I'm Only 29...3 Kids and Weight Loss Has Wreaked Havoc on my body! - Denver, CO

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After my 2nd kid, I couldn't loose the 60 lbs I...

After my 2nd kid, I couldn't loose the 60 lbs I gained. 5 years later I ended up getting really into health and fitness. I work out 6 days a week and love weight lifting. My 3rd kid, I gained 45lbs and lost it in 4 months. I vowed to never go back to 230lbs!!! No matter what I do, I can't do anything about the skin and stubborn fat on my stomach. Between breastfeeding my little one for 14 months and weight lifting, my boobs have "deflated." I have decided to finally take the giant step and get them fixed. I've had my consolation, picked my doctor and secured my loan. I will be making the deposit and officially scheduling my operation date.

I am very worried about my breast augmentation as I really don't even want to go bigger. I just want them back to where they were before. I'm really scared they're going to be too big. My PS was recommending 300-400cc. I really think that maybe 200cc may even be too big. I think I'll feel better after talking to my PS again. We'll see.
I've also been reading a lot of recovery stories and I'm getting a little worried about going back to work too soon too. Oh the joys of big decision making!!! :-D

Nerves setting in..... also need advice for my glutes post op!!!!

I'm going to be trying to schedule my date for the end of next month. That's really only 4 weeks away. After reading so many of your stories, I feel better knowing what to expect but really nervous on what my healing rate will be. I've never had any type of surgery before.
It sounds stupid but one of the biggest things I'm worried about is loosing my butt! I've worked SO hard on getting this big plump butt that barely fits in my underwear or jeans lol ..... if I sit on it for 2 weeks and can't workout for a total of 6 weeks.... how much of it am I gonna loose?!?!?!?!

Does ANYONE have any suggestions or types of exercises I can do while recovering to work my glutes at least a little so I don't lose it all????


I can't even describe the emotions I'm feeling right now. Ive wanted this for so long and never thought it would actually happen..just one of those wishes and dreams... I am officially booked for Nov 30th! 5 weeks! In the mean time i have a Halloween party to plan and a trip to Indonesia in a week and a half! So much happening in the next month!!!!

Before pics and wish boobs

My before pics and the boobs I'm hoping for.

Not bad w/ clothes on

I cant wait to be this comfortable with myself naked! I dont think i look too bad with clothes on but will look a million times better soon!!! I cant wait to do a side by side of these pics before and after

Little freaked!

I'm leaving today for vacation in Bali and I can't wait! I wish I could wear a bikini on this trip but I know my next trip I will be able to!!!! I'm sooo beyond excited for my surgery but when I think about recovery.... it really makes me nervous. I know if it wasn't for this site, I would have been BLINDSIDED by the pain and how huge the recovery process is. I feel better prepared but I'm really nervous!! Most of the stories I read, these women all have husbands to take care of them. I have my mom for a few days immediately after but really am going to be depending on my oldest 2 kids. I'm just starting to feel like maybe I need to plan more support than I have right now.
I was also reading someone's story that reminded me that I haven't even thought about the actual day of. Who do I have in the room with me up until I go? How will I react when I wake up? What kind of crazy thoughts am I going to have when I'm going down the hallway to the surgery room and it's all ACTUALLY happening?? I'm kinda freaked a little about the day of. I DEF need strong support there and I don't want to ask my best friend to take a day off work for me?? I know my kids are gonna be begging me to be there for me but is that a good place for them??????

ANY input would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I have time to figure it out?? :-\

Pre-op appointment

So did my pre-op yesterday and now am 13 days from surgery. We decided on moderate profile and he'll bring 310, 330, and 345cc's in and make the final decision in the op room. I was looking mid 200's but I'd have to go low profile and I don't think I'd achieve the "full" look I want. I've been looking more at the sizes we chose and I think I'll be very happy come time. I think these are perfect for my body size after all.

I'm still getting really nervous about my support system and don't want to spread my mom too thin. I'm kinda freaking about how my recovery will be. I want to get "back to normal" as soon as possible obviously but don't want to push too hard too soon. TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap!!!
Super excited for the final result tho ;-)


OMG I think sorting the mommy makeover by people that said "Not Worth it" was a really bad idea. The last thing I should be doing is reading about what could go wrong! I have faith and trust in my doctor. He's amazing and I need to just focus on MY journey and MY healing.

Uh oh

I'm a little worried I'm going to spend a ton of money on bikinis and new bras haha. I bought 3 bikinis already. I'm so excited to be rid of this stomach!! I've been saying good riddance to it all week... "soon you will be gone" .."I won't have to look at you much longer!" ... kind of stuff.

I still am completely freaking out though. I'm really really nervous. Or maybe it's just anxiousness to get it over with and see what my healing is like? I'm not quiet sure.

Last day

Just finished my last workout that I will have for a looonnggg time :'( .... it'll be difficult but i know after healing i can finally workout and see the change and ultimately have the body of my dreams! 12 hrs and I'll be waking up for my big day!!!!!

I feel like i got hit by a bus lol

Checked in at the hospital at 530am yesterday morning and didnt get to leave until about 930pm. I had trouble peeing after the catheter was removed so they ended up putting another one in to send me home with. I just took it out this morning and hopefully can pee on my own by 12. Everyone was so great at the hospital! The experience its self was very pleasant. I got a sneak peak right before they bandaged me up. I am so excited!
On the dark side of it, i am in so much pain even taking my pain meds evey 4 hrs. I feel very tight and swollen in my hips. I just hope this pain subsides to a little more manageable today.

Post op appointment... sneak peek

It took a lot out of me to get to the doctors today. Turns out,the tape on my hips peeled my skin off anf caused blisters...so painful. I know it still looks scary but i think my boobs at least look fantastic!!!

