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I had my TT one week ago and I must say it gets...

I had my TT one week ago and I must say it gets better everyday! I was so anxious before surgery that I hadn't slept for days and I was a delirious wreck on the day of surgery:)

The first couple days were really bad but now I'm feeling back to myself and ready to get out of the house, I think I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow. Im going to try to post some pix but I took them on my phone so not sure how it will work.

I geuss I could give better background info on...

I geuss I could give better background info on myself lol:)
I had TT surgery on my 36 bday, happy birthday to me!
I have 2 kids 7 1/2 and 9 and I never really got my stomach back after having them. I have tried all the usual things like gym, trainer, diet but nothing was working.
Actually in November I did the Zerona laser lipo thinking it would be a better alternative to surgery. I lost about 6lbs and 2 inches all over but then it made my already flabby tummy even flabbier so I was incredibly dissapointed. So I would tell anyone looking into the Zerona to just put that money to actual surgery, it will be worth it in the end!
I am a week and a day out and Im feeling petty well! I get tired easily still even grocery shopping:) I am standing up much straighter (thanks Bella83!).
I am very happy that it is all over now! The anticipation if getting there is awful.
I wish I could sleep on my side but the binder kind of pinches along my incision and its very uncomfortable. I needed to have a BB hernia repaired too so my BB is kind of icky. I really hope it doesn't get infected!
I think one of my biggest fears was having a crazy belly button. Ive seen some pix of ones that remind me of coin slots and I didnt want that for sure. I think my new BB will be ok, it looks a little small to me but I had a fat frowny face BB for so long that anything is better:)
I go back into PS in 2 weeks so I will check back in then and try to keep up on the pictures.

So ive read alot of posts of depression being part...

So ive read alot of posts of depression being part of surgery. I really feel like Im an emotional train wreck and I cry over EVERYTHING and all I want to do is sleep. Ive lost 15 lbs in 9 days, not sure if thats normal or not. Anyway, my husband cant stand me and he doesnt know what to do for me. I get mad at him when he wants to leave me to go handout with friends but I also get mad at him if he invites ppl over to hang out at our house. I dont like being this way, I dont want to be this way but I dont know how to fix it. My husband and I got in a huge fight today bc I was crying while putting laundry away! He told me that if he knew this was going to happen he never would have let me do it!
I really need to know how long this lasts from those of you who have gone thru anything like this!
Much appreciated:)

So I am now 12 days post op and feeling...

So I am now 12 days post op and feeling emotionally so much better! Im glad that didnt last long, but I have been making more of an effort to get out of the house every day just to do something. I have found that I get really swollen be the end of the day and its really uncomfortable.
I was wondering if any of you post opers have had a problem with your sides being uneven? I can tell my left side is rounder and its driving me nuts! Not sure if the Dr should have taken out more with the lipo or if its just more swollen on that side?
My friend thinks it is just fluid bc its squishy...I dont know but I hope it goes way!
I will update a pic on Thursday when I am at the 2 week mark:)

Oh yeah, does anyone know when its ok to start...

Oh yeah, does anyone know when its ok to start excersizing? Ive been walking 2 miles on my treadmill bc I feel like a thug but my friends say I should not be doing that. I think as long as I feel ok than its fine...Any thoughts?

Today is officially my second week post op! Time...

Today is officially my second week post op! Time flies huh:)
I am happy with the results so far but I still feel a little lopsided, like the right side is fuller. Maybe its still swollen tho I dont feel swollen...
Im ready to ditch the support garment, it really itches but I find my BB hurts when I dont wear it, not sure what thats about?
I posted new pix and can really see a difference from week to week so thats exciting!

I decided to try running today instead of walking,...

I decided to try running today instead of walking, well I guess jogging. It felt good but I did get some cramping in my abs but nothing I coudnt stand. I was done after 2 miles tho lol so I hope to get my miles up next week. I did get A LOT of tingling around my incision which feels so weird since its usually numb from the outside!
I dont think im having swelling as much as bloating after I eat so Im trying to drink lots of water, not sure if that helps or not...
I go to PS next wednesday and I have a million questions for him. Will they tell you how much the skin weighed and how much fat they sucked out during lipo? Im so curious! I also wonder why he deosnt use drains and about all of the blogs ive come across everyone has drains...
Today I saw a light hair in my BB so I pulled at it. Turns out it was a stitch and it started bleeding! Then it hurt from the inside a few minutes later. ouch

I am officially 3 weeks post op today! Went to PS...

I am officially 3 weeks post op today! Went to PS yesterday and he said everything looks great. I am adding new pix, I still feel like my side is fuller than the other. PS said thats normal but I thought it would start to get better by now...
Also, I asked him if there was anything I could put on the scar and he said nothing will work because the scar is so deep and healing from the inside out. I am wodering if anyone has tried any scar cream any way and had any luck?

So I am now 7 months post op. Feeling great but...

So I am now 7 months post op. Feeling great but not to happy with my scar:( I feel its up to high but will talk to PS next month at my 8 mo visit

Now, 4 yrs later

It has been a few years since I have come on the site. In hindsight I do think I could have achieve the look I wanted with some hard work at the gym. I TT was an easy fix but I have felt on proportionate though I have worked really hard to tone up the rest of my body. I am certain I could've done this with the right coach and the right nutritionist like I have now. So if anyone out there is thinking of getting this done and you're not certain please go talk to a trainer and a nutritionist before you commit to surgery
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wolfe is very professional and made me feel good during the consult. I had been to other consults and got bad vibes from the Drs. So I am very happy with my choice:)

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