23 Year Old Female, Neck Lipo, Platysmaplasty, chin Implant - Denver, CO

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I've always noticed there was something "off"...

I've always noticed there was something "off" about my face but I couldn't quite pick it out. As I got older I noticed I had a double chin forming and that's when I realized it was my chin that was not balanced to my overall face. I'm finally at an age where I have the money to do something about it. So I plan on having a chin implant inserted and neck lipo to give a good jawline and more pronounced chin.

I had looked online at many different surgeons and finally came across a website I was very impressed by. The doctors were certified plastic surgeons, they had plenty of info about procedures and how everything worked and had tons of before and after photos. I always say that if the company's website is up to date and very informative, they are very professional and know what they are doing. So I made a consultation with Dr. Vath. He was super nice, very professional and made me feel comfortable. He suggested a large chin implant and lipo. I however hesitated and did not schedule surgery with him, not because I didn't trust him or anything, but because I wasn't sure if it's what I really wanted.

I let months pass and realized my chin was not going to get any better and it really did bother me so I decided to make a second consultation but this time I met with Dr. Andrew Wolfe. Let me tell you, this man knows his stuff! He looked at my chin and said a large chin implant would be great for my recessed chin and neck lipo would be great for my non existing jaw line lol. He also recommended to tighten the muscle in my neck to give me more of a straight jawline and not slopped (due to my anatomy). When he recommended that tightening of the muscles I was so happy I had gone again for the second consultation with Dr. Wolfe because when I went for my first consultation, the tightening of the muscles was never an option. Which means I wouldn't have gotten the results I really wanted if I would have scheduled and done surgery right away.

I have now committed to getting the surgery done. I have my pre-on on December 29th and my surgery will be scheduled on January 11th. I'm a little nervous about having it that day though since I go back to school the 19th. Is this a bad idea? Will I be super swollen or bruised to go back to school a week after surgery? I'm iffy about it but if I don't do it now I will have to wait till summer break and personally I want this chin gone asap!

Still don't believe it

So today I received a folder from my surgeons office and I can't say how impressed I am with everything they do! In the folder they included information packets about the surgery procedures I will be having done and the consent forms. They also sent a surgical guide to know what to expect and how to prepare for surgery. There's also a home medication log sheet for me to use to know when to take my medications. They've included a nurse hotline number to call or text in case of emergency or concerns. This entire folder has proven to me that I did great job picking out my doctor and they are super professional. I am very confident about my upcoming surgery and know I will be in great hands.


I had my pre-op yesterday and let me just tell you it really feels real now! I will be having my chin surgery in less than two weeks. I was super excited when I first decided to do this but now I'm feeling super nervous! I've never had any surgery done so the idea of getting cut open and everything scares the crap out of me. I'm also pretty scared about my recovery. I bruise very easily and I'm scared that the bruising will be horrible and the swelling will be too because I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled when I was in high school and swelled up like a chipmunk! Joining real self has helped a lot on what to expect but I'm not gonna lie, some people's stories have scared me. I don't want to have a crooked implant, loose complete feeling of some areas in my face, or not have my same smile because I honestly think I have a pretty smile and don't want to ruin that. Sorry for the bitching I'm just nervous lol

But anyway my pre-op went good. I had everything explained to me, got my prescriptions for pain killers and nausea, and got my before pictures taken. I have no idea what to expect pain wise and taking narcotics worry me because every time I've taken narcotics in the past they make me sick and being sick and throwing up right after chin surgery sounds awful lol. Hopefully the nausea medications work good. I'm going to be taking a trip to the store this coming week to buy everything I will need for recovery like soups and other food, ice pack, and I honestly don't know what else. If anyone has any recommendations and what else would be good for recovery I would greatly appreciate it! I think that is all for this update. I will post pictures soon and if I remember something else I'll post that too!!

