Much needed lift w/ implants! 5'1" / 125 lbs / 36yrs - Denver, CO

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I am a mom of two cute boys, both of whom I nursed...

I am a mom of two cute boys, both of whom I nursed. I have recently dropped 50+ lbs (80 if you count pregnancy) and my poor boobs were absolutely destroyed in the process! They have always been a little lopsided, but nothing compared to during/after nursing my youngest baby (who is now 2.5 years). I could barely look at myself in the mirror and my poor husband NEVER got to see them anymore, because I was so embarrassed... so I knew something needed to be done, stat!

I am 5'1" and 125 lbs. I workout several times a week and live a very active and healthy lifestyle, though I still have quite a ways to go to get to my end goal. At my heaviest weight, I was popping out of a 40DD and right before my surgery, I was so deflated, I could barely fit into an A cup. I went with MP smooth, round silicone 435(L)/385(R), thinking it might actually be a bit on the larger side, but at 10 weeks post-op, I've come to the decision that I went way too conservative and plan to get a revision in the months ahead. Overall, I am very happy with my new boobs, however, for as much money as I saved (and saved... and saved...), I want to have exactly what I've always envisioned, and I'm just not quite there yet.

Go big or go home..... I think???

So... I never realized I wanted pornstar boobs until I got completely normal-looking ones! I've always loved and wanted big boobs, but I thought that being only 5'1", anything larger than what I went with, would make me look super stumpy and fat. After reading several reviews on this site, along with seeing the pictures, I'm realizing that maybe I can pull off another 200cc's or more, bringing me up to around 600-650cc. I'd really love to hear from anyone around my same build, or just anyone who may have advice to share, as this is a huge decision and I don't have much time left to figure it out before my next appointment. I guess my biggest concern is if going much bigger might affect my workouts and running, because I'd really hate for that to hold me back. I need to finish getting the rest of this weight off, but if I wait until I'm completely happy with the rest of my body, it could be years before I get my new boobs, and I'm ready to do it now! Boob greed, perhaps? But it's fine by me! :)

MP vs HP, Square boobs and disappearing cleavage..... OH MY!

I can't stop reading stories on here, in a panic trying to decide what to do before my 3 month follow-up appt on Friday. I know nothing technically needs to be decided by Friday, but I'd at least like to have some sort of an idea what to tell my PS I'm considering. I swore I did so much research before my surgery, but I didn't even know the difference between Mod Profile and HPs or which one I had, until I found my paperwork a few weeks back. Pathetic, I know! I told my doc I didn't want to look like I had basketballs sewn inside my chest and that I wanted a nice, gradual slope, which, I'm sure, is why he opted to give me MPs. Now, looking over all the pics I'm drooling over, just wishing that's what I had, it appears it's not only size that's the issue, it's the fact that I probably should have went with HPs, in order to get the cleavage I so desire. Damn. I can't just pick a CC out of thin air either, even though I continue to have the number 600 stuck in my head, without actually trying on new sizers. Hopefully he'll let me play around with those at my appointment. I found some wish boob pics and I am IN LOVE! I will definitely be showing him these pics and seeing what he thinks, for my frame.

On an unrelated note, WHY are my boobs still so square? When I take the pics myself, I don't notice, but the one time I asked my husband to take pics for me, I noticed the boxiness that I thought had went away weeks ago... but nope! Will that eventually go away... for good? I guess it doesn't really matter if I'm planning on having a tune-up anyway. I'm babbling and making no sense, but Omg... the stress! I am the most indecisive person in the world, so I'm struggling here, big time.

3 month follow-up appointment

I just got home from my (almost) 3 month follow-up appointment with Dr. Steinwald and I'm not exactly sure how I feel at the moment. From the second he looked at my boobs, he told me there were some things he wanted to fix for me, like evening out my nipples and tightening up some extra skin underneath my right breast. I was relieved to hear that he wasn't completely thrilled and wanted to make them better, so I didn't feel like such a huge b*tch, once I started in with my huge list of complaints. haha. I told him I wasn't happy at all with the size and knew, for a fact, that I wanted to go larger. He said 50-100 cc's would definitely be doable, and I told him I was thinking way more... without actually putting a number on it, and he didn't object, but didn't seem super thrilled either. I asked him what he thought about HPs and he definitely seemed to be in support of that, saying it would give me more of the fullness I was looking for. I showed him my number one wish pic (sorry, I stole it from one of your pages.... but they were too perfect, how could I not?) and his reply was "Wow, yes, those are very full, but I think we can get you close to that!" so it was seriously music to my ears!!

