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Had my consultation with Dr. Wolfe this morning...

Had my consultation with Dr. Wolfe this morning and he was fabulous. I knew immediately he was the doctor for me.

I'm a small woman, 5'3" and 108-112 pounds.
Before children, I was a 28D, a 30G before my 5th child, and a 30A after. Because of the triplet pregnancy, I have excess skin and a muscle separation. No hernia, so that's good.

I will be getting a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and a breast augmentation (no lift). I've chosen 475cc smooth round high profile implants. I go in for my pre-op on June 16th with surgery on the 30th.

I'll pop on tomorrow to post photos.

Before photos

I took several photos to show breasts from front and side as well as my abdomen front and side, both relaxed and flexed. Don't mind the black arm. Covered up my tattoo. :)

Wish breasts

These are the images (mostly from fellow RS ladies!) I took to the surgeon. He's very confident the size we chose will get me to this look.

Surgery done!

I had my surgery at 7 am yesterday (June 30th). Everything went wonderfully. I got style 20 high profile round 475cc silicone.

My breasts are tight, but honestly don't hurt much at all. Just sore, like I've done a bunch of push ups.

My stomach hurts. It's mostly numb, except the incision burns and it's hard to walk and move. Once I start walking, I can allow ease up to nearly upright.

The nausea was horrific. Even with the nausea patch, IV zofran, and oral zofran, I spent the whole first day throwing everything up. Throwing up constantly after the tummy tuck might have been the worst thing ever. My nausea finally eased up around 1 today (day after surgery). Hopefully it stays away. My mouth has been incredibly dry, despite drinking lots of water. Pain med side effect, I know, but it's irritating.

Anyway, I'm already in love with the tummy tuck results. I can't wait to see how amazing my breasts look in another month or two.

Recovery so far - Day 3

I'll be honest, I expected much worse of a recovery than I've had. I completely stopped the Percocet yesterday. I'm taking the OxyContin at night and Valium every 8 hours (to help with the muscle spasms). I don't think I even need the OxyContin though. I'm overall sore, but I wouldn't even call it pain at this point. Just like I did a hard workout.

My main issue is trying to eat. I'm simply not hungry at all. I was so nauseated the first day and now everything sounds gross. I've managed to eat little amounts here and there, but very little. Drinking lots of water. I also don't require any help getting up or sitting down anymore. I'm walking straight again already.

Recovery has been a breeze

I'm honestly shocked at how great recovery has gone. I'm off all prescription pain medications and am only taking ibuprofen for swelling and Valium (at night) for muscle cramps. I really have had very little pain. I was expecting so much worse and this has been great. My biggest complaint is just how exhausted I've been since surgery. I'm walking totally normal, don't need help getting up and down, etc..., I'm just very tired.

Overwhelming fatigue

Physical recovery continues to go great. My breasts are softening up nicely, both dropping together and I can squish them a bit now. I'm still extremely exhausted though. I go for my post-op tomorrow, so I'm going to make sure that's not out of what they're expecting. Also excited to get rid of all this tegaderm.

12 days post op!

I'm doing great! Incisions look fantastic and swelling isn't too horrible. The stupid binder is driving me insane though. It's just the right length to rub under my bra and the stomach incision. If I pull it down, it starts rolling up.
I ordered some firm control flexees off Amazon that will come in Friday, so hopefully those will be better. I was told I could switch to that type product at 7 days po, but I hadn't planned ahead and don't have any yet.

Breasts are still very firm and sensitive, which isn't surprising. I expect that to last a few more weeks at least. Massaging them doesn't hurt at all, but very light brushing on them does. Same with my stomach. Akin to when your foot has fallen asleep and has begun waking up. Odd feeling.

18 days post-op

Just wanted to add progress photos. A lot softer, but still quite firm and tender.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wolfe was amazing. He took his time to fully explain everything, showed me lots of before/after photos of patients similar in build to me, and it clearly came across that he takes great pride in his art.

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