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I had a face & neck lift plus laser around the...

I had a face & neck lift plus laser around the mouth area in May of this year. I had originally registered under LSL but was not getting any feedback because it is a lesser used portion of the site.

I have been pleased with the results of the lift but the neck is still swollen and I am waiting for that to disappear. Along the way a acquired a self-inflicted wound from using to hot of compresses one week after surgery. The burn was second degree and took almost two months to completely heal. The doctor thought it would be fine and not scar but when it did completely heal it has a red raised area at the spot of last healing.

I have an appointment with a locally highly recommended PS on Friday for injection of a filler in the line between nose and mouth and at the corners of mouth. I was pleased with my PS in Denver but chose to do a local physician for the filler so I do not have to drive two hours each direction. The local PS also has some new equipment that hopefully will help reduce the scar. I will post letting realself know how the filler and scar reduction goes. The scar treatment will be a series of mini treatments to make sure that we reduce it and do not aggravate it.

Radiesse Injections with no bruising or swelling - Fractional CO2 laser was no fun!

Two Months: I had decided I did want fat grating or something similar in the corners of mouth and FL folds between nose and mouth. Rather than drive the two hours to have that done I did my research and found a highly recommended PS more locally. I made an appointment with her for a consultation. It took three weeks from the time I called til she had an opening. She must be good!
I drove to the PS office and was greeted by a very friendly professional off staff. Dr. Diane let me know that the face and neck lift looked good and that Radiesse would be her recommendation for filler at this time. She said I had beautiful skin and would do the initial injection; she does not over fill, and then has me come back in six months for a potential boost. I made a mental note for an appointment on Valentine day. After that she thought once a year should be good. The cost of the Radiesse was $650.00 a syringe and she thought one would be sufficient. The scar she thought would take 2 to 3 mini treatments with a fractional CO2 laser. Her staff would call with an estimate. I made an appointment for ten days later. Her staff called and let me know that between the filler and the laser the appointment would be $860.00. Sounded like a bargain to me.
I had the Radiesse and first mini laser treatment on the 23 of August. First we did the Radiesse injections. I had read on RealSelf how painful they were because they are a deep injection. Dr. Diane said they are a deep injection and she ices the injection area beforehand and the Radiesse has lidocaine with it so that also helps. The injections were a little sting but I would not classify them as painful. She said it did look like the injection my mouth of the right had side may bruise a little. The numbing shots for the laser treatment were not particularly pleasant. In fact they downright hurt, but only for a few seconds. The laser did not hurt just a sensation that I could feel. She covered it and gave me cleaning instructions.
My husband and I have a retirement hobby of selling hats and western accessories at fairs, rodeos and events and this day happened to coincided with a local event. Dr. Diane said I should have little or no bruising if the filler is injected properly but I needed to keep it iced for the rest of the day. This time I can follow orders.
I am sitting at an event with no makeup, a red face, and ice packs. I got more sympathy than any time in my life. I truly believe that people thought my husband had beaten me. I iced the rest of the day and the face was indeed red but the only bruising is a very small spot by the corner of my mouth on the right. I will include pictures from the day after the injection and the laser treatment.
When I cleaned the lasered area on Sunday morning my husband asked to see the area. He asked about it and I explained that the red blood vessels that had been visible was cauterized by the laser and new collagen and skin would grow in their place so in fact it was just a different type of burn. His reply, “I could have done that with a branding iron”. LOL! You can take a boy out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy.
I will let you be the judge as to the results. Personally, I am pleased.

pictures of scar

Radiesses injection and laser.

Clarify Laser treatment

The treatment Dr. Diane is using is not being done with the new equipment. She is doing experimental testing and need permission to use the new equipment on my scar. She has not received permission so she used the fractional CO2 laser which she has used successfully for some time on scars such as mine. She also treated the incision scar by my ear, she said that to the normal eye there would not be a problem but to a trained eye it had just a little puckering. I think I am going to love this lady.

My son noticed

This evening my son stopped in and he looked at me for a minute and then said, "Mom, I really like your hair like that. You look terrific." Now this kid has not made a statement about my looks or dress for almost thirty years. What he does not know is that it is not the new hair style and color but my little updating surgery I had done.

