Drainless TT, 425cc , lipo of the hips & thighs 5.21.14

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It's my time!!! 2 kids & small weightloss, I want...

It's my time!!! 2 kids & small weightloss, I want my body back! I have been wanting this surgery for years now with heavily researching and watching this site for over 6 months. I had 2 consults the 1st week of March with Dr. Nijher, Ocala and Dr. Lentz, Daytona & made my decision to go with Dr. Lentz. Both had great personality and I clicked with both But Dr. Lentz was able to do more for me with his access to the hospital. I'm scheduled for a b/a, drainless tummy tuck with lipo of the hips, inner & outer thighs!

Pre op Packet

I got my pre op packet in the mail!! I'm super excited! It feels so surreal! ????

46 days to go...

I'm getting so anxious waiting for my new tummy & boobs! I love reading everybody's journey it makes it harder to wait. I still need to buy all my recovery supplies. Not sure where to start. And what you can and can't really live without!

It's getting closer to summer and I'm dying to get bikini ready for the first time in my life!!!! That's right I don't think I have ever worn a bikini...lol

1 month until pre op

1 month exactly til my pre op appointment! I'm excited and scared and nervous and thrilled at the same time... so many emotions at once! I'm re reading my pre op packet and going over the Dos and donts!

30 days from today!!!

1 month to go! Today I met up with a super nice and awesome lady I met on RealSelf, that passed on her equipment she no longer needed! It was very much appreciated! a toilet seat riser, walker, shower chair and some compression garments & bras!! The coolest thing is she went to the same doctor I'm going to!

Question time!

pant size

I have 18 days til the flat side! I'm wondering all you ladies what size where you before your tummy tuck and what size are you now? I'm uploading a few before pics in my clothes for comparison later. I'm currently 147lbs & size 8/10.

2 more weeks!

2 more weeks to go! I'm so anxious, nervous & excited! I got all my stuff taken care of.... hotel, supplies, clothes & such! Pre op next week and payment in full.. Yikes! But I know it's gonna be totally worth it. Thanks RealSelf family for making me feel it's possible!

Happy Mother's Day! single digit count down...

Single digits folks! Woo Hoo! Only 9 more days left looking at this infamous nasty flub hanging over my pants! :( I'm so ready to get this off of me!

Pre op

Happy hump day! Got to spend the day with my wonderful husband as today was my pre op appt at the surgeons & the hospital! Paid for in FULL... $0 balance! I'm glad I called the bank to verify if the transaction would go thru at the dr.s office. They said no, not for that amount. so I had to get a cashiers check yesterday last minute. Today we decided on 400cc for my left and 425cc for the right subglandular . Everyone at Florida Hospital was so kind and genuine. Answered all questions we had. They were amazing to work with. I am to arrive at 5:30am next Wednesday and the surgery should take about 7 hrs they told me. I'm thrilled with my choice in procedures and the surgeon!

pre op day pic

Less than 24hrs

Less than 24hrs to go! I'm packing and getting ready for the 1.5hr ride over to Daytona Beach. Hotel? Meds? Clothes? Husband? I think I got it all! Tomorrow at 5:30am... YIKES!! See ya'll on the flat side!

home from the hospital

Ok I'm out of the hospital and made the 1.5 hr drive home today. I'm a big sissy cause it hurts really bad! I m resting in the bed & very tired. I didn't get to sleep in the hospital since they come check on you ever 2 hrs. The Dr. wants me walking every 1 hr for circulation. I got a sneek peek cause I had to take a shower to leave the hospital but was to nauseated to take pics. I'll take some soon! Night night!

Post op day 1 pix

Post op day 1 pix

2 days post op pix

Just getting ready for a shower. Feeling much better. That's my Hubby getting ready to shower me. I used my shower chair...and let me jus say you definitely need one of those. I was able to do a lot of the washing and shampooing. I love my new body already & it not even to its full potential!! Dr. Lentz is an incredible artist!

