthesiologist, the nurse.. at least four or five ladies in the room. They asked me to get on the operating bed and to put my head in a round foam pillow. In the past when I have been put to sleep.. once as a child, and once for my wisdom teeth i passed out in one second. They didn't over do it.. put the cup around my mouth and nose and the anesthesiologist told me how she wanted me to dream of a vacation that I wish I could be on. She said sometimes girls wake up and remember where they went in their dream. It was very calming, and it took a minute for me to doze off. Prior to saying good bye to my boyfriend we asked how long it would take and Dr. C said an hour and a half.. maybe two max. So surgery started at eight and it wasn't until about 11:00 that I started to wake up in PAIN!!! I was moaning.. like you're taught how when you give birth. I was begging for ice chips in my mouth so the nurse fed me ice chips occasionally, then my ARMS. oh m goodness, they hurt SOOO bad. I don't even remember but I was moaning a lot and they said I told them my pain level was at a ten. I was in "stage 1" of recovery and Dr. C was in the room talking to the nurses for a long time. Finally after trying to wake up I said "I'M TIRED!" and the nurse said I could go back to sleep. This was of course after they put more pain meds in through my i.v. I faded in and out of sleep. They wanted me to eat a piece of toast so that I could take a pain killer orally, but then I got nautious. This happened twice, and each time they have me anti-nausea meds through the i.v. I asked if my boyfriend could come back, but by this point my pain level was at a six, and they said he could come in soon.. It was bizarre because surgery got out at ten thirty, woke up by eleven fifteen, and by this point it was at least twelve thirty. . Then my sternum was in pain.. After eating a little toast they finally gave me an oral pain pill and I fell asleep for a straight 45 minutes. Finally at around 1:15 the nurse put my glasses on and said "okay let's get up now or you'll sleep all day." I was feeling much better by now.. my pain level was at a five or so.. So she gave me juice and crackers, helped me into the bathroom, I got dressed myself, she helped my get my jacket on, then FINALLYY!!! my boyfriend was allowed in the room. I think typically people wake up faster, and then they let family in the room once your pain level is at a five.. Once my boyfriend told the nurse I hadn't slept the night before she said ohhhh, when people don't sleep the night before they have a muchh harder time waking up. I could barely stay awake through discharge instructions. She wheeled me to the car in a wheel chair, then slept the whole way home, minutes waking up once to make my boyfriend stop so I could go pee at the grocery store. I'll finish the rest of my story up until this point in my next post. I am feeling very drugged right now

So upon arriving home my dad was here because he...

So upon arriving home my dad was here because he had watched my son all day. Nice to have because then he took a break from my son to take care of me, and my boyfriend took care of my son.. they switched shifts. I slept alll the way home in the car, then came home, at a power bar, then slept from 3-8:15. Woke up to eat some dinner and say good night to my son, then went back to bed by 9: 30. Took pain meds at 3 before my nap, then again before bed. As soon as the pain meds wore off, I woke up at 1 to take more, then when they wore off I woke up at 6. Funny how I take them, they knock me out, then as soon as they ware off I'm up. Dad left today and mom came to get my son, so I took a long nap. I am keeping the surgical bra on and have just un zipped the top to peek in.I haven't really seen them, but I think I'm really happy with the size. I def. wouldn't want them any bigger, and I know they're really swollen right now, so i think they will end up being perfect. It is crazy how long my actual surgery ended up being, so I feel like he took his time. It's their job, but all the nurses kept telling me how he took his time and did such a good job. They told me I could take soiled gauze out, but I'm just not touching anything. I don't wana mess with anything. So funny how everyone describes it as "bricks on your chest" and that is EXACTLY wat it feels like heavey hard bricks .. ohhh it does hurt but I am just taking pain meds as often as I can... I definitely feel messed up right now, that is maybe why I just keep rambling! Also, so happy I bought extra pillows..stack three right on top of eachother then lie one in front long ways with the heating pad for my back. SOOO hard to sit up from a reclining position. my boyfriend has to put his hands behind my back to sit me up, and pull my pants on and off so I can go pee. I'm sure he doesn't mind:) One last thing.. can't remember if I already said this but the hospital gave me the generic bags you can put ice in, but I have gel ice packs that feel great.

Ohhh, and I don't think i'm going to take my bra...

