Rhinoplasty 9 Years Ago. Time to Revise! Europe

What I had on my face before my first rhinoplasty...

What I had on my face before my first rhinoplasty was called nose, but for sure it was not one. After op it went from 1 to lets say 5, and it was such a huge improvement for me that I was happiest in the world. However it still bothers me and now I feel mentally ready to try to improve it once more.

Searching revision rhino specialist

So now I am in research for someone I could trust my nose to once again. I spoke to my original surgeon (will not post his name here, I think its enough to know he is from my very small country, where very few rhinoplasties are carried out every year, so no chances for mastering it, however in my opinion he's very good), but he did not feel he could help me further, so I expanded my research worldwide.

And being not so limited financially (fortunately) I am very limited time wise and absolutely cannot afford numerous consultations, even if they are very advised... I decided I could manage 2-3 consultations during this year, with the operation hopefully next autumn... Hopefully.

I contacted almost all the surgeons from my "wish specialist list" via email sending them my pictures and asking if I seemed a good candidate for revision or better leave my nose alone. To be precise, two of them were not in Europe, but simply wanted to hear their valuable opinion. All of them were very kind to respond me and in all of their opinions my nose can be somewhat improved. As one Dr put it-I have good reason to be optimistic. And I am. To a certain extent of course, more optimistic-realistic.

The list I gathered was mainly "inspired" by all kinds of forums as I find them a great source (not that I trust 100% of reviews of course) for finding out the experiences of real people. So if anyone curious I considered
Dr Toriumi in Chicago - quoted ~25000 usd all in for my revision (plus 2-3 weeks stay in US). For now I no longer consider going to US since I feel the follow ups would be a problem to me.
Dr Hosnani in Tehran - his gallery is out of this world. And he specialises in thick skin patients just like me. There must be many more super good rhino specialists in Iran, however I found very few due to lack of English websites. He quoted me 3300 usd full service pack plus ~9 days of hotel seperately. Might need to use ear graft. Spoke about 60% improvement he feels he could deliver.

And my top 3 I found in Europe I feel I want to consult in person:

Dr Trenite in Amsterdam-super experienced, wrote numerous books on rhino, quoted me up to 9000 eur all in (with rib graft most probably).

Dr Robotti in Bergamo Italy - did not give his quote, but from experience of the others it could be ~10-13000 eur (will precise the quote later). He feels he would need to use the rib graft. And he thinks I can be optimistic:) his gallery is fantastic.
Other two revision specialists in Italy I consider are Dr Palma in Milan and Dr Sciuto in Rome. If I would manage to squeeze 3 consultations in one short visit to Italy, I would love to see them as well.

Dr Ion in London - offers 3d imagining, uses innovative operation techniques, part of them invented by him, offers good after care. Already booked a consultation. To be honest my intuition pushes me towards him very much. And being a woman I take it seriously:) if he agrees to take my case and we find a consent, I might stop my research there.

Thats about it for now. I contacted few other revision specialists, all of them fortunately cite the same problems and offer more or less the same solution, which is great.

Will let you know how things proceed.

Good luck in your researches if you are searching and fast healing to those already post op!
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