Slowly Being Killed By Boobs - Denver, CO

My beautiful full C cups went up a size with each...

My beautiful full C cups went up a size with each child. They are very dense and heavy tissue. When I was Prego, each boob was bigger than my head. I have a tiny rib cage and was at a over an H while Prego and even bigger once the milk came in. I can remember the day my arm started bothering me from the nerves be pinched in my back and neck, but until recently, didn't associate w gigantoboobs. Over the last decade I have seen an orthopedic surgeon (once), massage therapist and chiropractor (constantly) to try to fix the pain. Everything has been temporary and often times only 30 minutes of relief with the neck and headaches. I live on ibuprofen and keep my bra straps pulled down off my shoulders as much as possible. It's a $150-175 investment to get a swimsuit that fits and don't even get me started on the lunch lady bras. I am over every single bit of it. Especially the pain. I hate the worlds "I really can't because my head hurts". It is a phrase said way too often to the kids. Tomorrow is my consultation with Dr. Steinwald in Denver. I am beyond excited. I'm not one to wish time away, but I cannot wait until January when I can get this surgery and have my old life back. If only there was time to do it sooner...

A few pics

Here are a few pics in a 32 DD bra. Thought I was going to cry when I put it on and it no longer fit. I bought it 2 years ago for a gown and wore it once. It fit in the store, but 3/4 of the month my boobs are much bigger. My weight is exactly the same. These pics are not even at my fullest for the month. This is two weeks after my cycle with two more weeks of growing to go. :(


Looking at the pics of other women that are 32ddd, mine seem small... I must carry it really well. Even the doc I spoke w thought I was small in these pics. He said I was a good candidate for a mini reduction and lift. I just bought a 32ddd bra today and it is slightly small on me. By my calculations, it will be a 4 cup reduction to get me to a c cup. Am I calculating that correctly? Help me out!

Released boobs

My hubs has been arguing that my boobs aren't that big. He thinks I'm "average". So, he did a lot of research on measuring and measured me. I'm a 30G! Ugh!

Date set!

Surgery date is set for January 6th. I can hardly contain the excitement. I love to mountain bike, but my bra was killing my shoulders when I would. It is an uber supportive racerback. Decided to try a regular bra instead to see if that would help. The entire next day I could feel the tension in my neck and it kept popping out. Those shoulder muscles were so tight and sore. Plus my lack of boob support took the fun out of biking because they bounced so hard it hurt on the fun descend. I had to go slow and skip all of the jumps.


Surgical packet being mailed to me tomorrow. It's getting so close! Here is a photo in one of my comfy shirts for a before. Can't wait to take an after. It will be nice to wear clothes that fit all over rather than just the shoulders and stretched across the boobs or huge all over to fit the boobs.
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