Mommy of 3 Starting the Process of a Mommy Makeover. Denver, CO

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I am 32 and have 3 kiddos. I have my first...

I am 32 and have 3 kiddos. I have my first consultation tomorrow for a beast augmentation and tummy tuck. I am nervous but excited. I want to do a few consultations before I make the final decision on which doctor to go with. I am hoping to get a surgery date the end of June. I'll post before pics closer to that time. I have about 30 more lbs I wish to lose beforehand. I had three big babies and gain a lot during each pregnancy no matter what I did. I have always had A cups but they deflated even more after breastfeeding three kids. I am 5'11 and would like to go much bigger than an A. Lol.

First consultation complete

I had my first consultation this week with Dr. Campanile. I was a bit nervous but everyone I worked with were incredibly nice and Dr. Campanile made me feel really comfortable. I have my next consultation mid April and I will make my decision shortly after that. I am excited to get this process started and was relieved at how amazing the first consultation was. I was so nervous and now I wonder why. Haha.
I have 30 lbs I want to lose before surgery. I have recently hit a plateau and need to change things up in order to reach my goal.


I scheduled my mommy makeover for June 20th! I'm super nervous and excited. I wish I could push it to a later time since I have hit a weird plateau in my weight loss but it's the best time for help from my husband. I'll do some before pics right before. I had hoped to lose the last 20 lbs to my goal beforehand but that is unlikely now.


I am scheduled for June 20th. I am getting nervous but excited. I can't wait for it to all be over. I had hoped to lose 10 lbs before the surgery but have hit a plateau. Did anyone lose weight during recovery? I'm nervous that being unable to workout will cause weight gain. I am working out 6 days a week currently and am not looking forward to the break but I know it is necessary. Lol

A few before pics

Surgery is next week. I'm super nervous and incredibly excited.

It's done!

Had my MMO yesterday. Surgery tool longer than expected. It's hurts pretty badly. It really difficult to get in and out of bed. I'm keeping up with my meds but wish I had soemthing stronger. I'm not allowed to remove my bra and binders until my follow up in two day so I have no idea how things look.
I am really hoping the pain level lowers soon . Haha. I'll post some photos as soon as I can removed binders.

First look at the ladies

It's really hard for me to Tell from the pic. They had been wrapped up right since Monday. He did 520cc on left 520cc on right

Still recovering

The week has went by in a fog.y breast have little pain or discomfort. My stomach is still significant in the discomfort department. I still walk hunched over and that hurts my back. I'm taking it easy since I can before my husband goes back to work. I've had one down day where I missed my kids and felt overwhelmed but otherwise I have been relaxing and letting body heal. I keep my tummy wrapped up tight like my Dr said to help with the swelling.
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