Now, the problems:

1. My implants are Sientra and apparently they have some major drama going on and closed down business, so if I want to stick with this brand, they are not available, but he feels they will be in the months ahead. Something about they had a packaging issue and then voluntarily pulled their product off the shelf and then their facility burnt down, which is all currently under investigation. F*cking awesome! What do I have inside my body? Should I be worried, because I am! Oh, and I didn't even ask if Sientra carries HP or just Mod +, like what I currently have. I guess I have a lot of research to do in the months ahead.

2. If I go with another brand other than Sientra, I'll have to pay for all new implants, pretty much like starting from scratch. He said he'll do everything he can to try and keep costs down, but I can't afford that!! But then again, what if Sientra never goes back on the market? Is all hope lost of doing this revision at a discount, or am I just totally screwed?

3. My PS doesn't want to do any revision surgery until I've hit 6 months, because I am still sitting high and they still have a ways left to drop. Crap! Really? He said to schedule a follow-up appt with him in February (which will be around 5 months post-op) and will schedule my surgery at the end of March (6 months). This will give me time to heal and drop by summer, but man... I hate that it's having to be pushed back so far. This is why I scheduled my initial surgery in September, so I'd have all winter to settle in. Oh well... if nothing else, it'll give me time to get my ass into gear and get rid of this nasty belly so once I do have my dream boobs, I'll have the total package! :)

3.5 Month Update

I tried posting an update last week from my phone and after spending entirely too long making it perfect, it froze up on me and I lost it all.... so I called it quits and threw a little pitty party for myself (which I love to do from time to time). I'm going to try again tonight, since I promised a few I would. Accountability, baby! Here are the new boob shots, though dang... who knew taking cute boob selfies were so difficult? I swear, they look better than this in person. Really. I am just so relieved that the square boobs are a thing of the past and they actually have a pretty rockin' shape as compared to how they started out. Don't get me wrong, I'm still 99.9% convinced I'm going through with this revision within the next few months, but now I'm much more hopeful that I will get exactly what I want, the second time around (HP or UHP and definitely much bigger, to fit my thick frame a bit better than these itty bitty things I originally chose). Anyhoo... that's all I've got for now. I hope all you lovely ladies had a great holiday season with your loved ones.

Two itty bitty titties in a skin tight shirt!

...And THIS is why I must go HP/UHP on my next go around. Where can they possibly be hiding in there???

Need help deciding on my new size!

So I have been emailing back and forth with my patient counselor at my PS office, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty much on my own to decide which size is right for me. I asked if he could be willing to do what BringOnTheBoobzz's (awesome) doc did for her, and that was make the decision during surgery, when trying out a few different sizes, to match her Wish Pic as closely as possible... but it sounded like that was definitely not something my doc would wish to do, though I'll need to speak with him in person to know for sure.

My PS measured me at 14.0 and my current implants are 385cc (4.5 projection) and 435cc (4.6 projection) with 12.5 and 13.2 widths. I have Moderate Profile smooth, round silicone and am definitely going either HP or UHP the next time around, because it's my projection that leaves me the most disappointed. I have been trying to read all the handy charts (Thanks, BringOnTheBoobzz for posting these for me a while back!) for Sientra, which I currently have, as well as Mentor and Natrelle to figure out which is the best fit for the projection I desire, but that also works the best with my BWD. Just when I think I know what I'm doing, I realize I'm still so lost. Can anyone help me with this? Obviously it's a personal decision with the size I choose, but I'm looking to go up about 200-250cc's, but still can't figure out how to know which will work best.

On a lighter note, I got this new tank top from my stepdaughter for Christmas and I finally just tried it on for the first time today. My husband could not take his eyes off my rack and kept telling me I should wear this every single day. haha. I snapped a pic to send him and figured I'd post it here as well. If only they looked like this every day.... I'd be a happy girl. It can't possibly just be the bra (sexy Walmart sports bra, baby!), but look at how much smaller they appear with no help from a (very) slightly padded bra. Grrrrr!