Ohhh, and I don't think i'm going to take my bra off til my post of apt. on thursday.. i'll have them do it. so no pictures for now. The bra is really comfy tho

I took my first look yesterday after all so I...

I took my first look yesterday after all so I posted pics. I take a vicodin as soon as the last one wears off. Not up for dealing with pain. Hard to get up in the morning, had to have my boyfriend pull me out of bed.. obvioulsy the vicodin had worn off. I've only looked once but my left breast looks a little flat across the bottom. They are still in such an early stage of healing but I am soo happy that they are not gigantic like I was afraid they might be. Honestly, anything is better than what I had before. I'm so so happy to be at this point. Having the house cleaned and all the meals cooked before hand has really worked out. Also, mom took my son so I can just relax. Only thing that hurts is the top off my butt from sleeping in an elevated position! Might try to go for a walk!

Five Days Post Op

Yesterday I had my first post-op apt. (MADE SURE to make my NEXT apt. earlier in the day so I don't have to sit in rush hour!) :) Up until yesterday I was taking vicodin one every four-six hours, no missing. Plus sleeping a lot. At three in the morning my head was starting to feel insane, not to mention on Wednesday I was hearing stuff when I was falling asleep..So I sat up for half an hour at three in the morning staring at the vicodin and ibuprofen trying to decide which one to take. Finally decided on the ibuprofen and was glad I did. All day thurs. was just using ibuprofen and not in any pain. At my apt. Doctor said that they were not as lifted as he would like. He did do the "internal bra" which I do not completely understand. But something to do with detaching the breast tissue and stitching it higher to the nipple. He said that it is only possible in a few cases to do. (I really did not want a lift because of the lollipop scar and didn't want them up in my face). So he said he wanted to tape them up. I will have to post a picture of this..he said it would be something for me to blog about. Well he took strong tape and literally duck taped them upward. He said if they are held higher in place, then they will heal like that ..*Hopefully. I felt good when I left, but by the time I got home was in so much pain and had already taken the max. amt. of ibuprofen allowed in 24 hours, so took a Vicodin. He said I needed to get a supportive bra with a zipper in the front. I looked at target, jc penneys, kohls, and sports authority and couldn't find one. Ended up ordering one from nordstrom and 2 from dicks sporting goods online (I'll post the links) but in order for them to stay up in this position to heal I needed one now. Finally found a great one at Dillards, but was really bummed that I had to spend 43 dollars, and wish target would have had one. Anyway, at three in the morning (*this morning) could NOT sleep, in pain, took another vicodin. Finally this morning I was sobbing. Just frusterated that the tape over my breasts is not breathable, and was still wearing what turned out to be the un-supportive surgical bra at this point. Finally just took a xanax at 7:00 this morning, then slept til noon. It was just what I needed. By completely adjusting my breats with the tape it threw me out of wack and it really hurt! Anwyay, think I have only taken ibuprofen maybe once today and am doing alright now! I definitely think I will be able to go to work on Tuesday, but I have to keep this tape on til the next apt. next Wed!!! Which is just insane to me..I still haven't showered, and don't know, maybe Ill take a bath and have my boyfriend wash my hair so I don't get the tape wet..maybe I'll wear saran wrap who knows..

Here are the links to the bras

Really wish I would have realized to get the zip front prior to surgery so I wouldnt have to wait for them to come in the mail:)

Photos Post Op Day Five

Six Days Post Op:D

Feeling Great today. Think I've only taken Ibuprofen once. Waking ot up in the morning SUCKS!!! I felt so tight, I've heard it refered to as "morning boob" before, and now I understand!! Up until today my mom has had my son, so she brought him home this morning..back into the swing of things-going to the park. Oh, and I had sex today. I know you're supposed to wait a week, but due to other circumstances in life, we haven't had sex much lately..haha anyway...I suggest just have your man on top..
I went to victoria's secret to get sized, and the girl said a 34d. But hard to tell with all this tape on my boobs, and don't want to bump the incisions underneath. I kinda tried on a 34d swim suit top from before, and it's too small so we'll see. One last thing, I finally showered today. This is bizarre, but I didn't want to bath, so I had my boyfriend wrap my chest in saran wrap so I wouldn't get the tape wet. It didn't work, and it got wet anyway, but it didn't come off. Let it kinda dry out, then put my zip up bra back on, and don't think I'll take it off til my next post op apt on that gross?..maybe I'll change it if I get a new one in the mail before then!


