Almost 3 months out and couldn't be happier :)

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Hi Ladies! I have to say that this website has...

Hi Ladies!
I have to say that this website has helped me so much!! After sitting back in the sidelines, reading everyone else’s stories, I’ve decided to contribute my own!
Since I was a teenager, I have always considered getting implants but one thing or another something always kept me from doing it. Whether it was someone talking me out of it, money…whatever it may be. But I am finally doing it and above all, I am doing it for me!

I went in for my consultation on Dec. 31. I was especially excited because they had the 3D Imaging system where they took my picture and digitally enhanced my breasts starting at 250cc’s all the way up to 600!! After much entertainment with that, and actually trying the sizers on, we all decided 375cc moderate profile would fit best with my size and frame.

I am 5’1” 100lbs, 34(a)/25/34. They printed me out a picture with 375cc implants to take home and I must say, Ladies, this is awesome! If you have the chance to do the 3D imaging, I would totally recommend it. It helps you stay focused. I mean time goes by after your consult and you start to forget what you chose, if you should go bigger, if you went too big…Whenever I was second guessing my decision, I just looked at my pic and reassured myself!

Or, just take pictures of yourself with the sizers and then you can compare sizes later because at the office, you are so excited to just be there and certain details might slip your mind.

I would also recommend the rice test to help get an idea of what size cc’s you are working with.

Anyway. My pre-opp was the 16th, I signed a ton of papers, tried on my sizers again, they drew blood…oh and we paid for them. (My husband and I) We are doing the Care Credit and paying them off in 12 months so we don’t have to pay interest! Oh! And the brand of my implants are the makers of Botox, so I also got a free vile of Latisse and one botox injection, that they will do after my surgery!

I am still taking my regular multi vitamin and also extra vitamin C and bromelain to help boost my immune system. They suggest no omegas or any other supplements that may thin your blood, 2 weeks before your surgery date.
I made myself kind of a care-package this is what was in it:

• A few front zip lightly padded sports bras (WalMart) I was told this brand I bought runs a little tight, and it does so you might want to go bigger. Or if you did the rice test bring your rice bags to the store with you and see what fits! ?

• Neosporin and band aids for the incisions

• Palmers Cocoa butter to help elasticity in skin and prevent stretch marks

• Baby wipes and face wipes

• Arnica gel/lotion

• Ibuprofen

• Smooth Move tea to help get things goin again!

• Lots of pillows and blankets for extra support!

2 days away!! I am so excited!!!! Posting pics soon!

Tomorrow is the day bright and early :) Got the...

Tomorrow is the day bright and early :) Got the house all cleaned, laundry done, a few meals cooked and ready to go! I made some chicken noodle soup in the crock pot that I will turn on low tomorrow morning before we leave so it'll be ready by the time we get home.

Any advice from the post opp ladies out there?

I feel like I just want it to be done and over with! I can't stop thinking about it and making sure I have everything I need...all I can do is wait!

So through this whole process I have had a few...

So through this whole process I have had a few friends and family, my mom especially, disagree with my decision. She just doesn't get why anyone would ever put their bodies through "unnecessary" stress and pain for elective surgery. So this past month, she has been trying (It didn't work lol) to talk me out of it. But today i got a call from my dad. He said that they have been thinking of me, they know my surgery is tomorrow and they just wanted me to know that they love me. Even if we disagree, I will always be their little girl and they will always love and support me. It made me so happy to hear that, I almost cried! I am glad we were able to leave things on a good note like that. :)

I am so ready to go in tomorrow and do this!

1 DAY POST OPP Well yesterday I had my surgery...


Well yesterday I had my surgery at 7am and everything went well, pretty much slept most of the day. I am super swollen right now and thank god for the arnica gel and pills! That has worked wonders, not to mention taking my meds regularly is helping with the pain too. I also feel like I have gunk stuck in my throat but I can't clear it because my chest is so tight to cough it hurts a bit. My voice is a little raspy, I'm guessing from the breathing tube but hot tea has been helping with that.

A little tight. My left boob is riding a little higher then my right, but even after one day, I have noticed the swelling go down a lot. Yesterday I was able to move, waddle rather from the bathroom and kitchen back to my throan of pillows and blankets haha. Been propped up since. Slept pretty well last night suprisingly but got woken up to my dog jumping up on me....ouchy. Got a little sick yesterday after the car ride but eating seemed to help. I have been eating lots of soup, crackers and jello. Haha...funny story....I was eating a cracker and looked down and noticed I had cracker crumbs all over my new cleavage. I was so happy to see that I actually have cleavage for anything to fall on lol. My husband just laughed at me, which by the way I have to give huge thanks to. He has been amazing through this whole process so far!