HELP!!! Alien Boobs (flexed pec muscle)

So about a month ago, I happened to catch a glimpse in the mirror of, what appeared to be, an ALIEN popping out of my chest while topless! I realized that my pec muscle was flexed slightly because I was cold getting out of the shower, and it did something incredibly funky and not cute whatsoever so my boobs. I figured it would eventually go away over time, but it hasn't, and seems to be getting worse. I lift weights several times per week, but have completely stopped all chest workouts since my surgery almost 5 months ago, yet for whatever reason, my pec muscles involuntarily flex often since getting implants. I've sadly realized that unless I am standing/sitting straight upright, my boobs look friggin' crazy, because of the upward shift in my implant in any other position, leaving all this loose skin at the bottom. I have an appt tomorrow with my PS to discuss my revision surgery and will obviously ask him about this, but I was hoping to get some advice beforehand (though I know I waited way too long to post this). Check out this crap! O-M-G. What is going on inside of my chest????

The first two pics are how they normally look, when I'm relaxed. The last three.... well, no explanation needed there. Sorry for the horrible picture quality. I had no idea it would be so difficult to keep my pec muscles flexed while trying to snap a selfie.

Revision: Two weeks from tomorrow.... HOLY CRAP!!

I know I disappeared for quite some time, and I'm sorry for anyone who may have noticed, however after my last appointment, I realized I was going to (hopefully) be able to get exactly what I want, so there was no point in logging in daily and obsessing for the next several months until my revision surgery. I just got a call from the office today, however, reminding me of my 1 week pre-op appointment in a week, and all of a sudden, the excitement hit me all over again. I AM FREAKING OUT EXCITED!!!

Nothing is set in stone right now as far as my revision surgery goes. I have given my doc a few wish pics and he's going to use a saline sizer to determine the size I need (and what my body can take) before placing the implant, so we won't know the exact size until after it's all over. Surprisingly, I am totally okay with this, since I trust my doc way more than I trust myself to pick a size based solely on the numbers from the chart. He does want me to go for a 15cm diameter, in order to get the cleavage I am hoping for, so that will put me in the 700-750cc HP range. I hope I'm not delusional in thinking this will be okay, being only 5'1" and all. He has suggested a few times to consider doing ModPlus again, but I am NOT interested based on the lack of projection they provide.

I cannot believe I'm going to get my new and improved boobs in only two more weeks. I just want to kiss EVERYONE right now, I'm THAT friggin' excited!!!

Revision Pre-Op Appt update

I just home from my pre-op appointment with Dr. S and I feel SO unbelievably good, these next six days are just going to crawl by. My surgery is scheduled for 4pm on Wednesday, last surgery of the day, so that sucks because fasting is my least favorite thing in the world, and now I have to do it all day long. Boo! My doc is totally on board with the sizes I've picked out and we are aiming to be in the 700-750 HP range, though he is going to keep a range of 650-800 on hand, just for some wiggle room. I am really torn between the following brands/sizes, and I just don't know which one to go with. It's so, so hard making this decision based off of numbers alone, but he did tell me he wanted me to stick with a 15cm base, and even said 15.5 would work well, but that would put me at 800cc's, and that makes me pretty nervous, to be honest, though I'm not completely ruling it out. How do I decide? I've ALWAYS wanted big ol' titties (sorry... couldn't help it!), but also, I am a mom of 2 and 7 year old boys, and I'm only 5'1", so I'm worried about going too big and looking like a porn star. Man, decisions, decisions.

Anyone have any input? I know, it's a personal choice, but if I have to narrow it down, how do I choose? I've read that the Natrelle Inspira is a tad firmer than the other Natrelle choices as well as Mentor, and they were the ones Dr. S seemed to be the most excited about. I currently have Sientra and they are known to be the most firm, but after six months, they are pretty damn soft, so I don't think I can go wrong with either Natrelle or Mentor.

Natrelle HP (Style #20)
700cc / 14.5cm / 6.2 proj
750cc / 15.0cm / 6.0 proj

Natrelle Inspira (Style SRF Full Profile)
695cc / 14.75cm/ 6.0 proj
745cc / 15.0cm / 6.1 proj

Mentor HP
700cc / 14.8cm / 5.8 proj
750cc / 15.1cm / 5.9 proj

Dr. S is going to separate quite a bit more of my muscle, due to the "alien boob" effect (or animation, as it's technically called). He said he's never seen anything like it and has been asking around to other PS's for their advice, and feels he has the best plan of action to take care of the problem at hand. I sure hope he's right!

