Mommy of 1, Was 34B- mod + profile saline implants done 3.19.14

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I had wanted to get breast implants for so long. I...

I had wanted to get breast implants for so long. I have never been blessed with big boobies and Victoria's Secret bombshell bras were my savior for years. I had a baby in 2009 and my boobies got huge after my son was born, it was great! Unfortunately it didn't last and they shrunk down, a little smaller than they were before! :-( I have a few friends who had the BA done and they were 100% happy with their results so I decided to set up a FREE consultation with Dr. Rex!

At my consultation, Dr. Rex spent a lot of time explaining to me the differences between silicone vs. saline implants. I was really interested in the silicone "gummy bear" implants but they were 1. $2,000 more than the saline. and 2. My concern regarding the silicone was that if they ruptured it would not be as noticeable, producing a subtle leak that could be dangerous if undetected right away. With saline, if those suckers break, you know it right away lol. So ultimately, I decided to go with the saline implants. They have been used for years, and silicone implants were just approved again in 2006. Again, this is just MY preference :-)

I told Dr. Rex that I wanted to be a full C, possibly a small D. I was very concerned that my boobies would look too big and too fake, because I have a small frame. I'm 5'1 but I do weigh 140 lbs so I don't have a flat stomach like I used to before being a mommy!! My width was 13 inches so Dr. Rex told me that 450cc saline implants would give me full C's and "probably a D in Victoria's Secret bras". Dr. Rex said he would be putting the implants under the muscle and the incision would be underneath both of my breasts as opposed to the nipple or under the armpit. I went back for another consultation less than a week later because I went home and of course, googled "450cc saline implants". I found so many pictures of girls who had gotten them and their boobs looked HUGE! I started looking at pictures of girls that had gotten 350cc's and it started to make me wonder if 450 would be too big.

Here's the lesson I learned: Don't compare yourself with anyone else!! If you look online, someone may have 350cc's and they could look BIGGER than someone that has 450cc's. You can't go by anyway else because everyone's body and width is different. 450cc's on me would look a lot different on someone else. My advice: Trust your surgeon's recommendations. They know what will look best on you.

I went in for my surgery last Wednesday at 8AM. I was NPO (nothing by mouth) from midnight the night before but I was allowed to take 1/2 a valium with a sip of water before I left for the surgery center. An IV was inserted and they gave me some meds to relax me and also some Reglan for my stomach in case I felt nauseous. They took a set of baseline vitals and I sat there for awhile waiting for the doctor to come in. Dr. Rex came in and "marked" me, then the nurse anesthetist came in and talked to me quickly. Basically just asked me if I had any issues with anesthesia before.

I was wheeled into the OR and once I got in they made me move onto the operating table, and started something in the IV that made me feel pretty foggy and loopy. The nurses were SO nice and they could tell I was nervous. They told me everything would be fine and that they would be right there the whole time with me to make sure I was okay. Then they said "goodnight!" and the next thing I remember I was waking up in recovery.

I was in some pain when I first woke up and they gave me some fentanyl and percocet. I woke up with the surgical bra on and a strap and I was told to keep the bra on at all times except when showering, which I was allowed to do the next day. I was told to wear the strap 12 hours a day. I got home and slept most of the day (in a sitting position in a recliner).

So today I am 6 days post op and I'm feeling really good! The first 1-3 days I was pretty sore and I needed a lot of help from my fiancé as far as getting dressed, washing my hair, etc. You don't realize how much you use your chest muscles until you have a surgery like this! I did throw up a few times on day 2, but that was because of the percocet and I think the antibiotic. Both are pretty strong on the stomach, especially when I was taking the Clindamycin 3 times a day.

The first time I took off my surgical bra was the day after surgery so I could take a shower. When I took the bra off the soreness was pretty bad. Then I saw the stitches for the first time and that made me throw up lol. I got into the shower and once I got used to the warm water I felt SO much better, especially after being able to wash my stitches and dry them really well.

I am SO happy with my results. They still have to D&F, and I know this will take some time. They have already dropped since the surgery, and I'm thinking the strap helps a LOT when it comes to dropping. I haven't bought myself any bras because I know that I won't be able to get an accurate size until they D&F a little more. I did buy some sports bras, but I find that the surgical bra and the compression that it gives is a lot more comfortable than the sports bras.

I have my first post-op appointment on Thursday. I go back to work on the 31st. I would say that you definitely need a week to recover and get back to a normal routine. I'm still cautious about using my upper body.


Here are some pictures of my progress so far. Right is def healing faster than the left!

1 week post op!

So today is 1 week post op! I'm feeling great. I have taken 600mg ibuprofen just once yesterday and once today. I'm doing laundry, vacuuming, driving, etc. I actually drove for the first time on day 3 but it was a little difficult due to soreness. Day 4 driving was fine as long as I keep my hands level on the wheel lol.

