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I'm 50 and have had my 250cc silcon gel implants...

I'm 50 and have had my 250cc silcon gel implants for 9 years. I'm 5'2' weighed 115lbs at surgery. PS implanted under the muscle and did a "mini lift" supra-Aerolar Tuck. Basically lifted the nipples up a bit. I have felt these implants were too large for my frame from the beginning. If only these types of sites were available 9 years ago. I should have had a lift. I nursed by my kids each for a year, one favored my left breast therefore the aerolar is a bit larger! So basically they sucked the happiness out of my breasts! BUT would not trade that bonding for anything:) I met with a different PS a year ago and she said I would have to have a lift and smaller implants. I was disappointed as the price was also expensive. Fast forward to current. I have gained 15 lbs since my surgery. I now am a 34DD! I look matronly, and feel as though they add 10lbs to my appearance! No tops fit me, I'm unable to jog, when I walk for exerciseI have to "double buckle" the girls. You ladies have inspired me beyond words! I have a consult Monday and Thursday! My husband of 26 years is completely supportive of my decision. I want my implants removed at the fold and I want this done under local! I know they will be saggy, but I know I will happily embrace them, they will be Flatulous. I'm also really looking forward to taking a full deep breath without the bags pressing into my lungs. A few questions for you experienced Explant gals: I was told a year ago that I didn't have capsular contracture, does the PS remove the pocket or leave it in? I know I shouldn't care, but did alot of people recognize what you did? I'm not sharing this with anyone.

2nd consult for Explant!

Hello Ladies,
Had my second consult this morning! Really liked the PS and his staff! He is recommending Local with IV sedation. Thinks the sugary will take 45 minutes. Doesn't think I have calcification based on how my breast feel. therefore will not remove my capsules. However, that can always change once he gets in there. If he doesn't remove my capsules he will not need to put drains in. He was also encouraging and feels that with the mini lift I had 9 years ago and the add'l natural breast tissue from my weight gain that I should be pretty happy with the results! Yay! Meeting with my next PS thursday. Would definitely go with the PS i just saw depending on what I learn Thursday! He can fit me in Mid May!!!!

Explant surgery BOOKED!!!! ~ 1 week

Hello Ladies! Had my 3rd consult this morning! REALLY liked this PS and staff! She is rated one of the Top Docs in Denver! They had a surgery cancellation next Thursday, so one week from today!!!! So very excited to have these implants removed and be natural again. She also said it didn't feel like I had calcification so she will leave in the pockets and most likely I will not have drains:) So happy to get this done before summer, it will be nice to not be bulging out of my tops and have a swim top/suit fit me! Funny how consumed I was to get them and now I think I'm more consumed with getting them out of me! She did say, through menopause (2 years post now) and weight gain I have some breast tissue. I don't want to much I want small natural breasts. This will be just the motivation I need to take my body back and nurture ME. Only thing left to do is find a nice front zip compression bra. She did say if I can find molded cups it will help with the natural appearance after the skin/tissue has retracted! Her patient coordinator said Victoria Secret has some nice athletic zip fronts or Nike makes a good one! YAY! Thank you all for your encouragement and sharing your stories. Also, I found it very helpful and educational to watch a few removals on youtube. I know it sounds crazy, but there are several very accredited docs that have the procedure up, check it out if you can stomach it! Cheers to having the weight lifted off my chest and giving lots of soft hugs:)

Pre-Op Appt today

Pre-op appt went well! I

It sounds as though many of the ladies on RS have had different experiences with the pain after explant. I asked my nurse today what to expect and she said for what she has seen with her post-op patients is soreness, she said just stay on top of the pain until it subsides, everyone is different. The main concern is the psychologic/emotional aspects of what we have gotten to know of our Augmented breasts then being natural!

So, to help me with this portion of my recovery, my plan tomorrow is to try on a few of my favorite clothes that I love but I feel uncomfortable with because I'm spilling out of them, Spring Dresses, Bathing Suits, Tops, Workout Tops. I will take before pics, then once these implants are out and I'm sagging but smaller I will try on the same clothes and take after pictures, I will post a few. I know seeing how I look before and after will hopefully make me feel great:)

The other thing, if I do start getting emotional with the removal, while I have no current issues, at some point they will need to be removed. I really don't want to go into explant surgery later in life especially since I'm healthy now. They served their purpose when I was younger had babies and breast fed, then I was left with deflated breast. Therefore I thought I needed Implants. I have been obsessing about them being too large for my frame for years! So ready to get on with my life! Picked up about $150 in drugs from the Pharmacy that the Dr called in. Incase your new to my story, I'm having this done with a local, no CC, so no drains, should be about a 45 minute surgery. The is what my PS prescribed: Celebrex (anti inflammatory, pain reliever) most expensive, no generic $139. The rest $10 together. The Narco (narcotic pain reliever, for after surgery); Halcion (happy Pill, sedative) to take before surgery; Zofran (post-surgery anti-nausea) as needed, may not need. Keflex (antibiotic) for 7 days. She also gave me some SinEcch which is Homeopathic Arnica for help reduce bruising and swelling, 12 capsules that resolve under your tongue.

