400cc HP silicone! *Post Op* 5'7 130 pounds. Started with 34b

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Hi guys! I just wanted to start out by saying this...

Hi guys! I just wanted to start out by saying this website has helped me sooo much! I have been thinking about a BA since I was 18! I got married at a young age and my husband is a marine so it just kept getting pushed aside due to deployments, training and moving! Well I finally convinced him now is the perfect time! I've picked the dr who happens to have a special going on! If I go to a group session and schedule my surgery between April 11-28th (I know so soon!!!) I can get silicone implants for $3950!! I jumped at this opportunity considering I was going to get the cheaper saline for that price anyways! I was thinking along the lines of 400cc to 450cc. I have wide set hips, 130 pounds and I am 5'7-5'8, I am a 34b. I don't want to look like Pamela Anderson but I am terrified I will be small! My best friend got 350cc over filled and she said she wishes she went bigger! But from what I understand a lot of people do!
I am going to post some pictures to give you a idea of what I am now.
I'm SOOO excited for my consultation I cant stop thinking and looking at BAs (my husband is actually sick of it... Shocker! Lol) I'm just nervous the dr is going to do my measurements and give me little boobs! But I trust his judgement.
Anyways!! Thankyou for reading and I hope you follow me through this journey!!

Wish boobs

I've been on this site for 3 days 24/7 (it feels like) I can't stop thinking about it/talking about it/ looking at pictures! I've run out of people to talk to about it but it's so hard to keep it all in!
I've found some pictures from this site I'm going to show my PS when I go for my consult March 12th (time is literally creeping by!)

Consultation done! Surgery booked!

So I went today for my consultation!! I have to say dr Saunders is wonderful!!! He made me feel SO at ease and he is very down to earth! Since I am doing the special I went for a group consultation and met one on one with him after for about 5 min. In no way did I feel rushed or given half care! He answered everyone's questions and was very in depth about everything.
He said because of my height and dimensions I can get any size I want but from what I told him what I want to look like he agreed 400cc to 450cc will be perfect! He's leaning more towards 450cc which is fine with me!!
My stats are:
A full B cup
130 pounds

My homework is to do the rice test and try on different clothes to see how they look! I'll update pics when i do these.

Oh! Surgery!

My surgery date is April 15th!!! I will get a call a couple days before to know what time!
Now off to do a happy dance bc it's a month away!

High profile vs Moderate?

I talked about everything else with my PS except this! Idk how I forgot! I remember him saying he leans more towards high profile but I want to make sure! I have been looking at pictures and I tend to lean more towards high profile but I do not want that high and hard look! If anyone has any advice let me know! My boobs now are a little low so I'm thinking with high profile I'll get the look I want.

Pre surgery jitters!

Okay y'all I'm officially 11 days out from my surgery! This is going to be a fast couple of days!! As some of you read earlier I'm a military wife whose husband has orders to de... I went back home to NC this weekend for some much needed best friend time! She's the friend that has her implants at 350cc over filled to 390cc.
Well anyways we did rice sizers and couldn't tell that much different between 350 and 400. I'm starting off with more boob then she did so I know our results will be different but as we were talking about it my friends brought up the fact that I'm tall and lankier then she is. My butt isn't big I have big hips so from the front I look like I can go bigger but from the side I might look too heavy.
I'm a very active person so I obviously don't want them too big but I'm paying all this money I want more then what vs can do in a push up bra.
Has anyone had these thoughts?! I feel like asking for 400cc I'm getting greedy bc I know as long as they are done good I will love them. But am I just second guessing myself by switching to 375?!

Rice sizers!

Well y'all 10 more days!! I sent my surgeon my wish pics (I will upload them) I feel like my initial thoughts on what I wanted and how I feel now have changed drastically. After a lot of research and soul searching I've come to my decision of 350-375cc I really like the 350cc I think it looks really good i think a little bigger will be perfect (375cc). I'll upload the rice tester pics which are 350cc.
Right now I'm eating really healthy and starting to clean my house to get everything in order for my surgery. My best friend will be coming up to help take care of me and I'm so excited!!

