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I got my breast augmentation in 2004 (under the...

I got my breast augmentation in 2004 (under the muscle) along with lipo (thighs, back, neck, hips) and an upper eyelid lift. I had saline, not sure of the fill, also not sure what size I was beforehand (it's been so long!) I can't remember how long it was (maybe a year?) after the procedure that I looked down one day and noticed that my left breast was larger than the right. I thought I had a leak.

I went to my PS, he indicated that it was possible it was a very slow leak, but couldn't be sure. Whatever it was, it didn't get any worse. However, I didn't really like the "sloshing" sound from the saline implants, so I decided to switch them out for silicone in 2008 - 500 cc under the muscle. The left breast was still bigger when I looked down at them, however, no one else could tell- they looked exactly the same.

About a year ago, I noticed that the implant on the left side was poking out and that you could see a lump. I've been exercising, working out with a trainer and have leaned out, so it could be that I just don't have as much tissue as I used to. Really, the left side has always been "looser" feeling than than the right. I wonder if I had a bit more capsular contracture on that side. By the time I scheduled the removal, I could feel more of the implant on the side.

I did talk to my PS about doing a revision, putting in basically a "sling" to strengthen the pocket. I decided not to.

While I liked my BA and the way I looked, I got a little tired of having problems finding tops that fit or that didn't emphasize my boobs so much. I chose bigger implants that I probably would have in the first place because I hadn't had the lipo yet and I weighed about 20 pounds more than I do now. The 500's seemed to balance me out.

And, while I've certainly enjoyed having bigger breasts, honestly, I am a little "over" them.

So, I decided to get them removed.

The surgeon I went with is the same doctor who put them in both times. Dr. Buford was supportive of my decision, he's very knowledgeable and caring.

A couple more details

I completely forgot to mention my size. I think before the BA I was a 36B or C. As I said, I weighed more then than now. After the BA, I was a 34DDD. Then, after working out with the trainer for a few months, a 32DDDD. Will post some post removal pics soon.

One other thing -what do you tell folks?

Got this done last Friday, wondering what you tell folks who might notice or ask? Or, does anyone really have the moxie to ask what happened?
My family of course knows about the BA, no one else does for sure.
So-- how to explain why I'll be wrapped up in an ace bandage for a few weeks?

Kind of scary (but it will get better- I hope)

These pics are five days after removal. The iPhone shots make them look bigger than they really are. I tried to get an angle that shows the sort of concave look, but couldn't get it right. The scariest one is the one bent over.
Thanks to this site, I know that it will get better.
It's such a change, going from a 32 quad D to this. Not sure at this point if I'll even be an A cup.
But, I'm actually kind of excited to see what they finally look like in six months.
I like the fact that I can move my arms around and flex without feeling the muscle moving over the implants.
It's been weird to look in the mirror and see - no boobs!
Well. little boobs.

So anyone late 50's plus out there who have had their implants removed?

I know it varies from person to person, but how much "tightening" did you see?
I'm a week out, still wearing the ace bandage.
I know it takes time to see final results...
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