Some pictures

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Tomorrow morning is my surgery day! I can't believe it's finally here and that I'm really doing this. I'm a little nervous right now but I know I will be a nervous wreck tomorrow. I've never had any type of surgery so I don't really know what to expect. I will post how everything went tomorrow if I'm not feeling too bad or groggy. Wish me luck and good healing!

Surgery day!!!

I had my surgery done this morning around 7am. I waspretty nervous but not as nervous as I thought I would be, which is a good thing. The nurses and doctors were all so great and made me feel so comfortable. They took me back had me change into a hospital gown and the nurse got started on the iv. She found a good vein by my left wrist kind of and got it (it hurt like a bitch though) but then idk what happened and it didn't work! So she had to poke again on my right hand around the same area as the left and she got it. My doctor came in and did my markings on my neck and chin and explained everything. He even put ponytails in my hair it was quite funny lol. They game some medication to relax me and let me tell you that med was awesome! I was so relaxed that when they took me back into the OR I was already dozing off. All I remember was hopping onto the OR bed and laying down while the nurses prepared me and I was out. I woke up in recovery bandaged up and with a drain on the right side of my head from the neck lipo. I was feeling a little nauseous and got a little sick but felt a little better after. I had kind of a hard time staying awake but once I felt OK the nurse gave me some gingerale and helped me get dressed to go home. I felt pretty dizzy once I was up on my feet and the drive home was pretty miserable because I started to feel nauseous again. I got home and immediately ran to the bathroom and got sick again. It was a side effect to the anesthesia. I wasn't feeling too good so I went to sleep for a couple hours and woke up feeling much better.

I'm starting to swell in the chin area and my lip is completely numb. I ate a little arroz con leche but now I feel slight discomfort. I'm thinking of taking some pain meds but I'm really scared they're going to make me sick to my stomach and miserable. I have to go back to my doctor in two days to get the drain removed and bandage off and then will be given a chin garment to wear for the remaining week. I forgot to mention my doctor used a medium sized chin implant because he said my face is so small and didn't want to use a large implant and have my chin looking like quagmire from family guy lol. I completely trust his decision. I'll update this again later or tomorrow and let you know how I'm doing!

Update on recovery day 1

So I had been fine all day after surgery today. I took half of my pain med at four for slight pain and took the other half at 5. Pain had been very tolerable but I noticed the pain is starting to get worse now. I think I'm starting to swell in my neck so I went into the bathroom and slightly moved part of the head wrap around my chin and saw something under my skin sticking out like crazy! I panicked and called for my mom to see it because I don't know if it's normal. My mom looked at it and said I was fine and to not worry but since it's my face I starting thinking what if it's the implant but then my mom realized it's the tubing from the drain that is still in my neck. I felt a little at ease but I'm worried about it because it hurts now because the head wrap is snug on top of it and the swelling is making it worse. Is that just a part of the healing process and I should leave it alone or should I be concerned?! I'm going to take a pic and send it to the nurse hotline number they gave me.

Oh and another thing. My chin and bottom lip ate completely numb still. I keep biting my lip because I can't feel it and am having trouble when I eat. How long till this goes away or at least gets better. Does everyone have this after a chin implant? I'm sorry I'm just dramatic.

Recovery day 2!

Sleeping last night sucked. I positioned a bunch of pillows and a pillow to sit upright that has kind of arm rests on the sides (idk what they're called) but I basically slept sitting up. I hated it I want to turn over and sleep on my side or stomach so bad but I also want to reduce swelling as much as I can so I just gotta deal with it. I didn't have too much pain last night. I took two norco pain killers before I went to bed and that helped all night. The fluid from my drain is slowing down and turning clear so I'm guessing that's a good thing. I'm so desperate to get the drain out its so uncomfortable and I can see and feel the tubing through my neck from ear to ear. I feel more alert today and can talk a little better than yesterday. So I guess I'm healing well. Tomorrow I get the drain out and get this head wrap off I'm so excited but yet nervous to finally see if there's some improvement. I can kinda see a difference in my chin already but it's a little swollen so I'm not sure what it's gonna continue to look like over time.

