terrible scars after long awaited lift- Denver, CO

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When I initially went in for my first consultation...

When I initially went in for my first consultation 7 years ago I knew I wanted a lift (my daughter was 5 at the time) but was talked into saline implants. After a 20lb weight loss I was unhappy with the implants and was again talked into silicone instead of a lift "because I was too you to have the scars that come with it" ... Ultimately they were grossly huge and I hated them especially after they bottomed out and began sliding into my armpits... Went to get and explant and was very unhappy with the Dr., facility and his team so did my due diligence in researching a doctor with great reviews.. I was all set to get the lift with fat transfer until I had some emergency medical issues that took precedence. So I waited over a year to go back and have the procedure. Dr Squires was so accommodating and I never felt and pressure or guilt having to cancel. Now I'm sitting in my recliner typing about the wonderful experience. I cant wait to see how I continue to heal.

Worried :-?

So compared to many different pictures of 4 days post surgery I am finding that my incisions are very red and puckered. My breasts itch constantly but I was thinking that was normal? Now I am wondering if this is because I have an infection or allergic reaction to the derma bond. Waiting to hear back from Dr. Squires office after I sent an email along with photos.

Feeling and looking MUCH better

I heard back from Dr. Squires office right away after I posted about the reaction to Derma Bond. He answered his personal phone to me that night and directed me to use cortisone cream and Benadryl to help things calm down. This did help some. He had me seen the next day he was in office which was Tuesday. He gave me an Rx for a stronger cortisone - like cream and a dose of oral steroids to help the reaction subside. I saw him again just yesterday and things have calmed significantly. I have another appointment a week from yesterday. The dermabond is starting to naturally come off as I have taken showers and just been advised yesterday to start my breast massage. Under the originally clear but now opaque layer of derma bond inner mixed with a little dried blood I have been able to see beautifully clean incisions! Much of the pucker has gone away already and both nipples are flush and looking symmetrical. I am very pleased with the attentive and thorough care I received from Dr. Squires and everyone in his office. I am picky and meticulous so it was nice that in the midst of my reaction they didn't miss a beat in answering my phone calls or emails. I feel the best I have felt since the procedure today and I am very happy about that. I am due for my period today and I am actually looking forward to it so that after its over I can see what my breasts look like without the pre hormonal fluffiness as well as another week of healing. I will post pictures soon :)

Where I'm at...

So the straight on shot is what I normally see when I look in the mirror but as you can tell there are "dog ears" on both breasts. I went in several months ago to have them fixed and Dr. Squires said he didn't think I would be happy with the results as the scar would extent towards the center of my breasts on one and on the other be very visible near my ribs.

In my opinion the scars aren't red but very ragged looking- which I am assuming was in part because of my adhesive allergy. So if I did get the dog ears fixed in the future I don't know how they would keep the wound closed.

I like them better than before. They are a more appropriate size and the shape is good aside from the dog tags. I hate the dog tags but fear more horrid visible scars.

My nipples are asymmetrical too. One sags down and one is round. So ya.... They are better in ways but not at all what I imagined. :-/

I'm definitely going to get a consult for laser scar removal to see if I'm a candidate. I suppose as some point when I have the $ (16,000 for this procedure has left me a little strapped) I will talk with Dr.'s about the dog ears. Good luck to all the women on this journey .
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Don’t know how to change 5star review I left B4. Got a lift, lipo and fat transfer. Said I had adhesive allergies, he tested several adhesives on me before he surgery - including dermabond - I reacted to them ALL - he used dermabond anyway- horrible scarring. Spent 3k on Laser to decrease scars over the last two years. Look at my profile to see how Freddy-Crugar-ish I looked right after. He offered to take care of dog ears but said it would only lengthen the scar towards my sternum. No thanks. I feel self conscious every time I get undressed in front of my husband - 16k for that? He never asked to take “after” pictures. Obviously my results weren’t good promotion for his portfolio.

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