Things that were possible yesterday are impossible today. I could tell last night that I had used my arms too much. Right now I feel tight. I just loaded the dishwasher, and pushed myself to wipe down the counters. That's seriously all I am doing today. I did notice my breasts seem closer together- nice! I never had cleavage. But really not in pain, just discomfort, and achy from laying around too! Reading people's stories on here keeps me entertained

Waiting Game

It's officially been a week since my surgery. I spoke with the gal at the ps office today, glad I called bc my next apt is NEXT wed, the 29th, not THIS wed the 22nd. I was kinda dissapointed because I was looking forward to getting the tape off in a couple of days, but I actually have to wait like nine more days. I told her my cleavage line down the middle is really tight and tense, and she said that's normal, which I thought, but she told me I should just take xanax for that. I have work in the morning and have to drive a client around, so I really wanted to be done taking that stuff by now, but I took one eventually bc I was getting soo tight in the middle of the afternoon, then I just took another one. What's weird about the tape thing is that I just can't see my boobs for two weeks, and I hope they're taped in the correct position..and on my right side the tape's over half my nipple, the other half of my nipple is hanging out, and maybe my nipple will become deformed from this! It would be helpful to know where other girls were at at one week. All in all I'm good, I hope my breasts look great in the end, to me they're at least better than they were prior to surgery.

Next Post Op Apt Tomo

Since my last update I returned to work. I do home health care, so they are short visits. On Tues. I went for 2.5 hours. It was the first time I had driven after surgery. I even took my son to the library, but had him take his little rolly suit case to carry his books in. Tues night I was very tight, and took a xanax. I wanted to be off of all meds by tues. when i returned to work, but my ps office suggested I take it, especially to relax and sleep at night. The problem is I took another one before bed last night after working a long shift, and going into a freezing cold restaurant..oh yeah: DO NOT do your surgery in the winter! I am so glad I did mine in may bc the few times i have gotten cold, my nipples get hard, and my chest muscles get SOO tense and tight. Anyway, the problem with taking the xanax to relax is that I don't want to get hooked on them bc I was given 20 and I now have 8 left, and it says take up to three a day, but I feel like I need to stop relying on them at night, but if I don't take it my chest is uncomfortably tense. My post op visit was re-scheduled to tomorrow instead of next wed, which will be nice to get the tape off, see how things are doing..but they will probably put the tape back on:( One last thing: I found the sale bras at dicks sporting goods.. i listed the link here, but ordered two mediums. Unfortunately they were too small for me, then when i went to re-order larges they were sold out! and the bra from nordstrom was also too small in a med. so I re-ordered a large and an extra large. I had to take my one and only zip front bra off yesterday and wash it in the sink and lay out in the sun to dry. I put one of my fruit of the loom bandinis while doing this, and washed my hair, and shaved my legs in my kitchen sink *that really hurts your neck.. and the bandini was just not supportive enough. I'll update with news from my apt. i am hoping they give me massages to start doing bc i think it will help with the tension.

Day 12

Today I am feeling sad and depressed. Yesterday I had my 2nd post op visit and Dr. C took my tape off, leaving my skin extremely sticky- i still can't get it off. The appointment went well. He still did not tell me to do any massages, which I forgot to ask, but obviously we would tell me if I needed to. He showed me on a diagram how he dissected the breast tissue away from the pectoralis muscle, then with a stitch starting from the nipple, pulled the breast tissue up. So I see that by taping them and holding them in that higher position, it is allowing them to heal in this position. He gave me more delicate tape to do it myself today, but to give them a break yesterday. I thought if it was so good for them to be taped that I should just do it last night. Couldn't do it, ended up crying. Tried doing it today. Couldn't do it, ended up crying worse. The sports bra I bought at Dillards seems too big now. I found two old sports bras that I used to wear together for extra support. I fill them in now, and they are superr supportive, so I feel like they're in the position that they would be if they were taped anyway...I am going to go to the store and buy stronger tape, and my friend is coming over tonight to tape them for me. I am posting some photos. Right now they seem very round in the middle, and very flat on my right boob outer side. It doesn't seem as flat to me in that area on the left one. Clearly, the right boob is still bigger, but it is going to have to be something that I accept.

