Slowly Being Killed By Boobs - Denver, CO

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My beautiful full C cups went up a size with each...

My beautiful full C cups went up a size with each child. They are very dense and heavy tissue. When I was Prego, each boob was bigger than my head. I have a tiny rib cage and was at a over an H while Prego and even bigger once the milk came in. I can remember the day my arm started bothering me from the nerves be pinched in my back and neck, but until recently, didn't associate w gigantoboobs. Over the last decade I have seen an orthopedic surgeon (once), massage therapist and chiropractor (constantly) to try to fix the pain. Everything has been temporary and often times only 30 minutes of relief with the neck and headaches. I live on ibuprofen and keep my bra straps pulled down off my shoulders as much as possible. It's a $150-175 investment to get a swimsuit that fits and don't even get me started on the lunch lady bras. I am over every single bit of it. Especially the pain. I hate the worlds "I really can't because my head hurts". It is a phrase said way too often to the kids. Tomorrow is my consultation with Dr. Steinwald in Denver. I am beyond excited. I'm not one to wish time away, but I cannot wait until January when I can get this surgery and have my old life back. If only there was time to do it sooner...

A few pics

Here are a few pics in a 32 DD bra. Thought I was going to cry when I put it on and it no longer fit. I bought it 2 years ago for a gown and wore it once. It fit in the store, but 3/4 of the month my boobs are much bigger. My weight is exactly the same. These pics are not even at my fullest for the month. This is two weeks after my cycle with two more weeks of growing to go. :(


Looking at the pics of other women that are 32ddd, mine seem small... I must carry it really well. Even the doc I spoke w thought I was small in these pics. He said I was a good candidate for a mini reduction and lift. I just bought a 32ddd bra today and it is slightly small on me. By my calculations, it will be a 4 cup reduction to get me to a c cup. Am I calculating that correctly? Help me out!

Released boobs

My hubs has been arguing that my boobs aren't that big. He thinks I'm "average". So, he did a lot of research on measuring and measured me. I'm a 30G! Ugh!

Date set!

Surgery date is set for January 6th. I can hardly contain the excitement. I love to mountain bike, but my bra was killing my shoulders when I would. It is an uber supportive racerback. Decided to try a regular bra instead to see if that would help. The entire next day I could feel the tension in my neck and it kept popping out. Those shoulder muscles were so tight and sore. Plus my lack of boob support took the fun out of biking because they bounced so hard it hurt on the fun descend. I had to go slow and skip all of the jumps.


Surgical packet being mailed to me tomorrow. It's getting so close! Here is a photo in one of my comfy shirts for a before. Can't wait to take an after. It will be nice to wear clothes that fit all over rather than just the shoulders and stretched across the boobs or huge all over to fit the boobs.

Freaking out!

My surgery is scheduled for Jan 6 and my hubby just told me one of our employees was injured (possible broken bone) today and may not be able to work. We will find out more tonight. Please pray nothing is broken for his sake and that he can return to work (for his sake-income- and mine-surgery). He can't afford to miss and I've already paid for this surgery out of pocket, bought two plane tickets, kennel for dogs and a motel room. On top of it, if this doesn't happen Jan 6, it won't likely happen this year at all because of our schedules. I feel selfish asking for prayers for this, but I've waited so long...

Surgery this Friday!

So excited, nervous, freaking out that I have less than a week until my surgery. Any suggestions for quick healing and making things easier from you experts out there? I e read about ladies buying the surgical
Tape and using it non stop, different silicone strips, an array of bras, arnica gel and pills, etc. What made it easier for you?

Snowed out of my surgery

Yesterday we kenneled the dogs, got the kids settled w family and drove 3 hours to the next town to spend the night and fly out this morning. As soon as we got into the city, a text alert came through that our flight was canceled. They could get us on one in the late afternoon (so they say), but we looked up and saw 29 canceled flights in anticipation of the storm that was about to hit. We decided we could make the 10 hour drive, but I woke up w congestion in my nose that was dripping down the back of my throat making me cough. I called the nurse and she said as long as I don't have a fever they could still operate. It's not uncommon for me to run a 99 temp on a normal day, so I knew that combined w this nasal crud, they would cancel if I ran a little warm (usual or not). So, canceled the motel, the rental car and the flights. Thank goodness they refunded us for the flights and didn't charge us for the car. We are out one night on the motel. New surgery date is the 25th. Praying these crazy storms are done with by then. We will skip the flights and just drive. Little bummed because it was so close I could touch it, but sort of relieved because I felt so rushed yesterday and don't feel like I got the house how I wanted before leaving. Now I will focus on getting everything perfect and getting well. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Tomorrow wasn't my time. Hopefully the 25th is and everything goes perfectly smooth. Onward and upward!

