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I think I've wanted a BA since I was about 14....

I think I've wanted a BA since I was about 14. That was the first time I realized that my boobs were not going to be entering any competitions, at the very least they weren't going to ever catch up to my mom (C) or my sister's (B). I've always had wide hips and I've recently acquired quite a fabulous ass.

I spent 15 years of my life addicted to yoga, then my chiropractor told me that I have joint hypermobility and that yoga was likely the worst thing I could do as it stretched the ligaments at the expense of my muscle. At that point, I tried to find something else to use for exercise and ultimately discovered and fell in love with pole fitness. My yoga body was long and lean, you know the type. My new pole body? It's.... round and feminine. I have shapely thighs, a wonderful ass, abs galore, strong arms and......no boobs to speak of.

So, I've been on looking around on realself for a couple of weeks and am pretty sure I found the look that I want. However, when I've tried the rice sizers at home, I'm not sure if it's the same look. I'm currently a 'less than A cup' girl and gave up on real bras a long time ago. I knew they weren't healthy or comfortable for me, so I've just been wearing sports bras to help with nipple sensitivity as I go through my days.

I have a hard time visualizing what my naked breasts will look like on me after the procedure. Rice in the bra gives one look, and it can help determine how you want to look with clothes on. But what's more important to me is how I look with clothes off! With the rice, I'm thinking I'll want something in the 400-450cc range. Without.... who knows?

FIrst consult set

Forgot to include this in the initial post: I have my first consultation with Dr. Gregory Buford on 9/22. I have a couple other doctors on my short list, but I really like what Dr. Buford's website says about diet affecting surgery and recovery time and that his patients are usually able to return to work the next day.

If this consult goes well, I hope to schedule the surgery date for late January-early February. I have to accrue enough time off of work before I can do this.... Also, I work in a lab setting that has me lifting 15-25lbs multiple times a day and I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to return to MY work.


HELL YEAH! I lost 1.5 in off my waist line in 6 days. Stupid Dairy with the stupid bloat. I really tried to make a relationship with Dairy, slowly building with nice, clean products.... but Dairy just REALLY didn't want to be in a relationship with me. I've dropped the inches, but I'm still dealing with the acne! :(

Anywho, my stats:
butt/hip: 43.5"
waist: 30"
ribcage: 32"

Conultation and wish boobies!

I had my consultation with Dr. Gregory Buford yesterday. I knew going in that I really wanted this guy to be my surgeon based on tons of different website reviews, the information he makes available about himself on his website, the rapid recovery technique he employs, and his artistic side. The consult did not fail to impress. I felt valued as a person by all the staff and was pleased to learn first hand that Gregory Buford (as he introduced himself) is a humble and funny man.

I wasn't too sure what to expect since I knew that sizers are not really helpful for me. I don't have a desired implant size or cup size end goal. I have a look in mind which is much harder to convey than numbers. That being said, Dr. Buford says that he finds that it is a healthier approach to the procedure and is the one most likely to yield a happy customer! When I showed him my wish-pic he said it should not be a problem and that it would likely put me in a 'C' cup area. Looking at the pic myself, I'm shocked that it could ever be called a C cup cuz I think they look large and FABULOUS!

During the measuring phase (before I showed him the picture), he took a number of different measurements but the only one that stuck in my mind was my BWD: 11.5. I was a little nervous cuz that's on the smaller side of average but he said my wish pic should not be a problem. He also said that I have 'very nice' breasts. :) All my measurements were very similar, if not exact. The only difference is that my right breast sits a little bit lower. That being said, Dr. Buford felt (and said as much) that my surgery should be pretty straight forward and yield results that I will be happy with!!

Because my job involves more physical activity than a typical office job, I was a little nervous about having the ability to take enough time off. Due to his rapid recovery techniques though, Dr. Buford suggested just taking one week off! I have that much saved up and was able to get the ball rolling! I have my pre-op next Thursday (9/29) and the surgery is booked for 2.5 weeks from now on 10/10!!

I joked that I might have franken-boobies for Halloween, but they will likely have moved past that stage by then... SO EXCITED!

Compilation of research pictures

I did a lot of research, trying to find my dream look. Because I was having a hard time using numbers or sizers to describe my desired look, I knew that having pictures of things I liked or didn't like would be key. So I have a lot of information that I gathered from other women's pictures here on realself. I also have the 'ultimate dream boob' picture posted in the previous post. This is really the ONE PAIR of boobs I have found to be pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. I think on the spectrum of natural to fake looking augmentations, I want mine to err on the side of slightly fake. I will likely continue to live in sports bras and leggings, so they won't be too obvious in my day to day. But I will have the option of really playing them up when I want to.

My 'Aha!' moment about sizers

So, I tried on sizers. Cuz that's what you do in the consult, right? I decided that the 425cc was about as much projection as I wanted, but I DEFINITELY wanted more upper pole than would be possible to see with the 'sizer in the bra' technique. Dr. Buford said I would likely be in the upper 400's range for the look I'm going for. Honestly, I don't care as long as I get the look I want! :)

After the sizing was done, I was talking to my man and said, "Damn! We didn't take any pics!" Cuz all the women on here have posted pictures from their sizings. But, I also realized that if I had pictures and numbers I would just OBSESS even more over details that, honestly, the Dr is only going to marginally take into account in the OR.

The Dr knows the look I'm going for, he's going to have a picture of the look in the room with him, he's going to shove a bunch of implants in there until he's happy that what he's seeing matches the picture. No amount of stressing and worrying and looking at pictures and numbers is going to change the look of different implants in my body and how they look compared to my wish boobs.

I am choosing to let this piece go, to not stress about it. Dr. Buford has the eye of an artist (seriously, he has tons of pictures of his own photography around the office) and I trust him to make a decision that I am going to be blown away by.
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