Stress stress stress

So I talked to my plastic surgeon today and told him my concerns with 400cc being to big for my body and how I liked the 350cc rice testers and he said that if I liked 350 with the rice I'll like the 400cc implants bc with the rice you loose 50cc.
Well do you want to talk about a curve ball thrown at me 5 days before surgery!!! I know it's only 50cc but I think it's going to be to big!! I'm talking to my friends about it and they all agree with me about being to big so that just solidifies my nerves!
Do I go with my friends and what I decided on or go with what the ps believes?!
Also I wanted mod+ but he said Hp will be a better implant and if I do mod+ I'll have some major side boob!
Ugh what to do what to do!
I'm uploading a picture of what I truly want to look like she has similar before boobs and she had 375 mod+

24 hours!

Well guys the time is near!! 24 more hours! I thought I was doing fine with the nerves but I slept like crap last night!!! I was up at 230am wide awake unable to go back to sleep!
Right now I'm still nervous about size! On a good minute I'm leaning more towards 400cc listening to my plastic surgeon, what y'all said and most of my family. The only thing that's holding me back is my best friend, like that one person who knows what your thinking, what your going to do, and is my right hand man! She thinks it will be too big so I'm second guessing myself because she knows me more then I know me. I honestly think it's going to come down to what I'm feeling at that moment for surgery!
I'm also thinking the whole special I'm doing. I did a lot of research before and had a good idea of what I want so it might be the nerves of it being this week that has me second guessing myself, since the rest of the time I was fine. It's so fast pace and my pre op was over the phone so I never tried on sizers or even got my measurements. So it has me thinking does he even remember me to say 400cc will be the perfect fit?! I even asked to pick up my meds today or sometime this week bc I have a fear that they won't give my husband the narcotics or end up messing it up and they told me no I have to get them during surgery. So I just feel like it's added stress to a already stressful situation. I love his results and he's very nice, if it wasn't for that I'd cancel.
Today I'm just going to go shopping head to the gym and finish cleaning my house give my dogs a bath and meal prepping!
Also prepping my body lol shaving and face masks!

Last small boob pics!!

I'm done!!!!

Well I was superrrrr nervous going into surgery but everyone was so nice and dr Saunders even held my hand right before I went under!! I feel really good I can use my arms and I'm not in that much pain other then my incisions burn so bad! Plus the ace bandage is really tight. I'm hoping i will be okay and it's not the fact I'm high on all those drugs! I went with 400cc the dr assured me it wouldn't be to big! SOOO HAPPY the wait is over and I'm on the other side! I also got so nervous that I would get sick bc I always throw up when I have surgery! I've maxed out my nausea meds for the next 3-4 hours so I guess there is still time! I go back tom to see them!!! I can't wait!


My best friend got me a boobie basket!!! It has a tank top that says "just got em", ice packs, Mac and cheese, all my favorite candies, protein shakes, pjs, and post op bras, laxatives and fuzzy socks! She is deff the best friend in the whole world!

More pics!!!

Day oneeee

Day one!!

Hey yall! I just got back from my post op apt. I started to get really nauseous after I took my meds and I thought I was going deff puke before I left but held it together! I got to the office saltines and water in hand lol, she took the ace bandage off and it was a breath of fresh air!! They are SO high and square but I love them!!!! Dr Saunders said they look awesome and I'm healing really good!! My right one is literally to my collar bone and he said it's okay! I take the pain pump out Monday and I can finally shower!!! She wrapped me back up which I was hoping they wouldn't and I could wear my bra!
After standing like that I got nauseous and had to stay there for like 15 min waiting for it to pass, I ended up puking which surprisingly didn't hurt (I swear this pain pump is life)! After I felt amazing and ended up going to whole foods and got arnica and organic soap to shower with when I finally can. I'm a very organic and healthy person.
I just got home I gotta make sure I take it easy even tho I feel like I can move around and do stuff I don't want to over do it. She said it's okay to walk around and move but nothing crazy. I feel SO lucky that my healing process has been so good. I'm taking arnica and my antibiotics and nothing else and I feel fine. at night I'll prolly take my Valium.
I'm so happy I went with 400cc bc if they stay this size I will be in love! I start my massages Tuesday the day I go back to work so I'll be touching my boobs all day at work! Lol
Here are some pics don't mind the iodine!

