Body Wrecked After 3 Kids - Denver, CO

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I'm 39 years old & I'm having my surgery on...

I'm 39 years old & I'm having my surgery on Sept 9th in Denver, Co. (It wouldn't let me put today's date). I had my 1st son when I was 14 years old. You can imagine what that did to my body. I've wanted a tummy tuck ever since. After having 2 more kids and breast feeding all 3 my body has required a bit more work. I've hated my body for years & that's lead to depression. The way I feel about myself has caused problems in my relationships...I prefer to keep a shirt on because I'm self conscious about my wrecked tummy & saggy boobs. I've finally decided that I will never be financially ready for something like this so I might as well just make it happen before I get any older & more depressed. I'm scared, nervous & excited. Pretty much an emotional train wreck at this point. Over the past few weeks my relationship has fallen apart rather quickly. I think he's finally over my insecurities & cannot understand my emotions about this procedure. We are very disconnected so I no longer have the support I had when I scheduled. I'm sure that's making my anxiety worse. I can't wait until this is over.

Day after surgery

I'm doing surprisingly well! The only issue I've had so far is nausea the 1st couple times I got up after surgery. I threw up a little bit the 2nd time & that was awful. My surgery was at 11am & I was home by midnight. I'm thankful I bought a walker off Craigslist. It's helping out a great deal with the strain on my back while walking. I'm only talking 1 Percocet every 4.5 hrs and ibuprofen in between 2 times. I'm also taking arnica and bromelain for bruising and swelling.

Day 3

Things are going well. Not much to complain about besides my back hurting when I'm up and about for too long. Other than that not much pain to speak of. Hoping to get this drain out & another binder Friday or Monday. I can't believe I stressed so much about the hasn't been too bad. The only other complaint I have is that I want everything I shouldn't eat. I'd love some chips and salsa and a smothered burrito.

The most miserable part of recovery

At the moment I feel like the most miserable part of my recovery is being forced to watch something awful on tv ... Either because the remote is too far and I refuse to get up again or everyone else is enjoying it and I'm stuck here watching it too. I hope I never have to watch Starship Troopers again as long as I live.
The volume situation is also driving me crazy every night. I feel like I'm sitting in the gd movie theater. I should've invested in ear plugs and and eye mask. Those of you preparing for surgery should add those items to your must have list if you have to recover in the living room.
Valium...take me away...

Day 5

Day 4 was my worst day. Had a horrible experience with constipation. Stool softeners don't work for shit...literally. I was exhausted all day after that ordeal. All day I was so tight I could barely move. In the evening while my binder was drying I got a scratched in my throat that could only be cleared out with a cough. The second time I thought I was going to die yesterday. I felt like everything ripped apart and all I could do was cry.
Today I wok feeling much better all around. The sweeping seems better & I've had 2 normal bms. However butt is still super sore from yesterday's trip to the pot. That almost required an ice pack. I was thankful I had a bottle of witch hazel in the fridge. The cold soaked cotton ball provided instant relief. I seems to have more energy today, I'm standing more upright & my drain seems to be collecting less fluid.

Day 8

It's crazy how good I'm feeling. Been off the Percocet for a couple days now. And in my bed going on 3 nights. Still very tight, swollen and not standing completely upright, but I woke up feeling pretty darn good. Got ready and drove to my sons football game this morning, came home took care of some stuff around the house, took a short nap, made dinner & now I'm just chillin. I feel like my energy level doubled since yesterday. My only issue is it's looking like I might have a little infection starting around my drain & it's leaking every now and then at the incision. Hopefully I can get it out Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I'm over it. I'm ready for these tapes to be changed to I can take some new pics. I'm so glad I haven't gone through the emotional stuff I keep reading about. I guess I got all of that out prior to surgery. Happy healing friends. Hope everyone is doing well.

Day 10!

I feel amazing today!!! Tons of energy. Almost standing completely straight. Ran a bunch of errands and got my nails done. 1st day with no nap & only took 600mg of ibuprofen. Looks like the drain is coming out tomorrow! Can't wait! I'll post new pics after they change my tapes. They look nasty because they're covered in black lint from my yoga pants.

Late day 11 update

Yesterday was day 11. I went in for my follow up and had my drain removed...I do not miss that thing. Everything is looking great & my energy is increasing with everyday. I feel like my life is getting back to normal. Yesterday went like any normal day off. Rams errands, picked up the kids, went grocery shopping, made dinner, did the dishes & helped with homework. Lovin it. I was totally prepared for the worst.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Everyone at this office is amazing! So patient, knowledgeable and friendly! When I scheduled my consult I didn't not think this was where I'd end up because the website was not very inviting, but my initial call was completely different...Kathy was very sweet. This was consult 3 out of 4. When I arrived at his office my feelings changed dramatically. Everyone was awesome, he spent a lot of time with me & answered all of my questions. Not once did I feel rushed. The before and afters in office were so much better than the website (they informed me it's VERY old and they're currently working on updating it). I'm confident I'm in good hands with Dr. Snider.

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