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I have been reading the posts and looking at the...

I have been reading the posts and looking at the pictures on Real Self regarding my procedure to get and idea and expectations of the surgery. I have to admit there are some really brave women on here.

A little about me, I will turn 37 this week. I have a 15 year old son, and my breasts were fine after having him and even after breast feeding. I used to be a 32B. Somewhere along the line about 10 years ago my breasts grew to a 32DDD. I am not sure if it was from weight gain/then loss but I feel it probably was. I gained about 23 lbs and weighed 146 for a few years then lost it, gained it, lost it. I am now a little over my comfort weight at 123lbs but have been working out to prepare my body for the strain of surgery.

This week I will go in for my pre-op visit on Thursday August 22nd, I was fortunate and able to get my surgery moved up one week to August 30th to have recovery over the Labor Day weekend. I have a pretty demanding job so time off work is difficult (not physically demanding just mentally)

My husband is a bit sad I am getting this procedure done as he likes my large breasts, so that has been hard to deal with as I don't want to disappoint him. At the same time I have been really unhappy with my breasts for some time and in doing the pencil test I can hold it sideways, half way in and all the way in the breast fold. I think I will be much happier when they are reduced and the weight is gone.

I am really terrified of having scars and going through the pain of the process. I worry at times that they will turn out like Frankenboobs or be unattractive.

My insurance is not covering the cost of the reduction, even with neck pain, shoulder pain, a recommendation from my primary care doctor, my imaging doctor and my physical therapist (been in PT for a year from neck/shoulder pain) So part of me feels guilty for spending so much money on the reduction. I wonder is it really needed, will I truly be happier, will it really reduce the pain. I also ask would it be better to pay off a car, save the money for my sons college. I really wish my costly insurance plan covered this procedure.

I will add photos this week before the procedure, and then through the procedure as it has been helpful for me to see others photos and videos.

Pre-Op Picture

Pre-op picture, have my pre-op appointment tomorrow 08/22/2013


My pre-op appointment went really well today, they gave me the prescription for all my medications to be filled prior to the surgery. My PS measured me for a surgical bra for after the surgery and will have it at the hospital to put on before I leave. Unfortunately I will have drain tubes for up to 7 days. My breasts are all pretty much all tissue. They gave me instructions on how to take the medication and advised to keep track of when it is taken since it can make you out of it a little, its best to keep track. They gave me instructions on cleaning the drain tubes out and asked that I make sure to wear a shirt that buttons down the front the day of surgery and to arrive 2 hours prior to surgery. My PS is pretty certain she can get me to a B which will be great as I am really tired of my breasts rubbing my arms, and not fitting into sports bras, or any bras from a normal store. I want my neck and shoulder pain to stop and to be able to sit up straight again.

I have been a little worried and I know this is kind of dumb because I am relatively thin, but have been worried a bit about my flanks (love handles) looking bigger if my breasts are smaller. Again this is kind of silly and I am sure I can try to tone up after recovery. I thought about asking for some light liposuction around the flank area and then decided against the request and to try to tone. Silly I know.

1 week to go

Picture in 32DDD bra, as you can see I am spilling out of the top :(


My PS gave me a list of the following medications to take beginning 2 weeks before and at least 2 weeks after surgery to help with swelling/bruising

Vitamin C
Arnica Montana

I have filled on the actual prescriptions as well and have even picked out the outfit to wear home from the hospital and pulled out all my front button shirts for ease of changing into them after the surgery.

Based on another review on realself I bought the book "When Less is More" and have started reading it to keep my mind occupied.

Surgery Today

So today is the day, oddly the one thing I didn't think about until now was deodorant. My PS has instructions to wash with antibacterial soap beginning a few days prior to surgery, she recommends using Dial. This morning after my shower I thought I should skip the deodorant pre surgery in case of any interference. I haven't talked much about the surgery lately as my husband said I was talking too much about it, I just really wanted to be prepared.

I have set up a recovery room at home with all my medications, ipad and a few books. 3 hours to go. Never had surgery before and slightly nervous.

All Marked Up

This was taken yesterday by my husband after getting marked up by the talented Linda Huang. I have not seen the results yet, still bundled up. I do have to say I am very impressed with Dr. Huang though, she really takes care of her patients. She personally called my husband to tell him to come pick me up, and called me personally twice last night to check on me. also giving me her cell for the weekend to call with any concerns. I am really happy to have her as the PS in my procedure.