Day 12 Photos

End of Day 12

I felt discouraged so I called the ps office to get the number for the call line that pages them. The office manager called me back and gave me more advice on how to get the tape back on. She said put the three strips on, the pull all three up at once, and put the nipples where I would want them on my breast. I knew I only had one more chance because my nipples are so raw, but she told me to put gauze over them- perfect. I put vitamin e cream on, and it stung! But Good, and put gauze over, then taped like she said. I'm so glad I called. My friend came over earlier to help me tape, but we didn't end up doing it- she thought I would be fine without the tape. Then I talked to my mom and she said just call the office! So now I have the gauze on the nipples, tape, and doubled up on sports bra. The tape job isn't as good as when the office did it, but I am going to go to walgreens tomo and get stronger tape.


Since my last update: I had gotten the tape on Sat evening, and I kept it on until Monday afternoon. Showered, then put the tape back on, but I put too much on and my skin couldn't breathe, so I took it off. When I peeled the tape off I watched it stretch out my skin as I pulled! Maybe it's the swelling going down, maybe the tape stretched my skin, but my stretch marks, that appeared extremely wrinkly prior to surgery, are appearing that way again. After surgery the skin on my breasts was completely filled in,

whoops, wasn't done

was completely filled in, now the stretch marks are more visible again. Finally I said I'm done with the tape. I do think it helped when the surgeon did it at my first post op visit, but now I think it is doing more harm than good. It upsets me to think that stretching my skin out with the tape caused my skin to appear wrinkly again. I knowwww that breast augmentation does not get RID of stretch marks, it just smooths them out- which is how it was afterwards, but now looks more like before surgery. Secondly, my breasts are superrrr sensitive right now. I looked it up, and it is normal. It feels like my bra is really scratchy, and I have an underwire bra poking in between my breasts. If it gets cold, or windy, or anything brushes my nipple through my doubled up sports bras, and shirt, it hurts so bad when they go hard. They don't even go completely hard, I think that the stitch attached to it during the internal lift is what is making it so extremely sensitive!

What I didn't expect before surgery so far are the following:
1. I didn't expect finding a zip front bra/ a super supportive bra would be so difficult
2. I didn't know until right before surgery that he might do the internal lift, so my recovery turned into more of a recovery from that than the actual augmentation
3. I didn't expect the skin to appear smoothed out after surgery, then appear wrinkly again soon after.

Though I didn't expect these things, I did plan for the worse, and my recovery has gone pretty well. Within a week I was feeling better than I would have ever hoped. It's just the 2 + week point that starts to feel like a long recovery when aches and pains are still there- that is a long time to hurt!

Good time to have a breast aug. - victorias secret semi annual sale:D

Feeling Better Than Yesterday

By bed time last night the hypersensitivity had pivoted and I was going crazy!! I looked it up on google and found other ladies who went through the same thing, so it made me laugh, and feel better!!! Everything they described I could agree with- having a fan on in the house causing nipples to go hard and hurt- seatbelt rubbing across breast, etc. Some said it could last months, but I don't see it lasting that long for me, as it is already a little bit better than yesterday. Today was the first time I really examined them, because they look like they are starting to take their shape. They are definitely smaller than right after surgery since the swelling is going down- I can see how so many women are tricked and wish they went bigger. I am superr happy with the size- I was afraid they would seem too huge, but they're definitely not. I have been putting cocoa butter and bio oil on and the stretched out skin doens't seem so apparent to me- so I'm feeling better about that too. The only noticeable thing to me at this point is that the right one is slightly larger, but when I look at myself in the mirror I don't even see it, until I take a picture, then it is more obvious in the photo. I have a post op on the 6th, and I'm taking my mom with to get a tummy tuck consult:)


Tomorrow I have my third post op visit. Today I have almost complete range of motion back with my arms. My hypersensitivity has decreased, so my nipples aren't in pain like they were. I have been putting bio oil on them, and the incisions, which had a liquid bandaid type material is starting to peel off. I have noticed that they are smaller since the swelling is going down, and getting softer. Tomorrow at my appointment I have a few things I want to address- the asymmetry/right breast lower/softer. I wonder if when the left one drops will they appear more symmetrical. And the second: my right breast seems flat on the outer side compared to my left breast. He told me in the operating room the breast tissue was just falling off of the implant, rather than the implant perking things up. I have done some research and wonder if maybe I should have gotten a crescent lift to even them out, and maybe do a 400cc in the left instead of a 375cc. I'll have to ask him everything tomorrow.

