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Almost 48, no children. 15 hours of research in...

Almost 48, no children. 15 hours of research in procedures & surgeons.
I decided on fat graft to both breast and face.
Typically a very private person ( I don't even do Facebook!) I decided it was important to be totally transparent with fellow sisters to share my experience.
If you'd like to follow my experience, Ill follow up with further updates & photos.

Post surgery day one

Surgery at 7:30 am and done at 12:30pm. My surgeon did lipo on my mid section/love handles/lower abdomen). Then she skillfully gave me a lollipop breast lift, to balance out and lift my breast/nipples ( I also asked her to craft a slightly smaller nipple - just a personal preference , which she honored for me). She filled in my upper breast area with my own harvested fat, returning the youthful volume I have lost in my upper breast area from our good friend gravity. She finished with fat grafts to my tear troughs, temples, cheeks and Nasolabial folds. Whew!
These pics are not very flattering, but I want to be transparent and show what I looked like post surgery.
Keep in mind these are from the afternoon the day of and the day after. I was heavily drugged up with Dilauded & Valium, which accentuate my lovely vital appearance. I stopped all fish oil, baby aspirin etc... 3 weeks prior, and started arnica 30c and Bromelian 5 days prior, using arnica gel on the shiner under my eye.
More to come...

Few days after

Here are pics from 3-7 days after. I was wearing what felt like Kevlar vest bras and compression underwear which I altered by cutting 'openings' in them. (Was a great suggestion from my Surgeon). You'll need to obtain a few of each prior to your surgery. Amazon has a good selection of breast surgery bras, Target for the lower compression garments. Surprisingly the vest compression bras (still) feel comforting and assuring for me.
Drains were removed on day 6. I wasn't very 'juicy' and didn't feel like the drains were ever very full of fluid. The drain removal moment wasn't very pleasant, but tolerable. I switched to Perkoset as well. I was eating about a bale of hay a day washing it down with 2 gallons of water and even that didn't do much to move things along. Set yourself up for all things fiber as well....
I slept upright for at least 8-9 nights, surprisingly well. Of course the drugs helped tremendously with this. I never really felt terrible pain, more very tender soreness, and just uncomfortable. The lipo areas were the most consistently painful. My energy level was below low and just showering made me feel exhausted.
The shiner under my eye was very stubborn, even with full doses of the arnica, arnica gel and bromelain- more on that later...

Toward end of week 2

Drains out, yay! Shiner under my eye- annoying. Energy level still so extremely low. I slept a lot and didn't really do much. My Fiance was amazing through it all and not only my champion but my hero. :)
Swelling is going down. Took myself off all painkillers except Tylenol 500 on day 11. Surprisingly didn't have a physical withdraw from then lack of narcotics, but did give me an unexpected emotional reaction becoming very weepy and crying for a couple days. BTW- I didn't run out of the narcotics- I no just no longer wanted to take them.
On my 2 week post op surgeon visit, they removed the tape and replaced it with fresh tape and also Lazar treated the shiner under my eye.
AMAZING results! I cant believe how quickly 4 Lazar pulses broke down that stubborn pigment. In 3 days its dissipated and faded by 60%! Yay!

So far at 2 weeks-

Here is a pics of my shiner 3 days post the lazar treatment as well as the results of the lipo, breast lift and fat grafts to my face and breasts.
Ill post a final comment with some pics in a few weeks when Ill be closer to truly healed, swelling has passed and Im back to my normal energy level.

Unsolicited advice

I haven't spoken to this but its so important to really do your research and due diligence in searching for the best, most qualified and skilled surgeon you can find. Study their web-sites, and real work. Not all are equal. When you start comparing you'll see a difference in the quality of each surgeons skill quality and precision. I chose my surgeon because of her impressive driven pedigree- Yale, Stanford, Georgetown & Duke!) Plus- she took the time and effort to write most of the commentary on her site herself & was so very personal, charming and intimate. Many others I reviewed look a standard commissioned web page using clip art of 24 year old photo-shopped models with wind blown hair. I think my surgeon may be considered a bit expensive, but I think she is truly gifted in her chosen art form - and you get what you pay for. My 2 week post op visit, she was so excited to see the results of her effort that she hopped up and down and we high- fived each other. Was satisfying for me to see how much ( humble) pride she takes in her work and gave me confidence knowing I had chosen wisely.

4 week post-op update

I had my 4 week post-op today.
Wanted to update as promised and say thank you to the sisters who have made such kind comments and been so supportive.
My hope is that being brave and sharing my journey will provide others the courage to make decisions that will best suit their desired outcome.
I have an actual copy of my operative report so I will answer the numerous questions regarding "how much fat" ...
First - just a quick update on my recovery:
Still more sore and tender in breast and harvest lipo sites than I expected or imagined I would be. Still wearing vest bra and 'spankers" which remain comforting. Still mostly sleep on my back, but the quality of sleep has improved with the help of a Valium prior to bed.
Took 21 days for the shiner under my eye to hit the road.
Officially okay to take aleve now vs. tylenol, which has never really worked as a pain reliever for me.
2 week old breast tape was removed today and fresh tape replaced. I still have a bit of swelling in breast and lipo sites which I'm told can take up to 3 months ( and sometimes longer!) to finally settle.
My face grafts have diminished the most. I'm hoping I don't lose anymore as I like how they look right now. We will assess in 2 weeks when I go back for my 6 week post op. Perhaps using a touch of filler may be an option over additional facial fat grafts. That bridge has yet to be crossed.
My breasts look so much prettier than before, and I'm very pleased with the incision healing, shape, size, lift, the grafting and how everything is healing. Dr. Haung is my hero.
As many of you have asked- here are the answers to your questions regarding what my Surgeon did to achieve the results you see.
I'm writing them as 'cliff notes' because the operative report is 2 pages long and very detailed!
Breast: She harvested 180 cc and 200 cc of pure fat from my flanks using the tumescent technique and the Khouri harvesting system.
120 cc of pure fat harvested from each side of my anterior abdomen.
Using the Kouri reinjection system with a 1 cc syringe she injected a total of almost 200-300 cc if pure fat into the superior and superomedical aspects of my breasts. Of course, I had a breast lift, which is way too much detail to re-write, but she did a lollipop lift and honored my request and designed a smaller nipple for me- which was just a personal preference.
For my facial fat grafting :
She used a 1 mm Coleman and 1 cc syringe and injected 5 cc pure fat in each tear trough and malar eminence with an additional 4 cc in each cheek. 1 cc was placed in each nasolabial fold, 1 cc in the preauricular region and 2-3 cc in each temple.

I'm posting a couple facial glamor shots with this 4 week update. Since my breasts still have tape on them, Ill post another update at my 6 week post op- and hopefully tape free- breast pics !
I have never had botox, but think I'm going to join the club and try my first tickle of it in my frown lines and forehead.
Thank you again to the community here on Realself.
Ill update again in another 2 weeks for my 6 week post op post.
Ill hopefully be able to reveal tape free breast pics, with lower abdominal and face update pics as well.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Amazing, very experienced, talented & skilled Surgeon who has passion for her craft and takes personal yet humble pride in the outcome of her patients results. I felt her energy is as an artist, but rather than her medium being a brush and canvas its the human body.

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