Early Morning Post-Op

Pretty sore this morning, but not unmanageable. Talked to my PS and she thinks I will be pleased and is pretty sure around a B cup which is great. I am not feeling anymore neck and/or shoulder pain. This could also be a result of the Percocet but I think it's more the heavy weight is lifted. I have tried to peek in a litte to see but don't want to mess up all the great packing Dr. Huang has done with the gauze. I do have drainage tubes and they seem to be draining nicely, just blood for now. I can't image how swollen I would be without them. Currently buying time to take the next Valium and hopefully go back to sleep for a bit. The pain hits you pretty much as soon as the meds wear off so be sure to be on top of the meds. Overall though manageable.

Took a peak

Couldn't help it, decided to peak in on them this morning, looking good!

My recovery companion

My little baby won't leave my side, she is so sweet. When I rescued her 6 years ago she had to have her leg amputated.

Day 2

So I am not going to lie, it's pretty painful at times. I do feel though most of the pain is coming from the location of the drain tubes. I am very in love with my new size, I cannot say enough about Dr. Huang. I have been more sleepy today and have taken it really easy. Yesterday I had visitors so was up a little more, I feel tomorrow will be a good day, and Tuesday I get the drains out. I am really happy even through the pain, it's worth it.

Lots of Sleep

I have been resting a lot, and I think that has been really good for me and the healing process. I get my drain tubes out tomorrow which will be nice as I think that's where most of my pain is coming from. The drainage has really gone down, from about 25gms a day per side to under 10gms a day now per side. Pretty much nothing today has come out. I have been really light headed/dizzy I think from the medications. Have cut back a little today only having one Percocet at 8am. I am going to try to switch to extra strength Tylenol today and see if that can manage the pain as well. No new pictures yet, waiting till the tubes are out so I can put on normal clothing. So far has been a lot of yoga pants and zip front hoodies. I am still in a bit of shock I went through it and didn't chicken out at all.

Drain Tubes Out Today

I cannot wait to get them out. I think my medical bra is too tight and pinching part of the bottom of the breast. I unsnapped it today and it feels so much better. Going to leave things a little free flowing today until the drains come out later. More pictures to follow once the drains are gone


yes, apparently this happens due to the pain meds, I have taken Colace for the past 5 days and that hasn't really worked. I then today drank Dieters Green Tea by Triple Leaf Tea Company and had movement. I was starting to look pregnant from the back up. I have also read that Magnesium will work, but since the tea worked for me I am going to stick with that for now. 4 1/2 hours till these itchy drain tubes are pulled out, I seriously can't wait!

Pumps are out!!!

Wow what a difference, the pumps kind of sucked but I am glad I had them to keep the swelling down. Getting them out was odd, you take a deep breathe in and when you exhale they pull the first one out, then repeat on the other side. The openings are taped up and you are set to go. Now that the pumps are out I can actually wear normal shirts and I will be honest I did a little fashion show for myself in my closet. Things that used to pop open, fit perfectly now. (and I have maxi pads stuffed in my bra still so will be even better soon) I have been backed up though so I kind of look pregnant, hoping over the next 24 hours I have some more movements. I just ate some black beans. Everything I have been through up to this point has been pretty smooth, and knowing everything I would go through I would do the surgery again. I feel better, more proportionate, and with no back/neck pain.

Marena Bra

I think this new bra might save me a lot of pain. The surgical bra from the hospital was really uncomfortable and tight. I ordered the Marena bra on Amazon with the 2inch bottom strap and it came today, what a difference. I ordered a small based on the size chart, but would recommend ordering a size larger than you normally wear, the size is adjustable in the front and on the straps. I feel do much better in it. Today I work up with the worst pain I have had since the surgery, I think it is from the pumps being pulled out last night.

Picture updates

Size B!

So I bought a pretty little size 32B bra just to try and see if I was around that size. I was so wonderfully surprised that it fit perfect. I immediately went back to my surgical bra after taking a picture. The pain in the mornings has been rough but once the pain meds kick in and I get moving around its a lot better. Today I left the house to go watch my nephew play football and the had lunch, was exhausted when I got home but was great to get out of the house for awhile. Thanks for all the positive comments, the recovery is not easy but the change is worth it. I would do it again even knowing how the recovery is, highly recommend stool softners as they are not kidding about pain meds backing you up.

Took a fall

Percocet and dogs sometimes don't mix, I learned this the hard way today getting up groggy to use the restroom and accidentally tripping over my Corgie/Shepherd mix. My husband came running to help me up, breasts were fine but took a pretty good skinning to the knee. Once he patched me up we laughed about it for a bit, but he has now separated me from all my dogs (I have 4 rescue dogs, I love the. All so much) again except my chihuahua. It's hard being separated from my little loves. Luckily my son and husband have been really great and so supportive. My mother in law has even stopped by several times to sit and visit with me. Oddly my parents and my brother haven't come by once, I feel a bit sad about this but am trying not to let it get me down too much. I think Facebook makes it hard because tonight they posted a picture all hanging out together at the bar, and in the past 8 days they couldn't make time just to even drive 15 minutes to check on me. I try so hard not to be emotionally and likely the medication is making me more emotional, I feel I have done so much to support my family and am just sad that they seem to just think I am fine, which I am, just emotionally more support would have been nice.