I changed/increased the price of my procedure because I got an additional bill in the mail for extra anesthesia for 150 dollars, and a pregnancy test for 21 dollars, so 171 dollars more than I anticipated.

Got sized at victorias secret, tried on all the dif. sizes, and right now a 34dd is working best for me. Also ordered some bras from nordstrom that I'm waiting to get.

Right now I feel pretty good about how they look in lingerie/bras, clothes. But when my shirt is off there were the couple of things I listed above that I'll figure out tomo and update. I posted some pictures I took today too.

Three Weeks Post Op Photos


Side Views

Bra/Lingerie Top:)

Peeled off incision scab??

Last night I Thought I was peeling off the clear bandaid over my incision, but I peeled off the scab. The incision/scar is much better than I thought it would have been, just on one end the scab was not ready to come off. I should have left it alone. I only peeled on side off though, and it's not even the whole site that is red, just the end, a little section of it. It grossed me out, I shouldn't have done it, it would have healed much better if I didn't do it- 20 yrs old and naïve. Anyway, at least I didn't do it to the other side, and the scar is already much less than I thought it would have been. appointment this afternoon.

Had my 3 wk post op apt.

Yesterday I had my apt. and my doc said my incision site where i peeled the scab off looks good. I rubbed vitamin e on each incision, and today the other side peeled off, and everything is cleaned up. The scars are a lot less red already than I thought they would be, plus you can't see them under my breast anyway.

As far as whether or not I should have gotten a lift, he doesn't know yet. Obviously the right and left breasts were two completely different breasts beforee surgery, so they continue to be now- which maybe a lift would have been able to correct. I have begun doing circular massages around them, and was told to not wear a bra during the day so that the implants can fall into place. Maybe in doing so they will drop to the bottom and position the nipples a little higher. I am still wearing a bra at night. He told me not to worry about things, and to just let them finish healing.

I am freaked out that I might have to get a lift in the nearer future than I thought I might. If I knew I would have absolutely needed one, I don't even know if I would have done it because I was, and still am, so reluctant against the scarring. I feel like I'm too young for all of that. Anyways, that's what might be happening in the future, but for now Im just enjoying being fuller, and not being in pain anymore. I'm happy with the scars under the breast right now. I chose my doctor because I thought he did beautiful work, and it's a process having to trust someone with your body so much, but I'm going to take his advice for now, and see how things look in a few weeks. I really am satisfied with how they look overall, but just a slight difference between the two.

4 wks post op

I am feeling pretty normal now. Certain movements, like turning the steering wheel, are still a little bit tight. I got sized at Nordstrom and this is crazy, but the 32ddd fit me much better than the 34d since they are smaller around the rib cage. I think im going to exchange my bras from Victoria's secret for this size. I'm going to a big party in Vegas in a couple of weeks and am soo excited to wear a fun outfit and be able to show cleavage without being embarrassed!!

Some Photos


Leaning over photos

Updated Photos

Geeze, tomorrow is 5 weeks post op. My range of motions with my arms is normal now. My chest muscles have relaxed a lot. I have been doing massage a little bit- should probly do it a little more. Doc. was hoping that the massaging would fill in the bottom to correct the slight double bubble I have. I looked up photos of "double bubble breast aug" on google, and i don't have anything like that, but I do see it slightly. I don't think I would have noticed it if he didn't tell me he saw it! I'm anxious to see in a few weeks what the update is at the post op apt. Bought a superr cute outfit to wear to electric daisy carnival in Vegas next weekend!!! Will post pictures!!


Almost 2 months post op?..

Yep, it's almost been 2 months now. I went on a fun vacation to Vegas and was happy to have my aug. done. I think they look greattt in clothes, so I'll post some pics of that. I have my usual worries if theyre too saggy, or if ill need a lift, or that they're still uneven. Honestly, if I could go back in time, I would DEF do the nipple reduction/ circumaereolar lift. I can't believe I'm saying this either, me out of all people soo afraid to go too big, probably wouldn't mind if I went bigger either. But I'm prob. glad I didn't do that since the weight would just end up makin them saggier. I do have a slight issue with the shape, but really just a lift would have to fix that. I have an apt. for two weeks, and will ask if I am sitll a candidate for the aereolar lift, and if he thinks I should do it, or wait.. Also, don't know if they unevenness is just that the one is saggier, so If i did get a lift would this make them even, or would I then still a need yet a bigger implant/size difference in the left. Anyhoo, ill post some pix, and update after my next apt. in two weeks. Still not wearing a bra that much during the day- except when really needed, and wearing a sports bra at night.