I will post an update after EXPLANT!!!!! My surgery is Thursday afternoon!!! Future soft hugs for everyone! Cannot wait!!!!

Today is the day!

Hello Ladies, First thank you for all the love, knowledge and courage to move forward with my decision to explant. I rec'd this sweet text from my college daughter today:
"Morning! Good Luck, Love you to the moon and back, thinking of you! Call me after!
( . Y . ) So cute, little boobies!!!!!

Also I'm not big on horoscopes but read mine this morning: "You might be overly concerned about a situation. Keep your long-term objectives in mind" Perfect!!!!!! That is what I'm doing!!!!

Super busy today, I go in at 3:30, will update after if I feel up to it!

I really, really appreciate you ladies and all the well wishes. What a wonderful community of nurturing ladies, Cheers!

Implant Free!!!!!

Hello all! I may be little loopy but I wanted to give you all an update! It went great!

I will give you all a play by play! I changed into a robe kept my yoga pants on and my comfy warm socks. I was taken to the room that the esthetician uses, spa music and all! I was instructed to bring in all my meds that I had picked up from the pharmacy, they crushed a Halcion (sedative) and a anti nausea med, and 2 Norcos. Done under local, felt like i was having a spa experience. We chatted the whole time, the Dr. Atagi and her PA. Karen Wonderful women! The silicone gels were in tact. You could feel her pulling to get them out, it didn't hurt but felt funny. She also cut away the original scar so she could suture fresh skin, all dissolvable! I didn't have CC so no drains were needed:) They covered my incision with a clear plastic bandage, that will stay in place until my 1 week post-op. I can shower tomorrow!!!! I'm putting up pics of Before implant, after implant, after explant, and with a bra I used to wear pre augment that I loved! YAY it fits me, and so pretty compared to granny bras I had to buy to accommodate the girls. I did have a lot of tissue, so now just hoping they fluff up a bit. I don't like the upper pole fullness that implants provide, so I will be happy if they stay right where they are! At this point 3 hours post surgery no pain, hubby just grilled some chicken, yummy. I think I will plant my self in front of the tv and relax.

So Happy with my decision:) ( . ) Y ( . ) = Little Boobies

2 days post explant!!!!

Hello Ladies,
Everything has been going great! I took it easy Friday with the exception of a few errands. I took just tylenol no Norco, was not really in any pain just worried not to stay on top of things if pain were to occur. Today, I took a shower! My daughter and I ran some errands went to lunch and went to the movies. Dr. Atagi called while we were out to check on me and how I was doing and If I had any questions, she is really a top notch PS! I put on a genie type bra today and a regular top and was thrilled that it seemed to hang on me, where before it hung to my breasts! I was so happy and felt like a normal person walking around today, not the person trying to hide her breast. It was a great feeling. I cannot believe how much lighter I feel and how easy it is to breathe, sigh…. I know you all have read this before, but my only regret is not doing this sooner! Below are pics of the girls along with silicon girls. ( . ) Y ( >. ) Soft hugs!!!

One week post op

Happy Spring!
All going great! Living in my Genie bras so comfy! My scars are healing nicely, very little bruising! Have all my energy back and feeling great! Went shopping yesterday for some new tops! So exciting! Wishing all of you who have had surgery happy healing, and those of you waiting, it is so worth the wait! Thank you all for the support and well wishes. Breasts look about the same so not posting any pics! Have a great weekend!

16 months post explant ~ So happy with my decision

Hello Fellow Sisters!
I was so focused on getting the implants out, I haven't been on here in a very long time. Thought it was time for an update! BEYOND happy to be implant free! I now jog on my treadmill without having to "double buckle" the girls. (2 sports bras). I can breath now, before I felt I had such a tightness since my implants were pressing against my chest. I can wear cute tops now, and Bathing suits! Best of all I saved my silicone implants, just in case any of my girls want to get implants down the road. I will tell them to go buy a huge bra and wear these around a few days!!!!!! I'm sure that will convince them not to get them! LOL. The surgery for removal was super quick done under a local and maybe a day of downtime. If cost is an issue, look around, I was quoted 8K - 2K. If your in the Denver area, Dr. Atagi and her staff are AWESOME!!!! So happy with my decision! Wishing all of you happiness and health! XOXO
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