got 400 ccs & super happy with my results

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Super nervous just hoping I get what I want. I...

Super nervous just hoping I get what I want. I just lost my youthful look to them breastfeeding my son. So Im going in for a breast lift from the aeriola. Not sure what size ccs to get get lol.. Im 5'2. 115pounds... But definetly getting the silicone underneath the muscle ..liked the 400cc but wanting something natural

Breast lift and implants

Okay ladies this is my second update.. Im getting even more nervous because my pre op..Is just around the corner just 3 days from now!!!! Ughh dont know what other questions to Ive been making a list so I wont forget... Any other ladies can give me Ill be will really appreciate.!!!! Just super nervous just pre op makes it official since I will pay the whole amount. OKAY theres no going back then!

Pre op Yesterday

So yesterday was my pre op. I went to fill out all my paperwork basically signing that I know what I'm getting into & that they're not responsible lol.... Just wasn't such a good day yesterday My hubby has been supportive since the start of me getting a BA. So now that I actually need him to take care of our son he was no where to be found. Omg !!!! Bad day yesterday.. I let the Dr. Marin know that I suffer from a syndrome called Hyperemesis when pregnant and wanted to know if it will affect me while being under anesthesia. So he told me it does because after I wake up or through anesthesia I can react a certain way. Just hope I don't get motion sickness after I wake up!!! That really scares me!!! They gave me medicine to take a day before and day of surgery in the morning. Shannon the nurse is super nice and she explained everything to me so Im happy about that. Lets see how it goes!!!! So I also payed yesterday, and that was painful on its own. Lol the lady told me if I payed in cash I will get a discount So hey I'm all about saving some money. So I did.. But its official theres no going back..

I think that my phone and computer has became inappropriate lol

too much downloading wish pics. Im getting closer to my surgery date> And omg the more closer it gets feeling like Im to scared to do it lol...Im afraid ill back out but theres to much money not too......UGhhhhhhhh hate this feeling 2 more days......

everything went well in surgery!!

Now im 4 days post op ...I just feel that my left side is okay but my right is stilll riding high and super hard.. Dont know whats going on . I Stopped the medicines because they had me on another level of lala land.. just want to feel at 100%...already....kinda have the blues wished i didnt do it...dont know just want to recover already...I wonder if its normal that my right is super hard ?? Let me know ladies getting scared

My month update

I been to lazy to get on here and write a update but the first week was horrible so glad thats over. At the beginning i felt like i did the biggest mistake I was in so much pain. Couldn't really sleep had to be on top of my meds and just snaking on little small things like toast or jello. It was horrible and after that week I was having a lot of pain but i guess its because my nerves were just getting used to the stretch.But now a month after the pain is worth it I still gotta be on my sports bra. Its hard to have shirts for sports bra. Looks like I live in the gym lol.. But can't wait till my dr. gives me the okay to wear bras...Something that i do miss is sleeping comfterble... feels like i can never find my spot... well i guess this is all for now I still get pain sometimes but is all tolerable.. Just feels like I can't stop touching them now lol...well I feel like they still feel somewhat hard so I want them to become squishy....So they did tell me to massage and I have been ,.. But no heavy lifting yet I can't carry my son :(... Last time i kinda forgot and tried to put him in the carseat and i felt like my implant was going to burst out. I don't know it felt weird But no more trying to carry my toddler. He does good getting in and out I just basically put the straps.. BUt yes this is all for now

I did get the 400ccs and 415 on the right since one was slightly bigger that the other

So I did get the hight profile since for my size thats what the dr. recommended me. That would look better since i Am smaller frame I am 5'2 105 pounds so small.. But I can honestly say that I'm very happy with my results. Even if it was painful and its hard to sleep still I will get pass it but super happy I did it. And my man is super happy with the results

A late update

Well it's been a while since I updated since my BA and I gotta say my overal experience went well. But the only thing now is that I can't sleep on my stomach don't know something about it that I don't like. Dissapointed!! And I lost sensation on my right side..and around my nipple if I touch it just a little bit it hurts tremendously!! But the side of my breast is completely numb! Don't know but I should of waited till I was older to get them done.. I do like them don't get me wrong but just certain pains that come and go it's the worst... I mean a push up bra would do the trick for girls that want boobs. Wished I could go back and waited

Feeling that the size was perfect

Feeling that I made the right choice on the size and I'm glad of how they look. They are porportionate to my body and size. 400ccs best choice. Now that they have settled and rounded out they are perfect. Dr.marin is amazing. But still on my right side I feel some numbing. And on my right nipple feels super sensitive. They say it can take up to a year for the sensitivity goes down but by left is normal. I'm pretty happy with the new girls. And my fiancey loves them as well. Feeling that it gave me more of a boost on my self esteem. Since being a mommy kinda changed my apperance. But I'm pretty scared if I ever think of having more kids. Since I know hey can change the look of them. Hope someone can tell me if they change severely. Or hardly? That's my main question!!! Please someone answer lol
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Went to see Dr. Marin for the consultation didnt really have a lot of questions. But they did make me feel super comfterble.. I really liked that and really profesional staff ... So i made my desision to actually make an Appointment for my Ba and lift... Hope all goes well

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