I keep waking up from sleeping laying on my stomach and side. Is this bad for your boobs?


Some Questions???

Do you HAVE to do massages? If so, how often did you do yours..I'm just not that into it. Im still sore in between my breasts/ inside area where i think chest muscle is, and my sternum is still sore. When did you start wearing a bra with wire.. so far bras uncomfortable bc bone is still sore? Anddd when can i wear sexy pajamas to bed WITHOUT a sports bra? Should I plan on always wearing a sports bra to bed? I am so cautious with them now.. when I run, I hold them, go down the stairs fast, hold them, bend over, hold them. Last night for my bf's b-day night, I dressed up for him, then before we were over, I put my sports bra back on!! I can't get on top without being too afraid to let them bounce, can lean over because I feel like they'll get saggy, they look mis shapen when I bend over now.. I do feel normal now, pretty much completely.. But NOT completely. I can also feel the edge of my implant underneath my breasts, and in the middle area, can you guys feel your implants?? It's a ripply feeling.

More Questions?

Can you sleep on your side?? Your stomach??

New Photo

Updated Photos

I had my last post op apointment last week. Everything seems to be good, he told me to come back in one year to see where I'm at, and if the double bubble gets worse. A few days ago I was having tightness and pain where the double bubble is on my right breast underneath. It lasted for four days, but thankfully went away. I do have tender breasts sometimes, and even before I had surgery went to my general doc with concerns that I get cycsts in them. They come and go in cycles, so I am adjusting to having these things I had before, now with my implants. I feel like they have even become a bit more symmetrical in the past couple weeks. I am SO happy that I went through with the surgery. I have already been in so many social situations where I would have had to wear something else, or be ashamed of how I looked if I hadn't done this. I can't picture myself ever NOT having implants- maybe when im really really really old. My aftercare was great. I have read review s on surgeons that do not like to hear that their patients aren't happy with their results, and are defensive. Dr. C was open and honest- pointed out what could be improved on, but in a good way!! Each day I have become more comfortable with the idea of having a lift, and that I will one day have more scars, but somehow I am getting over it! I did ask for a quote for a donut lift- which he said would be fine- and they are working on getting that e-mailed to me. I will not be doing that soon, but would just like to know how much it would be for the future. I still have some nipple sensitivity- can't stand hand brushing across, they are just sore still. Also, some movements with my arms cause my breasts/ chest muscles to flex which I don't know if that will go away. My sternum and mid breasts are still sore. I do not massage very often, and I hcan tell they get tighter when I don't, so I've been working on doing it more often. ANYWAY.. All my rambing, but it's been fun to be on here. I really wana get my nose done next, but my surgeon does specifically body procedures:(



I haven't been wearing bras with wire. There is an unlined one that I put on, til finally i get so sick of the dis comfort I take it off. Well, HELLO, the wire is poking my breasts in the middle of my chest.. Here I thought i was still too sore to wear bras with wire, but the bra just doesn't fit me right. I ordered a VS sports bra, and a body by victoria wireless bra so I hope they are comfy. I don't have any supportive bras that I can actually wear with my clothes- sports bras don't work with everything! I am bummed cuz i bought a bunch of CUTE bras that are underwire, but they poke me in the middle, so i might not ever be able to wear them:(


I got sclerotherapy in my breasts. If you see in my photos near the end, the veins were very unsightly. I am so happy to have had it done, it was pretty much painless. I'll have to post a photo tomorrow since there aren't any on realself that I have found of this procedure on the breast. I hope they fade!!

six months post op

Its been almost six months since my surgery. A few weeks ago I had sclerotherapy to get rid of the huge veins ive had since pregnancy and breast feeding. There is much improvement; ill prob have to get one more treatment but it is included in the original cost. The only thing I am unhappy w is that the right boob is saggier than the left/uneven. Also had the HARDEST time finding a bra.. see my post about what I ended up finding! Natoris feather bra is greay and yhey carry the 32ddd that I need without any push up and doesnt poke the mid breast