4 days post op

Feeling better and better each day. doing more and more than the day before. Feeling a little more like myself. Slowly standing up right. Just aches and tenderness. I haven't taken a narcotic since the hospital stay. Just my Naproxen & Robaxin & arnica & bromelain. Eating small meals more often. love my pineapples and watermelon. Coughing hurts like a mother and I cough at least twice when I wake up I hug a pillow against my stomach 1st.

One more

Here is another pic

1 week!!

Wow! It's been 1 week! I never thought I'd make it! It does get better each day. I was able to sleep on my side. And best of ALL give my husband and kids a real hug! My shower last night I was able to shower myself completely and shave but supervised (my hubby enjoys watching) with help getting out and drying. I was able to blow dry my hair!

Yesterday was my first whole day alone. I made lunch & snacks got my own drink, walking without my walker. I even left the house with my husband for the 1st time since surgery to go pick up our girls from school. It was refreshing!

I am thankful to be less dependent each day and I'm 100% confident in myself and with the decision to do this!!

9 days more pix

So I went to my 1 week post op check up yesterday. Dr. Lentz said everything thing looks great. No fluid building up! Said I'm recovering great too! This time I took a shower and dried off with no help or supervision! Progress my friends! I feel amazing in side and out! I'm so happy I did this! Here is some pix in my bathing suit.

13 days post op

13 days post op! I'm wearing jeans!! Over my garments that is....lol back to work tomorrow! Not sure how it's going to go but hoping for the best!

2 weeks post. do my thighs look big?

2 weeks post op today! Back to work. This is me in my uniform... my back was achy from standing all day and not being able to straighten it. But I wasn't to tired or worn out. Even as I sit here my sides and legs are getting more sore. And I'm a little concerned about the upper thighs (saddle bag area) getting bigger over this past week. What do you think?

I'm cleared!

I had my 2 week check up yesterday! I'm so stoked & so is my Dr. on how well i was feeling and how straight i was standing! He cleared me to do everything I did pre surgery minus core exercises!

This morning i picked up my 17 month old daughter for the first time in 2 weeks! Do you know the joy that brought to my heart?!?! I felt amazing!
I owe it all to feeding my body the nutrients it needs to heal every morning. Here is a pic if me in the morning enjoying my 2 favs!

A pic of my scar. Apparently I had glue on top of it with the dried blood and purple markings it looked hideous before. Well now the glue is removed and it looks great. Except one small spot on the side.

And... NO compression garment anymore! He said it won't hurt anything to not wear it but I would probably swell more. So I decided to go to Target and buy a high waisted over the sholder mid thigh garment. I decided to wear it and my binder to work all day and maybe nothing to bed. What do you think? I'll let u know what happens.

Just some pix

I'm feeling excellent! Started my leg & butt workout yesterday...time to tighten and tone the jello! Lol This is the garment I've been wearing it's so comfy! I've been wearing my binder on and off and there is definitely more swelling without it.

4 weeks today!

4 weeks post op today! Feeling great! Still at 147.6 lbs Some days I wear my binder and some days I dont. I actually need to buy a medium as I'm on the tightest of the large and it's not as tight as I like it. I do have swelling later in the evening and it still feels weird & I'm still numb around my incision. I sleep on my sides and back with no discomfort now! Laid on my stomach once for a massage from my hubs but still scared to do it again. All my bottoms are too big and my tops fill out nicely!! Which is a good problem to have! :) Everyday I have my adaptogenic drink and my nutritional shakes! That's the key to a healthy recovery!

5 weeks

I can't believe it's already been 5 weeks! It seems like yesterday that it was the day after and I felt like I got hit by a train... i have come a long way. I feel 110% like self again. Doing everything like before. When I twist I feel the tightness pulling in my sides from my waist being contoured! I haven't started scar therapy yet, but I want to soon! Here's a few pix!

bikini time!

I m so super excited to purchase my first ever bikini! Also we just ordered my scar strips and cream. So ill be posting updates for my scar!

8 weeks post op photos

Just started my scar treatment!
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