28 Y/o, 140lbs, 5'5", No Kids, Single - Denver, CO

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Hello, I have been stalking RS for a while now. I...

Hello, I have been stalking RS for a while now. I have been scouring for months, weeks, days, and hours! I decided when I was 18 and my breast never grew beyond a sad B that I wanted breast implants. I wanted to wait till I was 30, by then I figured I will have been married, had kids, etc. I figured I would be in a place to do it. Alas, I have no kids, Im single, however I am in a great place in my life financially, physically, and mentally to do it! I will be 29 this Feb. so I decided why wait one more year?!
Over the past Year and a half I have lost a total of 45lbs. I was originally a full 38 B, now after weight loss I am a Sad deflated 36 A/B. Ive always wanted cleavage and full round boobies! When i was heavier i had a very large round booty, I still have a decent size booty and i want the boobs to match. I figure I can always improve my glutes in the gym, but boobs not so much, they just get smaller. HAHA! Im going for a full D maybe even DD. I want to complete my hour glass figure.
I had my first consultation with Dr. Gregory Buford, He and his nurse Astrid have been awesome and thorough. The first time I met them I knew they were a perfect match for me, They answered all my questions, did measurements, let me try on endless amounts of sizers, and were very honest. I didn't want to let my excitement cloud my judgement so I called around to schedule other consultations. I called Dr. Steven Vaths office and requested a consult because of results I had seen here on RS, when I called his office his receptionist said he was completely booked out, but that their other surgeon was available, and assured me that they all do great work, all work together, and that i'd be in as good as Dr. Vaths own hands. I went ahead and made an appt. I had an off feeling, so I decided to go online to look at this other doctors work, to my dismay 90% of this Drs pics were of women getting their breast removed for gender reassignment, or men getting breast tissue removed! THAT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANT! I WANT MORE BOOB< NOT REMOVAL OF BOOB!! i quickly Canceled that appt. and it made me completely rethink even getting an augmentation. I talked to a family member about it, and told them how comfortable I felt with him, then they offered to go visit Dr. Buford with me to put my mind at ease that I wasn't making a rash decision. I called Astrid who got me an appt very quickly. The following week My family member and I walked out of the office, both completely in love with both Dr. Buford and Astrid! I decided after that, that I don't need to do more consultations. They listen to me, and know exactly what i'm looking for. So I scheduled an appt and put down a deposit that day!! Im sooooo excited and sooooo scared. Im 78 days out from surgery! Any suggestions on what I may need for home while i'm healing or recovery bra recommendations are appreciated!!

Before pics

65 days away

I'm 65 days away from my BA. I'm starting to get really nervous and have doubts. I've been wanting breast implants for over 10 years but for some reason now that it's real and it's happening I'm terrified! I've had nightmares of waking up with fake clown porn star boobs and I've had nightmares of waking up with the same exact boobs. I'm scared of going to conservative and too big. Has anybody else experienced this before surgery especially this far in advance? Here is a picture of my bra cups, my breast currently don't fill them, I'm too large for an A but too small to fill a B.

Wish Boobs

These are the shape and volume im looking for only 57 days!!

37 days till boobies

This is a list I started of things I need, anyone have anything to add??

Pre op Appt

So I had my pre op appt and my BA is only 16 days away! AHHHHHHH!! I'm sorta freaking out! There was a ton of paper work to go over and of course you have to go over all the complications and risks involved which was terrifying.
I paid in full all cash. It was hard to part with the money as I've worked so hard to save it up, I couldn't help but think about what else I could use the money for... I've wanted this for soooo long tho once I handed it over I felt relieved. I've not got my pre op instructions. they gave me a post surgical bra that isn't very pretty, arnica in pill form, and anti inflammatory healing vitamins. I was also given all my prescriptions, massage techniques, etc.
I have lost 45lbs throughout the last year and a half so I made it very clear to the PS that I work out everyday but that I do want larger breast. I told him I want to be voluptuous but functional. He said based on the pics I sent that he would take a range of sizes that go from 520 to 675. That he will try them in and do the ones that best fit my body type. I'm hoping to land around 550-575 as I think 520 is too small but 675 is waaaay too huge. We shall see I have put all my trust in him.
Here are the wish pics I sent the PS and some of the things I got at my pre op.

This site sucks

Really bummed by this site, I have my surgery coming up soon and have asked a few questions and for suggestions and haven't gotten any feed back. Oh well. Surgery is next week. I'll just see what happens!


Today is the day I'm at the surgery center now all the nurses have been so nice. I'm terrified and happy all at once I'm gonna wake up in three hours with boobs!

Today was the day...

I went in at 530 am, the staff was very nice and so helpful. The anesthesiologist was hock and awesome. I don't even remember going back to the OR. When I woke up I was dressed and ready to be sent home, so far I've had zero nausea or stomach ache. I'm in pain but it's not excruciating I'm talking Vicodin and Valium on a schedule so that helps. I literally have zero use Of my arms it hurts way to bad to do anything. I've been loopy and sleeping on and off. I was able to have a protein shake, soup and peaches, all without trouble! I got a 560cc my left and a 605cc in my right. I have no idea what they look like yet.

Post op day 1

I'm ridiculously sore, I literally can not do anything on my own!! Breathing hurt sneezing hurts sitting up hurts ugh. I've been keep up on my med regime but still hurt. It's hard for me to even lift a glass of water. I start my massages tonight, I don't anticipate it being fun but gotta do it! I've been sleeping off an on but I'm in so much pain I can't, the stiffness and hardness is unreal. I feel as if they're gonna pop like balloons. I am able to walk around and that feels nice, after sitting my bottom is starting to get sore. Im anxious to get back in the grind. The only thing that gives me some relief is the Valium I was given.

Day 1 post op pics

Day 2 post op

Started my massages which are excruciatingly painful but gotta do em. Took a sneak peek, they look great and I'm excited for them to drop!


Finally felt strong enough to shower today. Was able to take the bra and strap off. Only to reveal the dreaded Frankenboob!!! I'm ridiculously tired and sore still. I'm hoping I get better soon.

Day 12 getting impatient and picky

I feel like they're dropping and everyday I grow impatient. It's really easy to stare at them at pick yourself apart I'm finding. I know it's a process but my head has been crazy lately. Like great your nipple look crooked or are they even dropping? Is one still much bigger than the other ugh it's annoying. Other than that I love them I'm still in my strap of death and soft bra as recommended by my doc I do or try to do massages ten times a day to try to get these suckers to drop fluff and to stop hurting. I'm still feeling bloated and I miss the gym ooooh soooo much I haven't gained any weight except boob weight but I'm feeling flabby and like I'm losing my muscle. Hurry up and heal boobs!!!! Maybe I'm being too self critical but after spending so much I just wanted them perfect!! Here are pics with bra, strap, and without.


Finally got to take my bandages off, I hate to say scar, my PS did such a fantastic job the lay flat are short and look moe like paper cuts! To the touch I can feel some hardness beneath the incisions but I'm completely amazed!
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