I will continue to heal, continue to love my husband and son and be better from my experiences.

Attached some more pics, beware of walking after taking Percocet

So Sleepy.

Be prepared to be wiped out, today was my first day back to work (luckily allowed to work at home this week)

I did pretty good in the morning but was drained by noon, instead of taking a lunch break I was able to take an hour nap.

Its now almost 5pm and I feel the need to rest again. I have also switched to ES Tylenol over the past 48 hours and it does ok, wouldn't say its fully doing the job but it dulls the pain enough.

I think I would recommend more than a week off to people having this surgery if they are able to take it. I feel mobile and everything, I just think your body needs a lot of rest.

Sore but happy

I am really sore, ES Tylenol is not strong enough for me. I am trying to manage with it though. Added some new pics but really nothing new to see, they do seem to be filling out more/less boxy. You can see on the side views where the drains were pulled out. Should be minimal scaring.

2nd Post Op

My PS Linda Huang is a wizard, all my stitches are internal and dissolvable.
-left breast 199 grams removed
-right breast 301 grams removed
-little to no fat, all tissue
-3rd stage ptosis, very large and droopy boobies


My PS joked with me that she loves tape! So I have been re-taped 2x's and will get one last tape session on 10/10. I am really happy she loves tape because I can get a little OCD with things and this makes the scar lines any blood less visible/invisible.

I am just past a Month on the recovery and I am feeling really good now, I am down to taking Vitamin C, Magnesium and Aleve but no prescriptions any longer.

Socially have been doing more but still get tired more frequently due to the healing process of my body. The swelling has gone down and my only fear is that they will grow back but hopefully if that were to happen it would take a very long time.

Yes I love my boobies, can you say bralette!

I have never been able to wear a bralette, or a bra without an underwire, side wire and any other wire to support. I bought these little bralettes on 2 pack for like 10 bucks and they are so cute. More so though when they came I looked at them and almost cried, I thought they won't fit they are so tiny. Then they fit and I think for the first time today I have realized just how happy I am. How life changing this procedure was for me. I have not been taking many pain meds maybe aleive now ever other day or so. I feel really good, still taped up for another week and just feel so much lighter.


I am a getting ready for a 10 day international work trip, at first I was really worried that I wouldn't be healed in time as it is pushing right up to the start of week 6, I think is going to be fine though! I have been feeling pretty good, still a little more tired than usual, but nothing major. I take about 1 Aleive a day now, vitamin c, and that's it really. I just started my period so my breasts were a little swollen last week, I woke up in terror thinking they grew back!!! Since it's Halloween almost I started playing out horror movies in my mind where bobbies grow back and we can't stop them, yes scary though after all we have been through.

My tape is I think coming off this Thursday! Might be replaced one more time though, we will see soon.

I have non new pics everything still looks the same and all taped up.

The Tape is Off! 2 Months Post

So the tape is off and my healing is going very well. I am still wearing sports bra's because they feel the best and seem to provide the right amount of support. My right nipple is slightly bigger than the left but I think it is because the right is a little further along in healing, the left is still more swollen and a little more puckered, I think this will even out a bit in a few months. The scars are actually fading really nice and the sutures underneath where my boobs used to be should be invisible in a few more months. Still very thrilled with the results, can't beleive it has been two months, and really looking for results at the year mark.

Happy Boob Year 2014

I am 4 months post op now, having surgery on 08.30 the 4th month was on 12.30 I have no pain in either breast and have found this to be a very gratifying surgery. You should wait to the 4 -6 mark I heard to buy bras. I initially bought a few bra's too early and am at a 32C as opposed to a 32B this may still change a little as they settle into their new shape. Initially I thought one side was larger than the other side, what I found though is due to a car accident I had gotten in my body was out of alignment on one side and as I have worked with a physical therapist they have started to even out as my body is getting reset into proper alignment. I still do mainly wear sports bras as they are most comfortable and have better support, looking forward to summer and wearing strapless things for once.

Revision Right Nipple

My right nipple was a little scrunched, so I went in and discussed it with my PS, begin the amazing PS she is she numbed me up and did the revision the same day. I am currently re-stiched and taped and am sure that this will make the right side perfect. The best part the revision cost was only $78.00 to pay for the numbing medications. She said the healing time should be a lot shorter since it is just the nipple.

Almost 1 year

I can't seem to get my scars to fade and not be so pink, does anyone have suggestions? I have tried BioOil, Silicon tape and Mederma Scar Gel
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