Oh, and I'm getting sick and feel like crap! I just want to down some dayquil and take a nap, but wait... I just remembered I can't take ANYTHING because it will thin my blood, so here's to hoping I shake this crap quickly, or they won't do my surgery. Ahhhh, not now! Germs, go away!

T minus 1 day, 21 hours (not that I'm counting)

OMG! I have absolutely zero reason to jump on here and post, besides to share my excitement, since it's not something I'm hugely broadcasting to the world. Okay, I kind of am, even though I said I wasn't going to. I'm just so damn excited!! I know this time is going to be it. I have all the faith in the world in my surgeon. At our last appointment, he seemed to think of me and my many issues as a super awesome project that he couldn't wait to tackle and perfect to a tee. He said he's been talking to other surgeons about me and he has so many plans for what needs to be done to get me to exactly where it is I want to be. It's kinda like on Grey's Anatomy, when someone comes in with some crazy, life-threatening, mind-numbing, only read about in medical journals, brain tumor... and the surgeons all want a piece of the action, to be THE one to make it right and save the day. I know I'm probably reading WAY too into this, but it's how I am going to keep imagining it, just because it's fun, and makes me feel like I have superpowers..... or something! :)

I feel so relaxed this time, that I'm being TOO laid back and not reading the info and doing all the stuff I was supposed to be doing. I've totally been taking my birth control pills this whole time (Oops!) and haven't even dropped off my prescriptions for my Valium, Percocet and the anti-nausea patch to get filled, but I seriously need to do that STAT! Crap! I was so careful the first time around, to read every single thing they sent home with me, and this time.... nada, nothing, nope! Anyone else do the same thing for their revision or second/third surgeries? I feel so unprepared all of a sudden. I need to stop typing before I freak myself out. Yep, time to go back to being happy and excited and counting down the minutes.

As the Bloodhound Gang says..... Hooray for Boobies! ;)

Out on the other side.... and survived!

Holy shit, I feel like I'm dying. I don't remember being in nearly THIS much pain the first time around, but he did tell me it might be worse, because even though I have a pocket now, he had to separate A LOT more of my muscle, to keep from it doing that crazy flex animation that i have going on before. I am so antsy to take of my dressing and see what's going on under there, but I was instructed to keep everything as-is until my next appointment on Friday. Not sure why, but he wants to see me back in the OR (not just the office) on Friday. He's going to call me today, so I'm ask him more details on what he plans to do. No more knives, please.

So he ended up using the saline sizer to see what would work for me the best, and he ended up going with Mentor, smooth, round 750cc HP on the left side and 650cc HP on the right, because I had to much extra skin on my right side, that he needed to be sure to get them evened out. I'm a little bummed that I only got 650cc on one side, but I need to keep in mind that even that is much larger than normal, so I'm sure they'll be just fine. I have to admit, I feel pretty badass to be able to carry (well, from what he said) the 750s. Not a lot of non-porn stars can pull that off, right? ;)

He opted to do dual-plane, keeping half under the muscle and half below, to work with my flex animation, so I'm guessing that's why i'm in so much freaking pain! I can never sit still after surgery, so I've been up walking around all night and morning, which isn't helping either. I can't really stand up straight yet. Hell, at this rate, I may have gotten a TT at the same time (not that I had the money), so I don't have to go through this misery yet again, down the road. Oh well. I'll happen... hopefully within the next 1-2 years, as it is much needed!

I had my cute husband take before pics before we left yestarday, so I'll post those in a few days,once I had take all my dressing off, to compare. They don't feel very big right now, so hopefully that won't be the case once they are set free.

Is there anything stronger than percocet? Man...this crap is just NOT working, and I swear, I'm not normally a wuss like that.

Day one pictures!

I liked and said I was going to wait, but my nurse just called and asked me to check for bleeding, since I told her how much pain I was in.... so of couse I had to snap a few pics to share.

