28yr Old Mother of 1yr Old. 5'7" 160lbs. Naturelle 410cc FX Submuscular Implants.

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Right now I am a 34dd after having a baby, they...

Right now I am a 34dd after having a baby, they have started sagging considerably. Dr. Broadway and I have chosen Naturelle 410cc FX sub muscular implants to lift my breast and create fullness while keeping a natural appearance. My surgery is tomorrow and I'm very nervous that I won't like the results as I am the most picky human on the planet.

Day 1&2 post op

I came home in a bando so I was able to see the results right away. My chest was extremely tight and swollen. I was having trouble breathing. Every breath felt like a cramp in my chest. I was prescribed 2mg Hydromorphone for pain, to be staggered every 3 hours with 2mg Valium for muscle spasms. The medication was not working for me. The pain was so intense I had to call the Doctor. I was told to take 3-4 Hydroporphone along with 500mg extra strength Tylenol and a Benedryll. I was definitely sleeping better but the pain did not subside. The next day I changed my medication to Oxycodone and it has made a HUGE difference.

Day 3 post op

I got a lot of rest. Changing meds was a game changer! I'm feeling a lot better today. Getting out of bed to use the bathroom is still a painful struggle. Although I have take. Laxatives, I still have not had a bowel movement so I'm feeling very bloated. Chest is still very tight and sore. I have some bruising on the sides of my boobs.
I am very happy with the results. Dr. Broadway did a beautiful job restoring them back to a more full version of my pre baby breasts. They are very natural looking.

Day 4 post op

Feeling a lot better today. I was able to do some cleaning, I took a gentle shower last night. Feeling somewhat normal again! The middle of my back is killing me....anyone else experience this pain?

6 days post op

Able to pick up my 23lb baby...very slowly and carefully.
Things are looking great!
Only pain is in my back and my incision sites. After s long day, I'm very glad I have something to take for the pain.
I've been gently massaging the very top of my chest with Mothers Special Blend oil from While Foods. It's helping a lot with the tightness!

4 month post op!

Loving my results. They look and feel so natural.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Everyone at the office is so nice and helpful. Dr. Broadway is thorough and honest and extremely nice. I felt comfortable and safe at my consultation and pre op appointments.

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