I would definitely reccomend drinking a ton of water and using arnica gel, Keep everything within arms length. I never noticed how often you actually use your pecs muscles for everyday life. Pushing up from off the couch hurts a little and even lifting my water bottle makes everything feel like it's tensing up. Brushing my teeth was a funny feeling too. Oh my word lol. But all in all this has much better than I expected! On my list of supplies above, I have Ibuprofen on there which my doc told me yesterday is acutally not a good idea because it thins your blood and counter acts the percocet. So he suggested I take tylenol instead at least for the first few weeks while I'm weening myself off the pain killers.

How long before you were able to shower?
I've heard of some girls wearing an ace bandage around the top of their chest to help push things that a good idea?
When should I start doing some massage?

Happy healing to all my post opp buddies who had surgery with me yesterday...I think there were like 3 of us haha! xoxo

I got the go ahead from my doc to shower and it...

I got the go ahead from my doc to shower and it was the most amazing thing of my day lol. It was so nice to have the warm water relax all my muscles...I've been super sleepy today. Think I may over did it a bit yesterday only because the excitement had kicked in and I wasn't paying attention to my body and the fact that, yes, it is still healing lol.. So to say the least I have been laying low today. A girlfriend of mine gave me her strap from her surgery to help push things down and I wore that for a while but man that hurts! I've also been doing a little light massage, just trying to increase circulation when I am rubbing my cocoa butter or arnica lotion on. But all in all, I feel like i'm getting softer and not so "boxy" and tight. Also, i've been trying to eat a high fiber diet. I made oatmeal with raisins for breakfast and have been drinking this stuff called Good Belly, it has lots of probiotics in it for digestive health which has been helping the "bloat" factor dissipate. All in all I feel pretty good as long as I stay on top of my meds. Word of advice...even if you feel like you could maybe cut back on your pain meds...don't! The less pain you're in, the quicker you'll heal. :) So happy healing my loves! xoxo

(4 DAYS POST-OPP) Hi Loves! The past few days the...

Hi Loves! The past few days the swelling has gone down a lot! Been using ice packs, actually this thing I found on Pinterest...where you fill a freezer ziploc bag with one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water and stick it in the freezer. It doesn't completely freeze but turns into a squishy gel consistency and works perfectly and stays cold pretty long! Loving it!! Still taking the valium but switched over to tylenol instead of percocet. Still been trying to get as much rest as possible but went out last night and had dinner with some friends and it was so nice to get out of the house as I was getting cabin fever so so bad!! Tried on a few swimsuits the other day and even though i'm riding a little high still, I was quite pleased with the results and getting so excited for summer! Can't wait to actually go out and shop for new bras and some cute tops/dresses! Cooked dinner for the hubby tonight with no problems and cleaned up the house a bit so all in all moving around a bit more each day. Also, massage is helping a lot too!!

It's funny sometimes I still get taken back by the fact that I have boobs now! I reach down and feel them and it's all me!! Not just a ton of padding like I was used to for so many years of my life! This makes me one very happy girl!! Just the simple of things like hugging someone or wrapping a towel around myself after the shower feels so different and I am loving it!! Anyone else feel this way too?

On a personal note...and maybe a little TMI...hubby and I tried having sex last night and I don't know if it made me swell more than I was, but it was painful! Almost to the point where I almost had him stop because I couldn't take the pressure. So I'll probably wait a few more days before we try that again!! Other than that....I am feeling better better as each day goes by! How is everyone feeling?? Happy healing my friends! xoxo

Tried sleeping in my own bed last night. Still...

Tried sleeping in my own bed last night. Still propped up with a ton of pillows but ended up sliding lower and lower as the night went on and then woke up this morning with horrible morning boob. So I guess it's back to the recliner tonight!

POST OPP DAY 9 Hi there!! So I have been...


Hi there!! So I have been working a lot the last few days, and as a massage therapist, I really felt my pecs being over-worked. So I took today off to rest and do lots of self-massage! I can feel everything loosening up little by little. I had my 1 week post opp a few days ago and the nurse said things are looking great!

As I press flat on my breasts and roll my palms in a circular motion, I can feel like they are becoming more relaxed there is more room for them to move around even though I still feel like they are super high but the massage is definitely helping!!

I quit taking my percocet a few days ago and switched to extra strength tylenol as needed...which has been in the morning to last me through the day and then at night before I go to bed. I am also still taking my muscle relaxer, (recommended by my nurse) (valium) once a day right before I go to bed. Been using shea/cocoa butter a few times everyday which helps with tightness.