6 month photos

sick of being positive

I have let the results of my ba ruin too many of my days. Always trying to look on the bright side of things, but lets be honest.. theres a reason i would take 20 shots before I got the right angle that made things look good enough to post. Went in for a post op beg of jan and could barely hold back tears through the apt. Doctor seemed sincere. I had gone in thinking I would def not go to him for a revision but they were going to try to get me a free implant to get the same size implants in, get them more even.. tthat was one of my choices. Or just take em out. They never called back. I called and asked to speak w dr campanile and his office lady who is really his wife and they dont tell anybody will not allow for me to speak w him. I will never chose a surgeon in the future without being allowed their direct line #. Ridiculous. She kept telling me they look good in the post op photos taken at two mo. But they were still swollen and ridin high then. I am displeased with my results to say the least as I trusted his profession experience and opinion that the size would even them out and create enough of a lift. (And create results that would hold up for at least a few yrs) The robotic message left by other office girl today acting like nothing is wrong and "shes just calling to answer question s" well heres my question: whatt percenntage of your patients are asking for a revision quote just within weeks post op? What percentage of patients are facing a 5500 bill RIGHT after spending 6500? What is the most interesting is that they keep acting surprised that im unhappy. I feel sorry that dr campanile has robots working for him as he could have had the opportunity to make things right. Him and his staff are heartless.




The amount of disrespect that has been put forth by my ?former surgeon, and mostly staff, is absolutely amazing. There were red flags all over. I should NOT have gone to a surgeon who offered instant gratification. I needed a lift apparently and wished I would have gone to someone who would have been honest. I will definitely be posting my full review on him... my right breast has been uncomfortable.. pushed towards the center of my chest. I am starting a full time schooling program in Aug and wont be working.. in school mon-fri 8-5 now wont be able to get things fixed for two more yrs. I am looking into just getting them removed. The surgeon pushed me to go bigger bigger... I was happy with my size, just wanted them perkier. Its clear that I was neive and taken advantage of. I tried so so hard to use this as an outlet to be positive but I have been concerned for almost the past year. The situation depressesssss me.

1 year post

I have decided I want my implants out. I will do ablift with possibly smaller implants in the future. Honestly small breasts are more attractive to me, I was so mis led. If you want perky and are happy with the size dont get Implants..I want the implants out so the weight isnt in there making them even saggier. Theyre so mis shapen, when I bend over I have like a triple boob.. my implant, then all the akin hanging off. I know they will look disgusting after I take them out, but I will need to think things through and revise down the road. Just want them out now.


Trying to work through life with the small amount of self esteem ive been left with. Last yr went to a party in vegas and wore fun tops-boobs were high and swollen still. This yr we are going again and I am rumaging for summer turtle say the very least. I am making a family photo album from a vacation we took in jan and am so disgusted looking at the photos. My tits are HUGE and look SO fake and uneven w a ridge on the right side. Kaiser takes them out but the surgeon I consulted w was so insincere. Ill have to consult w another doc to see if its any different. Hopefully, then I can get them out late July


Still having more trouble than every with my breast augmentation results performed by Colorado plastic surgeon Frank Campanile. Looking into a revision, and some quotes I've received run around 8000. If I chose to go out of town of course I'd have to add in the price of flights, hotel stay, and time off my feet..what a convenience. worst decision of my life.


After taking time to "cool off" from the situation I experienced with Dr. Frank Campanile and his staff I'm ready to write my toned down review. In NO way whatsoever would I personally recommend this surgeon. I wish I wouldn't have been so oblivious to what was going on and wish I would have had the courage to stand up for myself. I think it's valuable to understand what type of situation you're working with. Understand why a surgeon may only post side view of before and afters rather than straight on shots. Understand who's working the office, and realize if they're tryin to pull one on ya.. It seems unfair to have a wife as the office manager, not disclose this, and expect the patients to express their thoughts and feelings to her NOT knowing who she really is and how closely related she is to him. What a GREAT business tactic on their part! If it were my husband, and I were the office manager, I would convince the patients in any way I could do move forward with elective procedures.. ha. I find it amazing how many great reviews they've built up in the past year with little to no detail on the procedure. Ladies make sure there is validity behind reviews before settling on a surgeon!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

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