32, 5'6", 130 lbs. Surgery scheduled for Septmember 25. 425 cc HP. - Denver, CO

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Hi ladies! This is my first post after a month of...

Hi ladies! This is my first post after a month of reading up on all of you :). I am scheduled for a breast lift/implants on September 25. I am 32 years old, 5'6" 130lbs. I have always had a large chest, since graduating high school I've always worn a 34 D or 34 DD. The women in my family are all well endowed, which as we know is a blessing and a curse! Gravity is a bitch!
I have never loved having a big chest, I have always HATED wearing big granny bras and never being able to wear low cut dresses because my cleavage would be up near my collar bone. UGH. After my first child was born my boobs got HUGE and I was an absolute dairy farm, I produced a ton of milk! I nursed for 7 months and when I was done my breasts had deflated big time. I actually kinda liked having them less full. I could wear lower cut things because my cleavage wasn't as pronounced. Just to clarify, when I say "Cleavage" i'm not talking about upper pole fullness, I'm talking looking like a butt crack down my chest. I LOVE upper pole fullness, just not when they are completely smashed together because I always felt like it made me look more matronly. Aaannnnyway, I enjoyed having less cleavage for several years until I had my second child. Once again, I was a major milk cow and my breasts got HUGE. I nursed her for 8 months and once I stopped I was shocked at what happened to my boobs. They were gone. I can barely fill a 34 C no and they are SSOOOOO much more deflated/ saggy. :( Such a bummer!
After much thought I decided now is the time to get to feeling more like myself. We are done having children, so what better time than the present. I had 3 consultations scheduled but after my husband and I met with the first surgeon we both fell in love with her and I cancelled my other two consults. I felt really comfortable with her and I could tell she completely got my vision. We decided on 325-375 CC to bring me back up to a perky 34 D. Moderate plus, under muscle. I am so anxious/nervous/excited. I keep looking online at all of the great clothes I will be able to wear that I have never been comfortable wearing.
I have so enjoyed reading about you ladies, its so nice to have a place to come read about first hand experiences. We are in this together!!

Rice sizers?!

Hey ladies! I'm just wondering if any of you tried making your own sizers to try at home? When I went in for my consultation I tried on some sizers that they had in the office. It was very awkward because they were more teardrop shaped instead of round. They were kinda flat on top and then more full at the bottom, which is the exact shape of my breasts and the exact thing I'm wanting to change about them! So when I tried them on it was just weird, making me look even more saggy and droopy. Do those sound like the same sizers you tried at your consultation? I really feel like round ones would have been easier and now I'm thinking I might try to make my own to see what size I like.

How/if to tell kids??!

Hey ladies! I am 1 month away from having perky boobs for the first. time. ever! Can't wait! It feels like a lifetime but I know it will be here before I know it. I have a 6 year old daughter who is my little shadow. We are very close and she is super tuned-in to EVERYTHING. I'm already stressing about how/if to tell her about what is going to happen?
I have always been very careful to not be negative about my body image because I don't want to set a bad example for her. Thats why I'm stressing about her knowing that I am not satisfied with a part of my body and want to do something so drastic to 'fix' it. I worry that if I don't prepare her and she comes home from school and sees me hurting or sleeping or acting sick she will be worried sick. And if she sees me naked I know for a fact she will notice the new addition in an instant! So what do I say?? How do I put it into words that a 6 year old will understand? Do any of you ladies have an words of advice for me? I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about it! :(
Hope you all have had a great weekend!

The countdown is ON!

The countdown is ON, T minus 8 days! Next Thursday at this time I will have a perky rack ;). I go back and forth on my emotions about surgery, one minute I'm so excited I don't want to wait another day and the next I feel like I'm having an anxiety attack.
Last week was my pre op. After showing more pictures to my PS we decided to go High Profile 375-400 CC. She was originally thinking Mod Plus, I'm glad I brought more pictures in to show her exactly what look I'm wanting. I feel like we are both on the same page. Get this- she said she usually does a little liposuction in the armpit to get rid of that little big of fat that hangs over the bra because with implants it can look a little awkward. Isn't that cool?! I've always hated that area, glad to have that stuff sucked right out! ;)
I have a list of supplies i need to get but I keep worrying I'm going to forget something. So then I google 'post op supplies' and my list just keeps growing. I'm sure I'm going overboard but when I feel stressed I tend to over plan.
Aaaanyway, I can't believe this waiting game is finally coming to an end. I can't wait to start the healing process. I have so enjoyed reading about all of you ladies and your experiences.