Oh the pain!

I think I spoke to soon. Yesterday I wasn't in much pain just some discomfort but then throughout the day I started getting really nauseous when I would move around and couldn't really eat anything other then saltines. I think I've eaten a whole box in 3 days.
Well I think bc I haven't been moving around it's made me more stiff bc this morning when I went to use the bathroom I was in some serious pain. I was holding my boobs bc they felt like they were going to rip out of the bottom!
I get so sick from the oxycodone so I do not want to take that but I took some tylonel and I'm about to wake my husband who has been taking such good care of me to get me a Valium since it's a muscle relaxer.
I think my pain buster has worn off bc I'm deff starting to feel these puppies!!!

Day two!

Okay so last night and day were horrible but after I took some Valium at 4am I felt good enough to go to sleep. I'm doing better today. I think I'm going to take my pain buster out today since I don't feel really numb and I think that I'll shower and put a yoga bra or post op bra on he said I can do it tom but I really want it out and he also said if it falls out clamp it and I can shower first thing Monday morning. Considering some Drs don't even wrap you the next day I think I'll be good I'm thinking the only reason he does it is for the pump to stay in place.
Other then that my implants are at my collar bone they are so high and I'm drinking some smooth move to helpfully poop some time today!!!

Some more pics!

My first shower and pain pump removal!

Well let me say I was a nervous wreck taking out that pump! I almost chickened out but it didn't hurt at all!!! I showered and it felt amazinggg! I know I took one like 12 hours before the ps said to but I had to take my pump out it was irritating my skin and pinching something! I put a post op bra on and it's kinda loose I'm going out today and getting some more.
My husband is so sweet and helped me shower!!! I'm still really tight and constricted on my movements. A little pain but more discomfort then anything they are so high and square but I still love them I think that once they drop they will look amazing.
It's weird having them be numb but now my incisions are burning a little but I think I'm going to start feeling more now that I took the pump out.

Day three

Well my back officially feels like it's broke it hurts so bad sleeping on it! I'm having my husband bring me home a heating pad hopefully it will help!
Today is the first day I'm at home alone since the surgery my husband put everything in my reach. I'm going to try to take a shower washing my hair might be a issue.
I feel better not much pain just a lot of discomfort and my chest is soooo tight I'm starting to feel like it will never end it's discouraging to be out of commission for so long I just want to take depth breaths wash my hair and get a plate from the cabinet!
Yesterday I went to kohls and got some yoga bras bc I couldn't find any post op ones. I feel like I don't eve need them there's puppies are stuck in place! Lol
I go back to work tom hopefully I'll be better!

My partner in crime

New bra

Switched up my bra today and I love them in pics from the front from the side they still look hard!

Ahhh movement!

Hey Guys! I am still a little stiff today but I am able to move my arms all around! I can't really reach out and grab stuff but I was able to shower wash my hair which felt amazing!!! I'm a little worn out but it's okay. I started my massages and they didn't hurt as much as I thought they would and I plan on doing them as much as possible in hopes they drop soon! I don't really notice a difference in them now then when I got them. They seem really big to me and I'm hoping when they drop they will look nice!
On another note I finally had a BM!!! Today is a good day lol

5 days post op

Well nothing really has changed since yesterday, I was able to shower and wash my hair better I have more strength and motion in my arms. I'm going to keep massaging today, trying to do it 3 times a day to help drop them. This website has me fearing them dropping out of the pocket or never dropping lol he said massaging will only help.
My friends say they can tell a difference but I can't my nipples are practically pointing at the floor. I am going to attempt to run to the store today and maybe take a walk I need to get out of the house!
The only time I really feel tightness is at night other then that I'm practically pain free!

