30 Years Old Going to Explant for Health Reasons - Denver, CO

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Breast implant removal I hate I'm going to have...

Breast implant removal
I hate I'm going to have to remove my breast implants I unlike other people on this site do truly like them, I enjoyed shopping for new bras and cute tops. Only thing I'm having health issues ranging from dry mouth being thirsty so bad, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, brain fog, memory loss, sensitivity to the sun, severe joint pain in the hands kind of like rehumatitis. I have gone to my doctor have done a lot of test and everything coming back negative . So they basically think I'm depressed, so I decided to research myself because I love my life ! I'm not depressed whatsoever I just want to start feeling myself again. So I came across this website that listed all my symptoms that I was having...hmmm no wonder I have been feeling so sick!! It all clicked and I have done so many things to feel better why not try this ? So I decided to explant:( I made my appointment with Dr Huang for the 31st of August
She seems like a very smart person for this procedure, our consult went great she understood everything and my concerns. She will be doing an enbloc and is going to take the capsule out. I really liked her so we will see how it goes

4 more weeks for breast explant

So here are my before pictures
I had my breast AG about 4 years ago
I did get pregnant and had my baby about a year and a half ago
I didn't nurse because it was so painful and didn't have that much milk
For some reason the right is bigger then the left ?!? They look as if they are dragging could it because of the weight?

I need detox information

Hello all my lovely ladies
I was needing advice on what to buy so I can detox my body after the explant 8/31
I know it's still a long time but I want to be prepared
For all you ladies that have done the explant and did the detox can you let me know what to use
Thank you

They are out !

So I had my surgery yesterday my dear ladies
Everything went really good
I'm not really in pain I just have sever muscle spasms
Dr Huang said she was going to fix my muscle so maybe that's why the pain
I will post pictures probably by Friday since I can't look at them yet
I feel pretty good I'm just really sore and these drains are not too bad but do have to be dumping the fluid
I'm glad I had the drains just because you do drain a lot after removal
So my word of advice is if you do get your implants remove do ask for the drains
I have been on pain meds and the muscle relaxant
I think the most painful are the muscle spasms
I will keep you update :)

Pictures of drains

Pictures of drains left I'm not getting much out of it
But right side I'm getting a lot of fluid
Kind of odd because I remember my right breast was bigger

After pictures

So here they are I was given the ok to shower just have to be really careful since I still have drains
I'm flat :( I remember now why I got them in the first place
But now it's all behind me I care more about my health and I'm just going to wait and see if they change and fluff a little more
I'm natural and I feel better
Embracing natural beauty even if it's in my own eyes ;)

Post op pictures

So here they are 6 days post op
I finally got my drains out today
Thank God they are out they are a pain
I feel pretty good just tired but I did run some errands today and maybe I over did it
No pain from the incision just a little of pain from the inside but like the DR said all the nerves and everything inside is changing and healing and they aren't too happy right now
My right one is still bigger than my left but I feel so much lighter and being in my compression bra feels so good, it feels good to have my own boobs??? I thought I was going to go under depression because of the down sizing but I'm not I feel pretty good and I haven't take any more pain meds
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr Huang seemed very knowledgable and she will be doing an enbloc or in other word taking the breast implant and capsule both. She understood all my concerns. We will see how it goes.

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