19 years old, 36H, 155 Ib, 5'2", college athlete - NY

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Being 5'2" and weighting 155 pounds I have always...

Being 5'2" and weighting 155 pounds I have always has a large chest. I began wearing patted bras in the 4th grade, was a full c cup in 6th grade and kept growing until recently where I have been a 36H since I graduated high school. Back pains, shoulder pains and limitations in my daily activities have always been present. After finishing my first year of college where I was playing sports, carrying heavy backpacks (which did only added to he shoulder and back pain already present) and having to find appropriate business wear that didn't make me look like a hooch or a elderly lady, I decided to look into a breast reduction. I had an assessment with a surgeon at DeLuca Plastic Surgery in Upstate NY. He said there should be no reason my health insurance wouldn't cover it. He would need to take out close to 400 grams from each breast as a minimum. I'm hoping my insurance covers my operation but even if they do not I plan to continue on with the breast reduction surgery I scheduled for July 1st. I'm hoping to be a full B to a small C cup.

More Before photos

A few people have been asking me about different positions and which positions are uncomfortable and so forth. The picture in a bra is a 36DDD that I use to fit in. It may look like it's an alright fit but if I make any sudden moves everything will begin to pop out and it gets ugly! The blue t shirt is a medium shirt from American Eagle. If I pull it up any higher to try and cover my chest it looks awkward and is clear that it is not the way the shirt is suppose to fit. Laying flat on my back is entirely impossible because my chest starts to feel like it is suffocating me. I hope these help!!


My insurance called and I have officially been approved for my surgery! AKA: I DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING!!! I cannot even begin to express how blessed I feel! I planned on having the surgery no matter what but knowing I do not have to pay now has lifted a huge stress from my shoulders! There only a few more days until my surgery now! I'll post as soon as I can after my surgery!

Pre surgery

Heres a quick update on what a few of my clothing items look like before my surgery! Ive been buying my clothes bigger to compensate for my chest as much as I can.

Post Surgery - Day 1

Yesterday I went into surgery at 6:30 am and was able to leave at 2:00pm. The surgery went perfectly! I had roughly 1200cc's taken from my chest. Roughly 600 from one side and 550 from another. This turned out to be a little over 2 pounds. Immediately coming out of surgery I felt total relief on my shoulders and on my ribs. I never realized how uncomfortable I was were my ribs were because I was so use to having my breasts resting on my ribs. It was a complete 360. I'm so happy with my decision! My surgeon said I am a full b to a smaller c which is exactly what I wanted. The pain is not bad either! I had a total knee reconstruction roughly a year and a half ago and this pain does not compare to the pain the knee surgery brought upon me. I've been keeping up with my pain medications/antibiotics/ibuprofen. As soon as I can I'll take pictures and show what my results are. Once again I can't begin to explain how happy I am with my decision to have a breast reduction.

POST OP - DAY 2 and DAY 9

Today I had few of my stitches removed and then decided to go shopping. My experience so far has been wonderful. My surgeon is fantastic and he cares for me greatly. The pain isn't bad at all. Im a bit sore but it's mainly bruises. It really hasn't hit me until today when I was trying on clothes on that my chest was enormous. I was buying xl and xxl shirts just to fit around my chest! Today I bought 6 rompers, 3 dresses, and a variety of different tank tops and shirts with different cuts around the neck and I was astonished because everything was either a size small or medium!!!! All this time I kept thinking I was becoming heavier but in reality it was just my breasts hindering me. A lot of people have asked me if I regret it and I absolutely do not! This has, by far, been the best decision I've made. Next week I have an appointment to have the rest of my stitches removed. Hopefully in a few weeks I can go back to running and swimming!

Post op - day 16

All of my stitches are out and a lot of my swelling as done down. I can finally shower facing the shower head but I'm still waiting to get back to working out and swimming! I hope all of this is helpful for someone who may be in a similar situation, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask!
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