3 days

My mom and I Changed dressings today because of the blisteres on my hips, we have to change it out everyday. Took a picture before wrapping me back up. Still extremely hunched over, in a lot of pain, and get tired after just walking to the bathroom and back.

Shower day... not very successful

The skin peeled off on my hips hurt so bad i was in tears with the water touching it. Standing in the shower was very exhausting. The shower was over very quickly. More of a rinse down with dial. I am so swollen in my hips and upper abdomen. I probably couldnt even fit sweat pants on over my hips they're twice the size of normal.

Strap them down and try New compression

Had another follow up today with my doctor. He decided to strap my boobs to drop the right one a little more. I didnt even notice a difference lol.
The skin that the adhesive ripped off each side of my hip has made the binder very difficult to position right and my swelling has been really bad in my upper abdomen and my hips. So doc approved me to switch to body shaper that'll go from thigh to upper abdomen. Its actually a little tight, may go exchange it for the next size up but ill wait till tomorrow to do that. Ive walked a whole lot today and dont wanna overdue it. The body shaper has actually felt a lot better than the binder so far.

7 days po pics

Decided to take some pics while changing my dressings today. Im still really swollen and my hips are 4x their normal size. I had to take the body shaper off yesterday cause it was just too tight. I'll go to the store tonight or tomorrow to get a bigger size. Im hoping my boobs are a lot of swelling cause i think they're too big.

Theyre too big :(

So trying on my previous bra im glad i fill it out. But i fill it too much. Just trying on different bra sizes and looking so much at my chest i feel like theyre way bigger than i wanted. Im hoping that after they drop and settle maybe they'll go down a little. Dont get me wrong, they look fantastic! But i was very adamant about them being smaller and kinda dont feel like i was heard. I feel like im the only woman in the world who gets a boob job and complains that they're too big hahaha

I just want to sleep!!!! And update

Im gonna start by whining that im so sick of not getting sleep!! Ive tried a ton of different positions on each couch and my bed. Ive also tried a mix of different pills.... i just cant get comfortable and am waking up every couple hours. i havent gotten a real nights sleep since prob day 5 PO :'(
So today is 2 weeks and i had decided to take 3 weeks off. I feel like i could prob go back to work but i feel it would be somewhat of a struggle and i wouldnt fit in my work pants lol. Best for me to take as much time as i can without pushing it.
I can do normal house stuff, dishes, sweeping, cooking, showering, etc. When shopping i need a cart to lean on to take the pressure off my back with that much walking.
Im not standing upright yet... prob at about 80% straight. Im terrified of getting an infection or something and getting a hole in my incision. Im still extremely swollen in my abdomen. I think i may use my arms too much sometimes cause my chest will get really sore. Still waiting for those puppies to drop too.
Uummm.... yeah thats about all i have as update for now. :)

Oops...heres Updated pics too

Forgot to include pics... not a whole lot has changed. The bruises have lightened a LOT and a little less swelling.

Tape off

Finally got to see my scar and bellybutton!!! I got my tape removed. Belly button looks cute and my stomach incision line is low, thin and straight. As long as i take the right care of it, i dont think its gonna end up being very noticeable. Ok so keep in mind that im still swollen and once i start massaging the pleats my stomach will smoothen out.

What a change

Every day seems to get better and better. Im not released to workout yet but i did walk on the treadmill for 30 min today. Nice and slow but had to do SOMETHING! These pics are after 14 hr working and shopping so im swollen but not horribly. Victoria Secret semi annual sale started today so i HAD to go. Im getting used to the size and i do ADMIRE my PS work. My boobs look perfect to me. Just on the bigger side. My stomach pleats are starting to smooth out and it feels AMAZING to put ANYTHING in my closet on and look soooo good!!! No more worries about the mom pouch or muffin tops!!! I keep getting a pinching feeling in my incision site but i think thats normal. Im still not sleeping well tho. Hoping that changes soon!

5 weeks

Its amazing how our bodies heal themselves! I look at my pictures from just a couple weeks ago and even that is such a huge change. Im hoping my doctor releases me back to full duty at work this week and light cardio but ill find out Tuesday. I still swell a lot in my stomach but i know that'll go down in time. Im still healing.

8 weeks

I am a little disappointed about the scar shape. I know i still have swelling, pleating and a long way to go in scar treatment so we'll see how it looks in another month or so. I work out every day but am getting really bored with it since im limited to light cardio and lower body bodyweight only workouts. I know i have to do right by my body to heal so i will take my time like the doc says. I feel great and love getting dressed every day and being the most confidant i have ever been in my life!!!!

3 months

Released from all restrictions now. Woo hoo for weight lifting!!!!!! Still have some pleats on the sides but those will smooth out. I still swell above my belly button at the end of the day. I had a body composition analysis done so i have a starting point getting back into weights and found that i gained 8% body fat over these 3 months!! Holy cow!! Thats what i get for eating the way i did. I will work it all back off! Im still very very happy with my results and feel amazing. Only gonna get better!!!! ;)

5 months

Its crazy that im almost to my 6 month appointment at the end of the month. I feel great! Last week i was finally able to do an ab workout without pain (not soreness.. pain). Im working really hard to loose the 8% body fat i gained during surgery. I was upset at 1st about my boobs being too big but now i absolutely LOVE them lol..and because of the fat i already had and a great surgeon they FEEL so perfect too....Ive been very religious about my scar treatment and its lightening but my doc said we'd asses it at my 6 month for some professional help with lightening it more. I have to say that this was def the best 15k I've ever spent!!!!!!
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