I'm SO excited! I literally have been a nervous wreck for the past week, hardly able to eat anything today or yesterday. My surgeon said I could take a Valium the night before surgery for my nerves and boy did that help! I'm cool as a cucumber ;) .
I'm having my hubby take some before pics tonight so I will post those asap.

Before Pics- WOW! What a BUZZKILL!!

some of these look like they are posting sideways, sorry about that, super computer challenged!

Day 2

Yesterday was surgery and I'm surprised about how much pain I'm in :(. The pills and muscle relAxers do help, but anytime I stand up I feel am incredible amount of pressure. I've had zero appetite, just have had water and crackers but I know if i eat something more substantial I will feel much better. I thought we were doing 375-400cc but I told her whatever she thought looked best I was ok with. I was shocked when she said 425- that sounds HUGE! She said she went that size because she had to take more damaged tissue out, so she replaced it will a larger implant. Anyway, not much more to report. I'll update tomorrow when I feel more clear headed.

day 2

still in pain but not near as much as last night. hopefully I'm on the upswing. still haven had an appetite but i'v been sleeping relatively well for 3 hour stretches (until its time for more drugs!). I'm so jealous of all of you who get to take your bra off and peek. my doc said to leave earthing where it is until my post op on monday. I'm dying to know whats going on down there . she did a little bit of lipo on the fat around my armpit and that is pretty painful. i'll keep you posted tomorrow when i get to see more of what going on..
lots of love

Finally got a good look!

Last night I was finally able to shower and get a good look. Today is my post-op to HOPEFULLY my drains out. I'm only taking Tylenol and Valium for pain because the percocets were making me high as a kite! I feel much more like myself today. I'm dying to take a bath because my back is sore from sleeping in the same position on my back but I know I have to wait a couple of weeks before I do that. She did some lipo in the "fatty tissue in armpit" (sounds attractive, right?!) amd that is one of the most sore areas I have.
My incisions are starting to itch like crazy so I'll ask my PS today if there is anything for that. The other thing is I'm SO BLOATED!! Been drinking tons of water but it hasn't helped. Any suggestions?
Here are some pics of last night....

Drains still in :(

Well I went to my post-op appointment yesterday and she decided that we needed to keep the drains in until friday:(. There is just still too much fluid in the bulbs on one side and she said it could cause infection if we don't let it drain properly. I was super disappointed and had quite the pity party for myself yesterday when we got home. I was tired of feeling helpless, sore and CONSTIPATED!!! I decided I just needed to put on my big girl panties and try to look at the positive side of all of this . This 'booby blues' thing is real! I've been kinda down, feeling like i should be feeling better by now. I have never had surgery and I think i just underestimated how long the healing process takes. Once we go back on Friday and she takes the drains out (PLEASE GOD!!) I think I will feel much better.
Today and tomorrow are the days I normally work so we kept my daughters in daycare those days just so i can be here by myself and concentrate on resting. Its hard not to be doing things around the house- laundry, dishes..... its amazing how often you use those chest muscles!
My doc seemed concerned i hadn't pooped yet (my stomach was SO bloated) so she had me get a liquid laxative and that definitely helped.
When i had my shower on sunday night i was actually pretty pleased with how everything was shaping up. Last night I took another shower and the bruising and swelling has set in and my nipples are looking a little scary.
I hope you are all feeling well and healing quickly. Its so nice having a place to share the dirty details of surgery with women who are going through it with you.
ps, i don't know how some of you ladies are brave enough to try on bikini tops just a couple days after surgery!! I'm so intimidated by them I am afraid to even touch them!!

before and after......

pic on top was the night before surgery
pic on bottom was 3 days post surgery

Drains OUT!!! BOOYAH!