Out and about

Day 6

Nothing much has changed for the past couple of days I keep massaging them and I'm thinking about looking up other massages my PS only showed me 3. I am going to the store today to get a real post op bra I've been wearing yoga bras since I took the ace bandage off and I think a different bra will be good. My ps said either one will be fine.
I think I can tell they are dropping more I'm not sure I'm starting to get a little down bc I hoped I would be one of the lucky ones and have them look really good right off the bat but I'm not letting it get to me it hasn't even been a week!
I love the cleveage I have in the middle of my boobs and I hope that doesn't change but I'm scared of the sides. I want side boob and I'm crossing my fingers that when they drop they will fill out the side more and not change the middle.
I'm anxious to see what size I will be on some days I think they are small on others I get scared when they drop I'll be huge!
My right incision causes me some pain sometimes and it itches every once in a while I think I may have some dried up blood on there that is causing that. I'm hoping it's not something serious! I take the tape off sat so we will see!
I go back to work tom and sat 2 12s in a row and I'm kind of glad bc I know it will wear me out and give me something to do!

One week!

Well today I went back to work they let me work the front desk so there wasn't much activity except a lot of reaching and walking around which wore me out I'll sleep good tonight! I have another 12 hour shift tom.
My boobs haven't really changed I don't think I'm patiently waiting and trying not to get discouraged bc it's only a week!
I also took my incision tape off I was so nervous but I soaked in the bath completely submerged and they came off effortlessly! There was a lot of dried blood and still is but I was too scared to really scrub them off!
Here's some updated pics trying to show my day to day process even tho I don't think it's much!
I've also been massaging 3 times a day!

First real outing in a tank top!

Over a week post op

These puppies have dropped a lot thank god and are starting to get softer! The massages are helping. I'm not self conscious about going out in a tank top bc they looked like a linebackers chest! I've been doing the 2 massages my ps told me to do 3 times a day I'm trying to decide if I should try to do different ones.
My only fear now is that they will get closer together I love my cleavage in the middle I don't want that to change I want them to come out more to the side I want some side boob!!!! They have a little since I got them done but not as much as I would like. The massages I'm doing is mushing them together and pinching the top I'm nervous bc I'm not doing anything to move them to the side it's going to stay like that. Or I'm just getting worried for no reason lol.
Well here are some pics!!

Not much change!!

Yesterday and today I'm really feeling like my boobs are now a part of me! Like I can move my arms around without feeling discomfort or walk around without feeling the weight of them! It's amazing and I love them I can't wait for the drop and fluff (still waiting for my side boob) I go on the 3rd to see my dr for my 2 week post op! I can't wait to see what he says about them!
Massages are no joke and they leave me so sore!


So I've been really down on how my right boob is looking but then I realized it's how it always looked it's just more pronounced now that they are bigger. My ps said I was a little off in the beginning but said its not much and if I don't notice it which I never did. I'm hoping when they fluff more I won't notice that much of a difference

2 weeks!

These girls are officially 2 weeks old! They still have a ways to go! I've been massaging like crazy and they are finally starting to feel a part of me! I don't even realize they are there half the time! I find myself grabbing them a lot which can get awkward at work or the store! Whoops! Well here are some pics

2 week post op apt

Well just got done with my 2 week post op appt! He said everything looks good! Told me to put bio oil on the incisions so I just ordered some! I'm going home in 2 weeks and I'm nervous about how they look they are huge and high and I will be wearing a bikini I'm hoping they drop soon!


Not much of a change but my incisions are looking good! I've been putting bio oil on them and it deff has been helping!

One month!!

Well the girls are one month old today!!! I love them and everything about them they are so fun! They still are really high but it's okay they are getting there!!! Don't mind the sun burn I was out on the lake all day!

Getting ready for work

I love how you can tell the difference day to day with them!


I loveeee them! Totally makes me more confident!

Almost a year!

Sorry I haven't been on here in a while! A lot has changed for me! I moved back home to NC and I'm in the process of getting a divorce.. but Here are some pics of my girls now! I love love love them! It was the best decision!


Just another pic
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

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