Dr. Diane called today to see how I was doing with the Fractional CO2 laser treatment for the scarring on my right cheek. I am very impressed with her as a person and a surgeon.

This photo was taken by my cell phone and does not have the resolution I would like. I do not think the app I used to add border helped much either.

Five and 1/2 months out

I am now 5 1/2 months out from surgery and find that everything is settling nicely. Every time I think I have found an area of concern I can compare it to my before pictures and realize that I am greatly improved and compared to ladies I know my age and slightly younger I can truly say that I do look younger, more refreshed, with far fewer wrinkles and lines. I would like to replenish my Radiesse after the first of the year. I did not have anything done to my eyes are am considering having a laser treatment in that area. I just do not know when I would have it done.
My burn is far less noticeable but does have a raised ridge in the center where the last healing took place. I have an appointment with Dr. on November 16th for the 6 month check. He said he would check it then to see what we might want to consider.
The scar under my chin is diminishing nicely with just a little swelling and numbness. The scars around my ears are almost invisible and not noticeable unless you really look. I still have some numbness in front of my ears but it to is going away.
My advise ladies is that if you are thinking of doing the face and neck lift go for it. I only have one life to live and I want to live it looking the best that I can.

scar healing

Dr. Loury has started treatment to diminish the raised area of the scar. He does a laser treatment followed by steroids. I have had two treatments and it has diminished some but it is now noticeably more red. I think after another treatment I will just wait for a extended period of time to see if nature fades and lessons the scar.

laser treatments

Dr. Diane did the CO2 treatments and it took the redness away but left the inch long raised scar and pencil-tip sized scar raised. So I guess I am in a catch 22, either redness gone or raised scar. I am just tired of the issues.

Face and scar update

The face still looks good. I need to get more filler in laugh lines but everything is good on that front. The facial scar is coming along in some ways. I started using ScarguardMD and the ridge is gone and two lumps that look like peas under the skin are diminishing. I have been massaging them with a small hand held battery operated devise. The redness is as bad as ever. This fall I plan on going to the University of Colorado Medical Center to see what can be done with it. Dermablend does hide it but I would like to get rid of it.

Z incision

I went to see Dr Diane and she thinks the scar is much improved but this fall she will do Z surgery to remove the scar and after it heals do more laser to remove the reddness. I am a little leary of it since my daughter had a facial scar that required Z surgery and I am not sure it healed that much better than before. I will post following the surgery.

Z Surgery today

Today Dr Diane did another laser on the burn scar that did not require surgical revision and then did a revised z revision. The facial shots are always painful but the rest is not a problem. U can feel the sensation of the nips but it does not hurt. The nodules she removed were very fibrous so it took about a hour to complete both procedures. I was instructed not to be turn the head as to not put strain on the internal and external sutures. For the next six weeks I am not to turn the head as to look over the shoulder. That is the part that might be tough. I will have the sutures out next Thursday. I will not be able to go swimming until sutures are out. Oh, and no chewing of tough foods, corn on the cob, soft things for a couple of days. Wish me luck.

My scar and me

I am still very happy with my LSL. As u know I burned the side of my face and it healed with what was called a hypertropic scar that looked a string of peas under the skin. Very unattractive on the face. Last Friday my PS did a w scar revision. It was a 2-layer revision and already looks so much better. It will take six months for the incision to fade but I can start wearing makeup this weekend.

Dissolving Stitches Coming Through

Is was four weeks ago Friday that I had splashy to remove the burn scar. It looks beautiful except the stitches along the incision is starting to have little bumps with little whisker like structures coming through. One is quite long and if I tug on it with a tweezers it is stuck to something so I have not been to forceful with it. Tomorrow I will call PS office and make appointment to have them removed. Darn, I am ready to be over all the burn problems since it has been 17 months since it happened.

Zplasty NOT Splashy!!

Stupid auto correct!!

Happy New Year

It has been 19 months since the LSL and still have no complaints. The scar is improving but still there just less noticeable, I have one more laser treatment to lessen the redness around the area. I am seriously considering a a laser resurfacing, at least in the under eye area. Has anyone done that. How has it turned out for you?
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