32 Years Old, 5'6" 120 Pounds, 34A Scheduled for 255cc Silicone Moderate Profile - Denver, CO

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Looking at these before pictures is kind of...

Looking at these before pictures is kind of depressing! I sometimes think my boobs look okay, but they look like shriveled nonsense in these pics. I wear a 34A, but I've never found a bra that fits properly, since they are so far apart and lack volume. Every bra I own has a ton of space in the cup (which I honestly don't really need).
I'm pretty thin, with a very thin upper body. I wanted a subtle, natural look, for I opted for 255cc round moderate profile.
My fear now is that I've chosen too small a size. When I tried on the sizers, they felt huge! They explained that the final result would be a bit smaller, but I still couldn't imagine going bigger. The visualizer showed a nice, natural-looking result, which the doctor agreed was very flattering. Then, during my pre-op appointment next week, the nurse asked me if I was certain of the size and added, "That's NOT a very big implant." Now I'm a little nervous. I've been looking at a ton of women who got petite implants, and their results vary wildly. Any thoughts?

First, a little about me. I've always been thin...

First, a little about me. I've always been thin and very small-chested, and the older I got the more I wanted a softer, more feminine shape. I generally wore a 34A, but I often couldn't even fill that. I finally took the plunge! I chose 255cc, because I wanted a very natural look. Trying on the sizers, even those felt huge. They explained that the end result would be a bit smaller. Leading up to the surgery I started to worry that I had actually gone too small, and that the size difference wouldn't be worth it. It's still very early, but I'm confident that that is definitely not the case :)

Post-surgery was very uncomfortable. I had kind of a stinging pain between my breasts, felt incredibly sore and groggy. Once I was a little more lucid I just wanted to get the F out of there and go home to bed. They gave me valium while I was in recovery, which seemed to help. Once I got home, I had a snack (I was STARVING), a percocet, an anti-nausea medication and was able to nap for a little while. I had to sit almost completely upright with the help of pillows. The Percocet helped A LOT. After I woke up, I had to have my boyfriend help me up (which he still is, its painful to get up without assistance), and I was able to walk around, go to the bathroom, have something to eat, etc. It's now been about 3 hours since I got home, and I honestly feel loads better already. Just laying in bed, I feel fine and want to get up and do stuff, but if I try reality smacks me down.

The boobs look GREAT!! They are swollen, rock hard, and riding high, but I am super optimistic that they will settle into a nice shape. I'm really happy about the size as well. I can't wait to continue healing.

1 Day Post-Op

I had mostly a good night's sleep, even though I was propped up on 3 pillows. I woke up feeling really sore, I guess because the meds had worn off by then. My boyfriend had already gone to work by then, so I had to get up by myself, which was painful. I took a two Percocets after food, which helped a lot but also made me pretty loopy.

Here's a tip: if you are going to be alone during the early days of your recovery, put your meds in ziploc bags or another easy-to-access container. Apparently, opening the childsafe lids uses your chest muscles, and it HURTS!

Today, though, I've felt mostly fine. I'm still taking painkillers every 6 hours or so, but I've been up and around. I walked the dog, went to the movies, and finally got to take a shower. It felt amazing.

Visually, there isn't a big change in my boobs. They felt more swollen on the top earlier, I used some arnica gel which seemed to help. I also switched from the support garment they gave me to one of my sports bras, which is a lot more comfortable. I'm hoping to be able to go out and be more active tomorrow.

Day 3 Post-Op: The fatigue is real

I'm a pretty hard-headed person and I hate the feeling of being cooped up indoors, so I figured I'd be up and at it during recovery. That is definitely NOT the case! I haven't had the energy to do much at all. Yesterday I went out to run some errands in the morning, and spent the rest of the day napping and laying on the couch. Today I took the dog to the park, but I cut it short because I was getting too winded. So, I have the remind myself to take it really easy. The soreness and discomfort isn't even an issue anymore, I would describe it at a 2 (maybe a little more if I do certain motions). No more "morning boob", thankfully. And real talk, I finally had my first bowel movement since the day before the surgery, so that felt pretty fantastic.
I still have two more days until I return to work, when I'll be on restricted duty since my job is pretty physical. I'm hoping by then my energy levels will be back up.
The boobs still look good, less torpedo-like, and they seem to be softening up. I do want to burn that f@#king support bra though, I hate that thing.

11 Days Post Op

I've gone awhile without updating, once I started working again I found myself pretty busy. It hasn't been a very eventful recovery, thank god. I know I'm fortunate to not have had any real medical or aesthetic complications.

I went back to work last week (6 days post), which was more difficult than I was expecting. If you have an even moderately physical job, it will be challenging. I was using my upper body way too much, lifting too heavy objects, and I could feel the strain in my chest. That night the inner rim of my left breast felt sore in particular, and there was a hard, painful lump which wasn't visible to the eye.

Thankfully, my post-op appt with the nurse was the next morning, which kept me from freaking out too much. She said it was a small hematoma, which is a clump of bloody tissue that can form either from the trauma of the surgery or from over-exertion afterwards. She said that it would probably go away soon, which it did the next day (though that area continues to be a little sore). She also took my clear bandages off in exchange for white steri-strips, which stay on for a week and I can take off. Other than that, she said they look great! There is still a little swelling and boxiness on the sides, which she said will round out eventually. I am now also supposed to do my boob exercises, which consist of gently pushing them, holding for 10 seconds, release and repeat.

I was at Target the other day and decided to try on some bras. The 34B and 32C both fit about equally. There is a popular subreddit called ABraThatFits, and their calculator (http://www.brasizecalculator.tk/) put my size at a 30E, which is a size I've never even seen. All this means is that I know less than nothing about bra sizes, and probably should get professionally fitted before I spend any money!

Thrilled with my Results for Breast Augmentation

I've been very insecure about my breast size my adult life, and have always wanted implants. I couldn't be happier that I went with Dr. Wolfe. He was very thorough in explaining the process and how different types/sizes of implant would look on me. he understood that I was looking for a natural result, and helped guide my choice. I'm now about 8 months post, and I love the way they look. I would recommend him to anyone looking for augmentation!

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