One thing my nurse told me to do is hold my hands behind my back and push my chest forward as your shoulders kind of roll back it stretches the entire pec muscle and it feels good to take the tension off my back that too! :)

Oh! And I was so happy last night I was able to comfortably sleep on my side. I was leaning on a pillow for support and still propped up a little but it felt so good to change sleep positions!

Loving reading all the updates! Sounds like everyone is doing well! xoxo

P.S. It is amazing how everything fits so...

P.S. It is amazing how everything fits so perfectly now :) Plus no one has really noticed because I wore one of those miraculous add 2 cup sizes- super padded bras before so wearing just a sports bra now looks about the same size. Only I know the difference and I couldn't be happier with my decision!

2 1/2 WEEKS (20 Days) POST OPP So today I am...

2 1/2 WEEKS (20 Days) POST OPP

So today I am feeling great! But that wasn't the story, for the past few days. All last week, I was having shooting pains, (more so in my left breast than right.) and pins and needles/nerve endings constantly firing kind of pain. I felt like my nipples were chafing from wearing a sports bra all the time. I was so uncomfortable :( Massage helped a little but I felt like no matter what I did, I just could not get the pains to subside. I started using my arnica lotion again as I stopped a week or so ago... and I am able to take ibuprofen now and that works much better in my opinion than the tylenol I was taking. I have been sleeping without a bra for the past few nights but wearing one throughout the days and I make sure to massage them at least a few times a day to help circulation and it seems to help the dull aches...Other than that...I can feel my skin becoming softer and less taught so that's good I guess :)

3 WEEKS POST OPP I have noticed a major...


I have noticed a major difference in the past few days! My swelling/tightness and pain levels have decreased immensely. Still super high but I can feel the skin on my sides finally loosening up. My incisions are healing really well and started putting neosporin on them a few days ago and covering them with gauze or a band-aid (if it sticks!) Still doing lots of massage and taking all my usuall vitamins I was taking pre-opp, fish oil, multi, calcium/magnesium and biotin. Nipple sensitivities are getting better. The most pain I have right now is the lower space between my nipple and the incision...kind of a pins and needles feeling. Slowly getting back to my regular routine and doing light work outs. Yoga (but nothing that stretches the core and no arching) things that focus more on lower body... planks, lunges, wall sits etc... and I feel pretty good afterwards. Just taking in slow :) Hope all my boobie buddies are doing well!! xoxo

5 WEEKS POST OPP Hi loves! I have been super...


Hi loves! I have been super busy lately and haven't been on here in awhile...I had my 1 month post opp apt a few days ago and my doc said things are looking good. I am still super high and still have a lot of settling to do but he said that's what I get for being young with no kids....tight skin and longer wait time for end results! I'll take it lol. I am extreemly happy with the results so far. I feel like they are the perfect size for my frame. Had some friends over and went hot tubbing and had a "tata debut party" and I was so excited how great my new additions look in a bikini. Oh, I was also up in the mountians all last weekend. Hiking, hauling wood,shooting guns and the best part, chopping wood! So needless to say, I am pretty much back to my old self and regualr routine. No more aches and pains and they are actually feeling like a part of me! Except when I lay on my stomach with my arms reached up under my head, I can still feel the pull from the incision area. Still putting cocoa/shea butter on daily along with massages. I will put a few more recent pics up soon!

3 MONTHS POST OPP Haven't been on here in a...

Haven't been on here in a while! I am happy to say that I have fully "dropped and fluffed" my cleavage is amazing and I am loving every bit of my new girls! Went to Victoria's Secret with a few girlfriends and spent entirely way too much money on new swimsuits and bras. I got sized there and I am officially a 34D. I ended up a little bigger than I was expecting and at times, I feel like I'm not quite used to their size but in no way am I complaining! I feel like I can easily down play them yet really have a va-voom effect if that's what I want. I usually down play them while at work and a lot of people still have no idea I even had the procedure! Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my results!

One thing I do have to say is a little weird left boob does this gurgle noise every once in a while. When I push on it or when I do any type of cardio, it feels like it's rubbing on something and making this squeegy sound...sometimes it makes me cough because it feels similar to a wheezing feeling. It's not too bad and it only happens every once in awhile but it is indeed an odd feeling! Maybe an air bubble is trapped? Anyone else experience this?

P.S. I have taken all of my bare photos off and am not loading any current ones due to a few conflicting subjects that found my page on here :- / If you really are curious to see my results feel free to message me directly and I can e-mail you.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I was reccomended to Dr Wolfe by a friend who had the same procedure done. She raved about the professional and friendly staff and her end result looks amazing and made me confident with my decision to see him! My only complaint would be that, I felt at times like I was "just another surgery" and was being pushed through the assembly line. He didn't spend much time with me at the consult, it was mainly his assistant who was wonderful but it would have been nice if he was more involved.

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