Had my appointment today. I had my post-op Monday and since they wanted to keep my drains in I had to go back today to get them taken out. I was so nervous that she was going to say we had to leave them in but she took those suckers OUT and I feel so much better! It didn't hurt as much as I had anticipated, just like a pulling sensation, although I could tell they were longer than I thought they were. I feel SO much better now that they are out. They were just gross and I was always worried about getting them snagged on something.
She said the incisions look good. I'm still pretty swollen, especially the left breast. The nipple is still bruised and pretty gnarly looking but everyday it gets better. The antibiotic was giving me a rash so she said to just quit taking that. As of now I'm just taking extra strength tylenol as needed and valium when I get really sore. The mornings and evenings are the worst, during the day its pretty manageable. I'm very happy with the size and shape and can't wait until I can start wearing pretty bras ;).
I still feel pretty puffy in my stomach and face, she said its because during surgery they pump so much fluid in that it will take awhile to go back down. Still putting bacitracin on the incisions and covering them with Telfa (basically gauze) and wearing my post op bra all the time.
AAnnnnnnyyyway, thats pretty much all thats new as of now. I'll take some pictures tonight and try to load them. Hope everyone is healing well.

Day 10

Today is 10 days post surgery. I feel like my incisions have really started healing and the bruising has gone down considerably. There is still some swelling and lots of tightness but overall things are going great. The only issue as of now is that I'm itching like CRAZY! My ps thought it was a reaction to the antibiotic (levoquin) but I've been off of it since Friday and I'm still as itchy as ever. It's very frustrating and annoying. Been taking Benadryl and that seems to help some although it makes me sleepy.... Anyone have any suggestions for the itching?!

23 Days Post-Op

Hi ladies! its been a bit since my last post so I figured I would give a little update. I had my 2 week post op appointment last friday and now I don't go back until next friday.

My last appointment was interesting! She cut some stitches out, hurt like a MOTHER because the little knot she needed to cut had kinda slipped under the skin so she had to dig them out. She told me to stop using the bacitracin and start using bio oil twice daily for scar treatment. After my appointment I had a couple of little open wounds from the stitches so I was still using bacitracin until they healed completely. Now I'm just doing the oil and its actually working wonders! It smells amazing also.

My nipples have been ULTRA SENSITIVE so I was still using gauze to protect them under my bra. I stopped using it just a couple of days ago so I'm finally down to just my oil and post- op bra which makes me feel more normal! I'm hoping next week (my 4 week appt) she will tell me I can switch to a non underwire bra, that will be the BEST feeling ever. I'm so sick of this freakin post-op bra, it gives me major uni-boob so it makes me feel just kinda thick and busty. Speaking of THICK, I've gained 5 lbs since my surgery!! :( I literally can gain weight just looking at a donut, but I also know that I've been eating mainly comfort food and doing absolutely no physical activity. She said I can start walking on the treadmill but not to fully get back into working out until 6-8 weeks post-op.

Something I thought was very interesting is that she told me NOT to massage. She said the way she does lift/implants that is different from other doctors is that she actually makes a specific little pocket exactly where she wants the implants to sit. She said technically i won't 'drop' like you normally hear about because they are already in position. She did say swelling will still go down which will seem like they have dropped, but thats not technically so. She said not to massage because that will move the implants around more and she wants to keep them exactly in the pocket she has made for them. Veeeery interesting. Makes me nervous that they won't soften up but I trust her 100% so I'm following her directions :).

The scars are healing SO well. I have started sleeping on my side and that has been great. I am still nervous and I seem to wake up whenever I move because its still pretty tender unless I find the perfect spot. I usually sleep with one pillow behind my back and one in front that I kinda wrap my arm around just so I'm not smushing the implants too much.

Still using tylenol and vicodin occasionally. The vicodin really helps loosen the muscles and make me feel more comfortable. I usually use those only if its been a long day or if i'm working. I went back to work this last week and its gone just fine so far.

Well thats pretty much it. I hope you are all doing well. Those of you that are post-op I hope are healing wonderfully and those of you that are pre-op I wish you the best of luck!!
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