I had my hubby take a few right before we went in to the surgery center (I was a tad excited, in case you couldn't tell!), and then here are a few from 17 hours later. I am loving them already, which is so surprising for how soon it is!! I have to keep all the gauze on my right tit because he did a bunch of nipple reconstruction

Trying this again.... with pictures this time. D'oh!

Two Pre-Op pics, followed by day one pics...

Playing dress-up with new boobs is F-U-N !!!

Yes, I may only be 6 days post-op from my revision surgery, but I AM IN LOVE!!! Even after six months with my first surgery, I was never this pleased, and these babies are still rock hard and no where near ready to show off, but yet here I am.... playing dress up and posting away for all my RS friends to see because I just couldn't help myself. SO MUCH FUN to have cute boobs.... FINALLY!

I honestly don't feel like they are nearly as big as I was expecting them to be at 650cc (R) and 750cc (L), but in all honestly, I am very pleased with the decision my PS made in not going any larger, since he felt it would compromise my overall breast tissue and lead to problems down the road by overstretching. Have I mentioned how much I truly adore Dr. Steinwald???

Two week update

So I snapped some pics last Wednesday, on my two week mark, but never got around to posting them, so here they are. Things are still going well and I'm still beyond happy wit my results, though not high as shit on Percocet, so life isn't all bunnies and rainbows like they were over the first two weeks following surgery. Is it normal to not remember much of anything for several days following surgery? Apparently my girlfriend and I went shopping and she had me trying on all these hootchie mama clothes and I DO NOT REMEMBER any of it... but there are pics to prove it! Wtf?? Hahaha. So for y'all with upcoming surgeries, beware! :)

I'll update some more later. Gotta get to work, but at least wanted to get these pics posted before I completely forgot about them.

After much online research, I decided to schedule my first consultation at the Center of Cosmetic Surgery in Denver. I had a personal referral for Dr. Vath and had read a ton of great reviews on him, however, when I called to schedule my appointment, I forgot to specify which doc, so they set me up to see Dr. Steinwald. I almost called back a few hours later after I realized my mistake, but figured I'd do more of my own research on Dr. Steinwald first, and was thrilled with everything I reading. I was torn on what to do, but ended up sticking with my original appointment with Dr. Steinwald. At first I was a little thrown off by how fast Dr. Steinwald talked and was struggling a bit to keep up with everything he was saying. I thought I had done a lot of research before my appointment, but I ended up not know what half the stuff was that he was talking about, which really threw me for a loop! As not to put this all off on him, my husband and I made the mistake of bringing along our 2 year son, who was very distracting for everyone in the room. I was very nervous and completely forgot to show him ALL of my *wish boob* pics that I had saved on my phone, but even without that, he seemed to be able to know exactly what I wanted, just by our conversation. I was hoping I would not need a breast lift and that just an implant would do, but he quickly advised me that he would need to do both in order for me to get the look I desired, which was a bummer in itself for cost alone, but I completely understood his reasoning. There is definitely no beating around the bush with Dr. Steinwald. He is one to get straight to the point with very little time for small talk, but I just kept reminding myself of all the amazing before/after pics and reviews that I had seen online, and that was really the most important thing for me. I scheduled my surgery date that same day, after spending close to an hour with my patient counselor, Kim Molloy, who was absolutely wonderful! Kim answered all of the questions I was not able to ask Dr. Steinwald, either due to my nerves taking over or simply forgetting to ask during my brief time spent with him, which helped convince me that a second consult with any other surgeon was just not necessary. Kim really helped set my mind at ease and everyone else we've come in contact with since that first consult has been absolutely wonderful. Surgery went well and Dr. Steinwald even called me personally that evening to check up and see how I was feeling. That was a really nice touch, in my opinion, and meant a lot. I did not need to call the advise nurse hotline, but knowing it was there for me to access really helped set my mind at ease over the next several weeks of my recovery process. I recently had my 6 week follow-up with Dr. Steinwald and it was like a whole different experience. I felt extremely comfortable around him and was able to express all of my excitement as well as a few concerns, and I really felt like he was hearing everything I had to say. I feel that Dr. Steinwald is a man of his word and will do any and everything in his power to make sure that, at the end of the day, I am 100% satisfied with the work he has done. A revision surgery is still something I feel I want to have done, but we will find out more after my 3 month follow-up appointment in the weeks ahead.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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