8 days po - feeling great! Hopefully my drains come out tomorrow. :-)

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Hello Everyone! What a great place to learn...

Hello Everyone!
What a great place to learn everything there is to know about Tummy Tucks!! I am 42 and had 2 C-sections from which I never quite recovered. This TT is a gift from my hubby for giving him 2 adorable babies (some husbands buy their wives gold jewelry after delivery - well, that's nice, but I'm a practical girl) :-)

I am still very early in the process, still sorting through PS in my area, still trying to lose more weight, and still having 'fits' of excitement at the thought of having my small waist back!! My appointment with a second PS will be on Oct.11. Excited!!!! I will post 'before' pictures of the 'monster' that has been following me around for a few years now. Wishing everybody smooth surgeries and speedy recoveries!!

December 14 cannot be here soon enough!! I'm so...

December 14 cannot be here soon enough!! I'm so excited and nervous.

40 more days to go!! It doesn't seem real. I have...

40 more days to go!! It doesn't seem real. I have so much to do before the surgery. I'm going through a mixture of emotions - from excitement to anxiety to "I can't think about that right now." The 'before' pictures were painful to see/post, but I felt I owed it to you lovely ladies who posted yours. I will write more as the time approaches. Health!

Almost a month away and every day seems more...

Almost a month away and every day seems more stressful and scary if I allow it. For me, I think it's best not to think too much about the surgery. I feel extremely tense and irritable when I think too much about it, so I will not write a lot. but, overall, I am as ready as I can be.

I have done very little preparation for my surgery...

I have done very little preparation for my surgery coming up in two weeks. I do have many lists which you ladies have posted, which are very helpful. Thank you! What would we do without this site?! Honestly, I'm not sure what exactly I'm feeling right now, so close to the big day. I don't feel depressed or guilty, as others have written. Even though I have seen amazing transformations here, for some reason I do not have high expectations of my surgery. Bizarre! I wonder if this is a defense mechanism in case things don't turn out as I want them, or recovery takes longer than expected. But I'm not usually a negative or pessimistic person. I'm just cautious, I guess. I do have a class a week before surgery - I suppose that is consuming most of my energy right now. I do have sometimes fleeting thoughts of excitement mixed with worry and panic about the surgery. If I allow it, I could even envision myself looking fabulous on our upcoming cruise in October, no longer dreading the summer season as I have done for so many, many years, and playing on the playground comfortably with my two princesses. There is so much to dream about, why shouldn't I? Did any of you feel indifferent or cautiously happy so close to the surgery? From what I've read, I should be totally stressed out just about right now. Well, I'll let you all know if anything changes. So far, I'm content with taking one day at the time. Keep on writing your stories - they strengthen so many of us and ease our worries; and let's keep on praying for one another. I wish you happy healing and fabulous results!! :-)

I wrote before that I am cautiously happy about...

I wrote before that I am cautiously happy about the tummy tuck. Well, I got my confirmation call today about my surgery next week, and I am super excited and nervous.!!!! I am concerned, though, about blood clots and pulmonary embolism. I've never had them, but 2 women here wrote about getting them, just last week. I'll follow dr.'s orders and pray. That's all we CAN do, right?

My little one (2 years old) just came down with strep throat yesterday. She's a miserable little cookie. :-( I feel a little sore throat coming on too, but nothing else. Dr. said that even if I'm on antibiotics for it he would do the surgery. PTL.

Today I tried on several outfits from my closet, and got myself excited about the surgery. I am nervous about it but the thought of another miserable summer, burning up in body armour under thin clothes (heavy shapers) just to make myself look ok, is too much to take. I can't take another summer feeling miserable, making excuses to my kids why I can't take them to the playground, or why I am not coming to the water park, why I can't roll down the hill with them, why I'm not going to the pool, why I don't want to go to my hubby's holiday parties - I'm tired of excuses - I'm tired of letting my life, my youth, my kids' childhood pass me by - I'm ready for this, I'm ready for the flat side, with God's help I will recover without complications and I wish you all the same!!

Happy Healing and Fabulous Results!

Fears: - general anesthetic - seeing no...

- general anesthetic
- seeing no significant change
- blood clots/embolism
- adverse reaction to meds
- prolonged recovery
- other long/short term complications

- even a small change will make a difference
- embracing summer fashion/activities
- jump-start to a healthier/thinner me
- body will match my personality
- less/no back pains

Keep me in your prayers, ladies. I'll see you all...

keep me in your prayers, ladies. I'll see you all on the flat side!

I know you guys love pictures - me too - will post...

I know you guys love pictures - me too - will post some on Saturday when my foley and pain pump are out. Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. You are an amazing group of people!! Hugs and good wishes to all of you recovering and to you all who are anxiously awaiting your big day. I wish you all HEALTH and FABULOUS RESULTS!!
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