It's done!

Had my surgery this morning. So far so good. I am super swollen all over as they pushed 3 bags of fluids in just the room. For some reason I don't pee out the solution they use, so they pushed an entire bag before they could get 6 drops of pee for the mandatory prego test. I was not dehydrated going in either.

I had a super bad nonproductive cough for the last week. I was prescribed prednisone for it by my general phys but couldn't take it because of the upcoming surgery. Still had the cough bad enough at my preop that they questioned doing it. Since it was essentially a tickle in my throats causing it, they went ahead. This morning the anesthesia lady commented it was better (which is the case in the morning) and I told her about the steroid. She said she would push a double dose during surgery to help it. I have coughed one time since. Thanks GOD she did that for me because holy smokes coughing hurts the incisions.

Pain so far has been tolerable. The incisions were burning when I woke up and they increased pain meds to get it under control. We've been diligent about staying on top of that.

Hanging in the motel room today, quick appt tomorrow morning and then leaving for the 8-10 hour drive home. If things keep going this way, recovery will be a breeze.

Follow up appt

Had a quick follow up this morning since we were loading up to travel home. Everything looks good. I got super dizzy, ringing in my ears, and almost passed out while talking to the nurse. Had to sit for quite a while. My lower blood pressure is a double edge sword. I'm trying to keep the sodium intake low for selling, but need the sodium for my blood pressure. Really very little pain still. Been keeping up with the Percocet to stay ahead of it. Incisions feel like getting poke w an underwire bra and boobs are tingling like they would when my milk let down. All in all, feeling pretty good other than drowsy.

Oh my itchiness!

I cannot stop itching! So far, this has been the worst part of it. I did find a pair of chop sticks that have a flat tapered end work really well for the tops of the boobs and the cleavage.

6 days post

Here are some 6 days post op pics. They are swollen and a little wonky shaped because of it.


Put this bra on for a before/after. Still very swollen (including around my sternum) so it fits weird in the after. Super stoked!

Two week update

Feeling pretty good. Very little pain through this process. Oddly enough, behind the armpit of my right arm is more tender than anything. I am right handed, so it could be due to over use. I am still feeling the effects of anesthesia and being sick the whole month prior to surgery. I get tired really easy and even get winded getting ready in the morning. I'm used to being able to go 10-12 hours, so this is the hard part. We took the strips off last week and out on new ones. I have the ok to remove these, but can't get them off. They are super stuck. Still thrilled I had it done. Can't wait to see the final results and start scar treatment. I have a friend that is in the business of scar removal, etc. and she said massage, massage, massage with any kind of oil or vitamin e will help tremendously.

Week three

Three weeks post as of tomorrow. Went shopping today and it was SO enjoyable. Everything I tried on fit great. Never in my life would I have been able to wear a bralette because I required an extra large cup, but a small band. I bought 5 different colors today. Also saw a super cute shirt on a mannequin while shopping. It was the last one in the store. Normally I would wear a medium, but that extra small fit!

About the boobs. I have been wearing silicone strips off and on for the last week. Yesterday I was getting a burning sensation and took them off. The incisions were red in the shapes of the tape. I read they can cause yeast infections because of moisture trapped under them. I will be super careful to wear them for just the 8 hrs (minimum recommended) and then take them off. They do seem to be helping w the thicker scaring. I will get some oil to massage them as well as they don't seem to be too tender now. Super duper happy w the shape and size. Can't wait to see how they settle.

5 weeks

Missed updating last week. Everything has been going really well. Still no significant pain. Everything has feeling and no itching or zingers to speak of for a few weeks now. The scars are tender to massage, but I will persevere to minimize them. I am using organic coconut oil mixed w lavender oil one night and vitamin e the next. Still happy w the results, though some days they feel huge and others a good size. They are softening and getting some bounce back, so I need to find a different bra to wear. The size small sports bra that was perfectly snug a few weeks ago is missing some support now as swelling goes down.
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