Recovery day 3!

I just got home from my surgeons office, they took my drain out thank goodness because that thing was driving me crazy! I thought it was going to be really painful or get stuck but it slid out right away and didn't hurt. My doctor came in to give me a quick look and he is very happy with the results. He said we were gonna go all the way to get food results and that's exactly what he did. He wanted me to continue wearing a chin/neck garment at home to reduce the swelling but they didn't have any at that office so they asked me if I just wanted to use an ace bandage but I really wanted to use the appropriate garment to really see and get the results I want. The nurse went ahead and called the other office location they have and told them I was gonna stop by to get the garment. I walked in and another nurse showed me how to put it on and I was on my way home. I'm a little swollen on both sides of my jaw where the liposuction was performed and I'm swollen in my chin. I completely forgot to ask my doctor what type of implant he used and when the numbness would start to go away. I'll go ahead and ask that next Tuesday for my one week post-op. I'm pretty happy with my results so far but I can't wait for all the swelling to go away to really see the final results.

Drain removal video

Drain removed 1/13/15

Explicit - Click to view

Here's a video from today when I got my drain removed. I was so scared it was going to hurt but it wasn't bad at all.


So today is day 4 after surgery. I'm seeing great results. My double chin is finally gone and I finally have a jawline! I'm a bit swollen on both sides of my bottom jaw and a little under my chin. My chin feels super tight and numb and my bottom lip is extremely numb too! I'm sick of the sensation of not being able to feel much. The numbness is giving me problems with eating and speaking. I know my doctor said numbness is totally normal after surgery but it's driving me nuts! Did any of you have numbness in chin or lip? How long did it last? Should I bring it up to my doctor? I hate this!

More pictures

Here are some new pictures since surgery. I put makeup on for the first time this week. It felt really awkward putting some makeup on since I can't feel my face in certain areas. Results are looking great! I had very minimal bruising and swelling. So far I'm happy with everything just wishing healing could go by faster lol

More photos

Here some before pics from a couple months ago and one week post op after pics. I still have some swelling but no bruising whatsoever. Stopped taking my pain meds about 4 days after surgery. Still numb in lip and chin but pretty used to it. I have my one week post op with my surgeon tomorrow but am extremly happy with my results so far. Will update with more news tomorrow.

1 week post op

I had my one week post op appointment today with the nurse. She said everything is doing well and she can even see a big difference in my chin. I'm obviously still swollen and my chin looks tight but she said that's normal and with time it should get better. I do have a medium sized ball or lump on the right side of my jaw but the nurse said its from the liposuction and swelling and that should go away with time also. I've had a steri strip on my chin incision since surgery and today the nurse took it off to remove stitches and it was my first time seeing the incision too. When she took the steri strip off she realized I had no stitches to remove and looked at my medical chart and realized my surgeon used dissolvable stitches. She said my incision looked great even though it's still scabby looking. I actually go back to school tomorrow so I asked if we could keep another steri strip on it so the scabbing wouldn't be so noticeable and people wouldn't stare at it. I know people will see the steri strip but I'd rather have them see that than the actual scabbing incision. I bought mederma for scars and will begin to apply that after tomorrow so the scar can begin to fade. I had one week post op pictures taken and they will be emailed to me so I will post those after I receive them. I will have other post op photos taken in the future after I'm completely healed. I can finally sleep how I want but I just have to wear my compression garment at bedtime. I brought up the numbing and of course she said it takes a while to get the feeling back, but I said I felt some tingling type of feeling more often and she said the nerve could be regenerating. So that's good news because that's one of the things that has bothered me the most about this whole healing process. Things seem to be getting better each day so crossing my fingers to get some feeling back in my lip soon lol. I think that's it for this update guys, till next time! :)