I woke up this morning and my right boob had dropped more than my left. Then once I was up for a few hours my left looked more even with my right. My right is healing great, left is healing well too but taking a little longer.

I think it's strange that I have no feeling at all..i really hope it comes back! I haven't had any more burning sensation. In the past 2 days.

sleeping is a pain in the ass because noe my back is really starting to bother me. I can't sleep on either side and I'm SO sick of sleeping on my back.

I go back to work in 5 days and I feel well enough to go back now. Yay!

First post - op appointment

So I had my first post-op appointment today! It's been 8 days seen I had my BA and he said I was doing so well that I have no restrictions! I don't have to wear the strap anymore and I can wear whatever kind of bra I want, or none at all!

He showed me how to do the massage that will help the implants settle.

Just an FYI that I had 450cc for the right and 450cc for the left, mentor smooth round moderate plus profile :-)

9 days post op

Woke up with NO pain this morning and still don't have any :-) I just feel tight/stiff at times. I was able to sleep on my side last night too, rotating right and left because too long on one side did start to get uncomfortable after awhile.

I love my new girls! My right is still progressing faster than the left, so they look a little asymmetrical right now. My doctor told me that the left will align with the right once everything settles better.

I'm anxious to get fitted for new bras, even though I know it's way too soon! I'm thinking 6 weeks?? Stupid me forgot to ask at my post op appt yesterday!

2 weeks post op!

So today I am 16 days post op and I've been feeling great! My incision sites are healing really well and I only have discomfort after having a bra on all day at work. I'm still just wearing sports bras for now..I'm thinking of finally getting sized around 6 weeks so I still have a month to go before I splurge! They get a little softer everyday which is good because they are starting to seem more natural. I still have no feeling on either side where my nipples are both I was told it could take 6-9 months for sensation to return (if it does at all..ahhh, I hope that's not the case!)

They are still asymmetrical but I think it's because the left is progressing slower than the right. I accidently said in one of my last posts that I had 450cc on each side but I meant to say that I had 450cc on the right and 440cc on the left. I tried one of my old bikini tops on today and my boobies look so good! I'm SO happy with my results so far!

3 weeks post op

I'm seeing my boobs change a little bit everyday and I love them more and more! Again, I'm so happy with my decision to get implants and love my results. It's also given me that boost I needed to get myself healthier and my body in better shape for summer :) lol

I do find that after working an 8 hour day and wearing a sports bra that I start to get stiff and a little sore. The first thing I do when I get home is take my bra off and try to do the massages makes them feel a lot less stiff.

1 month post op!

Finally 1 month post op! I still want to wait a couple more weeks to spend $$ on nice bras. But over the weekend I was fed up with either wearing a sports bra or nothing at all (even though I do love how I don't have to wear a bra if I don't want to). So I bought a bra at Target and bought the 36D. I thought it fit at first but it started feeling uncomfortable and snug throughout the day. So I'm thinking I'm a 36DD :-) yay!

They are a lot softer now but still have a little ways to go. I hardly feel any stiffness anymore after working all day.

Looking at my pics from last week to this week..i can see the difference in how they've dropped. Woohoo! :-)

Now 7 weeks post op

So its been over 7 weeks now since my BA. I LOVE them and I'm just so happy I had it done. The best part about having a BA done..i don't have to wear a bra!! Of course I layer because you can see my nipples if I don't lol but I'm loving the bra - less life. I did buy a bra from VS and I was sized once I was 6 weeks post op. They sized me at a 36D :) just want I wanted! I bought a regular non padded bra but to be honest I don't wear it that much. I do need to say that over the past 2 weeks I have noticed that my left boob has dropped lower than my right. I'm hoping that the right catches up soon! I know I still have a lot of progress ahead..but so far I couldn't be happier :)

2 months post op

3 months post op!

Long over due update! 6 months post op today!

Haven't logged into this sight in 3 months! Not too much to say other than I love my boobs! lol. 3 months ago, the stretch marks on them were dark and really noticeable. I was getting worried that they were going to look that way permanently. I'm VERY happy to say that they faded significantly to the point where I really don't notice them at all in the mirror. My scars are very small and continue to fade over time. No regrets at happy with my decision!

over a year later!

Its been over a year since my BA. I couldn't be happier with my decision. I definitely feel more curvy and confident. My ONLY dislike is that at times I feel as though I look heavier. I guess that's obviously going to happen when your boobs get bigger though???? . But that brings me back to that word CURVY.. which is what I've always wanted. My right nipple is still rather numb..but only in certain spots. I have more feeling overall on the left nipple. I had dealt with really prevelant stretch marks about 4-5 months after my BA. Thankfully those have pretty much faded completely. My scars are very small and barely visible. My right seems a little bigger than my left. My bra size most of the time is a 36D. I say most of the time because bra sizes differ depending on what brand you use. I fit in a 36D-DD in Victoria's Secret bras.

over a year later

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