28yr Old Mother of 1yr Old. 5'7" 160lbs. Naturelle 410cc FX Submuscular Implants.

Right now I am a 34dd after having a baby, they...

Right now I am a 34dd after having a baby, they have started sagging considerably. Dr. Broadway and I have chosen Naturelle 410cc FX sub muscular implants to lift my breast and create fullness while keeping a natural appearance. My surgery is tomorrow and I'm very nervous that I won't like the results as I am the most picky human on the planet.

Day 1&2 post op

I came home in a bando so I was able to see the results right away. My chest was extremely tight and swollen. I was having trouble breathing. Every breath felt like a cramp in my chest. I was prescribed 2mg Hydromorphone for pain, to be staggered every 3 hours with 2mg Valium for muscle spasms. The medication was not working for me. The pain was so intense I had to call the Doctor. I was told to take 3-4 Hydroporphone along with 500mg extra strength Tylenol and a Benedryll. I was definitely sleeping better but the pain did not subside. The next day I changed my medication to Oxycodone and it has made a HUGE difference.

Day 3 post op

I got a lot of rest. Changing meds was a game changer! I'm feeling a lot better today. Getting out of bed to use the bathroom is still a painful struggle. Although I have take. Laxatives, I still have not had a bowel movement so I'm feeling very bloated. Chest is still very tight and sore. I have some bruising on the sides of my boobs.
I am very happy with the results. Dr. Broadway did a beautiful job restoring them back to a more full version of my pre baby breasts. They are very natural looking.

Day 4 post op

Feeling a lot better today. I was able to do some cleaning, I took a gentle shower last night. Feeling somewhat normal again! The middle of my back is killing me....anyone else experience this pain?

6 days post op

Able to pick up my 23lb baby...very slowly and carefully.
Things are looking great!
Only pain is in my back and my incision sites. After s long day, I'm very glad I have something to take for the pain.
I've been gently massaging the very top of my chest with Mothers Special Blend oil from While Foods. It's helping a lot with the tightness!

4 month post op!

Loving my results. They look and feel so natural.

Everyone at the office is so nice and helpful. Dr. Broadway is thorough and honest and extremely nice. I felt comfortable and safe at my consultation and pre op appointments.

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