So far so good

So here are a couple more pics since my surgery I'm pretty happy with how everything is looking but I'm a little concerned about my jaw. It looks like I have jowls and it's more noticeable on my left side than my right. From certain angles it looks like it forms a tiny double chin or like if I still have some fat from before surgery. I know it's barely going to be 2 weeks since I had surgery and that I'm not fully healed but can someone tell me that it's all just swelling and I'm overreacting. If anyone else had this issue please comment. Besides the swelling, my lip and chin are still numb but like I said I'm used to it. I feel tons of tingling when I pucker my lips together now so I'm hoping some feeling will be back soon because it's sucks not being able to feel kisses on my bottom lip lol. There's still some tight feeling in the chin but it's getting better everyday. I can smile perfectly showing my top teeth but still struggle a little to show my bottom teeth. Hoping to see more results as time passes by :)

3 weeks post op

It's been 3 weeks since surgery, it seems like it has been a lot longer than that. But I've been doing great! I'm so happy with my results! Everyone that has seen me says I look great and that my face looks different but I still look like me. I asked a friend of mine if she thought someone I didn't tell about my surgery would notice the change, she said they would absolutely notice something different but that they wouldn't be able to figure out what it is. That was actually the response I wanted because I want people to see a change but not such a drastic change that they can tell what I did or have to ask me what I had done, so I'm super happy about that.

About the numbness in my chin and bottom lip, they're still numb. BUT it has gotten a lot better. When I first had my surgery the numbing sensation in my lip was driving me crazy! It felt so numb that it felt uncomfortable. I know that sounds weird and may not make sense but that's honestly how it felt. Now the numbness isn't that bad, I'm talking better and don't have a huge issue when eating. I still tend to bite my lip here and there but I feel it so I'm guessing the numbing is subsiding. My chin tingles now and my lip can feel pain and tingling so each day is getting better and better.
I'm still wearing my chin garment overnight, I think this is the last week my surgeons nurse told me to wear it though, thank God because that thing is so annoying and falls off my head all night. I'm still a little swollen in my jaw area that I mentioned in my past posts but I know it takes months for everything to be completely healed so I'm just letting it be in the meantime. The tightness in my chin is also improving because now I can show my bottom teeth more and brushing my bottom teeth has gotten easier. I get pain in the corners of my bottom lip when brushing my teeth and also in the areas of my jaw where im swollen after I finish rinsing my mouth with mouthwash. It's not an unbearable pain just kind of uncomfortable. But I take it that's a good sign. My surgeons office finally sent over my before pictures and my 1 week post op pictures so I will be posting those. They didn't take any profile pics at the one week post op so I'm sorry I don't have anything to compare the before to, hoping they take some at my one month post op though. I think that's all for this update :)

One year!!!

It's been a whole year now since my chin surgery! I can't believe how fast time went by. Everything healed great and I can't explain how happy I am that I decided to do the surgery. My self esteem has increased significantly and I feel so much better about myself and take more selfies than ever lol. All the numbness and swelling are gone. My scar is hardly noticeably and healed fine. It feels a little numb when I rub my finger against it, however it is a scar so that might be why. I seen my surgeon at my 6 month post op and he was extremely happy with my results that he asked me to sign a consent to use my photos and info for their website. He took 6 month post op pictures but I forgot to ask for them so I will have them email them to me. I'm not sure if I have to go see him again for my one year visit since everything looked great last time I seen him but I will call and find out and post if I do see him. Everything has gone so smoothly with my surgery and healing process that I forget I had the surgery. Me experience was great and if this procedure is something you would like to have done, go for it. I do not regret it one bit!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I knew he was my doctor after my consultation with him. He was positive and realistic about what my results would look like. Very kind and made me feel really comfortable. I completely trusted him and his staff they are all so nice and professional. So glad I picked him as my surgeon, and I would pick him again for other procedures in the future. I have absolutely no regrets!

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