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If you are considering a mastopexy/breast lift, Go...

If you are considering a mastopexy/breast lift, Go For It! My only regret is not having done this sooner ;-)

Basics: 5'8", 145#' 34D (rolled up into a bra - lol!

Procedure: Mastopexy (anchor, without augmentation), general anesthetic, 3 days minimal pain meds, surg tape - no external stitches, 2 weeks surg bra, still 34D (but perky!)

I cannot blame my National Geographic bosom on pregnancy/nursing. It certainly didn't help that I went from a D cup to a G (I could literally put my face in my bra), but I literally remember trying to arrange my chest in a bikini (in junior high school!) and being disappointed that I didn't look like my friends. I was just made looking "vintage" from the get go.

I looked at many many photos online, and made the following observations:
* most mastopexies are done with implants
* most mastopexies without implants do not result in an aesthetically pleasing result
* it is clear that some surgeons are practitioners, and some are artists

Lucky for me, I found a local artist ;-). Literally. Dr. Vath drew a "perfect" breast profile, and that is what I have now.

A few notes:
* Dr.V prescribed an anti-nausea patch to start wearing the night before. I never had a single green moment.
* the staff and facility is first class. Ex: in pre-/post-op, they wrap you in an inflated heating blanket. Just because ;-)
* there is a study that shows that up to 7% of patients that undergo general anesthetic have tmj issues of some sort afterwards. *It is NOT necessarily an indication of poor care by the anesthesiologist.* By the time I got home, I had total lockjaw. Scary. But it subsided on its own, completely back to normal in a few weeks.

One mistake I made: overdid on day 2 (because I felt pretty much completely normal already!). That night I had the first kinda scary ouchy pain, and felt like an idiot thinking I had just ruined everything. Everything totally fine by the next day, but my advice would be to Follow The Instructions. In this case, Doc definitely knows best.

I chose a mastopexy without implants for me. Not to please anyone else. And I feel amazing. Since I didn't have implants, I didn't have cut muscles to heal, or worries/post-surgical manipulation for months to avoid odd placement.
I didn't realize until the day after surgery how many clothes I never could wear, or couldn't wear without some serious cantilevering. Now it's just a treat every time I put on clothes. Even when wearing a bra - because without the need for hoist, the bra doesn't ride up in the back, or even just cut in so much. I've told my friends that my bosom now is just for entertainment and decoration ;-)

I read an article about investing in plastic surgery. Folks wouldn't hesitate to get treatment for diabetes, or depression, or a broken limb. Having an unusually saggy chest is a real issue, physically and mentally. If mastopexies were covered by insurance, I guarantee you women would line up to get it done. Why do we allow insurance companies to dictate how we take care of our bodies?

No bones about it, this was expensive. But worth every single penny. I told my daughter that if/when the need/time comes, I will pay for her to have this done.

If you are thinking, worrying, wanting to do this, please know that I give this procedure a big thumbs up - *with the right surgeon*. If you don't love the before/afters of your local docs, travel. It will be worth it ;-)

Will post photos when on a laptop instead of iPad. Today is 3 weeks, and I am thrilled with results.

2 scar revisions later...

First - it is super important to stress that my scar challenges are *not* a reflection of Dr. Vath's skill - just crummy genes. I was and am *thrilled* with the shape, hoist, ability to go braless (just use silicone pasties to avoid the total nipped out look), etc...

However. I ended up with hypertrophic scars as well as some really weird raised red areas completely separate from the scar lines. Unfortunately, really a very scary Frankenboobie/infected mosquito bites look.

1st round of scar revision - 2014 - Dr. V injected the separate raised red areas with steroid, and excised/re-sutured the hypertrophic scar around both areolas and down the center line on my left breast (looks like the right in the photo because in a mirror). The center line started healing fine. I used silicone strips and scar gel for awhile.

2nd round - Jan 2015 - areolas became hypertrophic again and red raised areas saw no improvement. Repeated steroid injections and excision/re-suture. This time I left the surgical tape on for almost an entire month - literally took it off in the shower last night. I am using scar gel and silicone strips again, and have a post op check scheduled in two weeks. I have a non-mastopexy scar on my breast from a botched mole removal (not Dr V's work) that Dr V is trying to fix as well. The red raised areas (looks like bad mosquito bites) have no change - no idea what the next step there is - laser maybe? The hypertrophic area around the areolas (knocking the wood on my desk right now) are actually looking better.

Hoping one day I'll feel as comfortable with my boobs in the buff as I do behind clothing :-)
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Found Dr. Vath online - after reading/viewing an unbelievable number of articles!

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