49, after losing 87 Lbs It's Finally Time for Fleur de lis TT and BL in Raleigh, NC

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So I started off meeting with Dr. Pyle for a...

So I started off meeting with Dr. Pyle for a consultation in October 2015 to discuss TT, BL and arm and thigh lift when I was 25 lbs from my goal weight. I did quite a bit of research looking for a Dr and had my mind made up that Dr Pyle was the Doc for me. I like that they have a stand alone surgical suite away from the hospital and I like that he does the drainless TT among other things. During the consultation I knew I made the right choice. He has an impeccable bedside manner and immediately put me at ease. He explained the procedures I was interested in starting with the TT and BL. He briefly went over the thigh lift and arm lift as they are planned as the 2nd surgery and he would go into more detail later. He gave me an opportunity to ask my questions, which I had plenty. Now I just need to lose the weight and move forward.

This is my new beginning and I can't wait! 2nd consultation with Dr Pyle- I am scheduled for TT and BL.

Well, after a lot of hard work at the gym and completely changing my diet I have lost 77 lbs since I started this quest in July. I have adopted a healthy and active lifestyle and I think that is the only way i could maintain this for my lifetime. I was heavy the majority of my life and "diets" just don't work for me, I always gained it back. I am ready to move forward and finally schedule a tummy tuck and breast lift. I am opting not to have a breast augmentation as i have hard large breasts my whole life and have always wanted smaller perkier boobs. i get excited just thinking about all the clothing options! My daughter is now 22 and i breast fed her for 10 months and my boobs deflated and started heading South. Now with weight loss and age they really hang uncomfortably low and going without a bra is not happening. Even with great support bras they hang really low. I've wanted this for a long time and so excited I now have a date set for April 4th 2016.
My arms and thighs are scheduled for December as I really enjoy hiking. This break in surgeries will give me time to heal, hike and then recover from 2nd surgeries during the colder time of year.

It's easy to hide things with your clothes on but baring all really puts it out there, warts and all. I will post pictures once I get over myself and the insecurity I have about my body image, it's not going to be like that for much longer and I know there are many out there that can relate.

3 weeks from today I'm scheduled for a BL and TT!!! Arms and thighs in December

My 1st of 2 surgeries is scheduled in three weeks and I can barely contain my excitement. I know the nerves will kick in at some point. I log my food daily just to make sure I'm on top of my calorie intake. Meeting with a dietitian monthly has been invaluable to me during my weight loss and now working with me as I "play" with calories as I'm maintaining an active lifestyle, again during recovery and then yet again when I go back to exercising and living life. I have promised her I will not weigh myself during recovery and a friend has offered to keep my scale at her house with the offer that I can call it everyday LOL! I must sound a bit nutty but I like to weigh myself everyday and drive myself crazy :) I have ordered the majority of my supplies and this site has been a great resource. I realize everyone is different and I bought what applied to me. I found that getting in and out of my bed was going to be a challenge so I decided to rent an electric recliner. The store will bring the chair, set it up and take it away when I'm done. I tried out the zero-gravity lawn chair and found that was not going to work for me. I am finally posting my "before" pictures as I know many brave women before me have done. After years of losing/gaining weight and breastfeeding my daughter for almost a year (she's almost 23 but my breasts never recovered) I now have large deflated breast which is never a great combination. My tummy area is mainly hanging skin. Friends that have not had weight issues suggested cocoa butter to reduce the sagging skin. Although they meant well, there isn't any amount of cocoa butter that would ever get rid of that much skin. Many of you ladies have already done this and I'm sure have nuggets of wisdom from your experience, words of wisdom are encouraged :)

Saying goodbye to the "past" wardrobe TT and BL in 19 days

As I finished up bagging the last of my "past" wardrobe to give to a person going through weight loss and the local thrift store my nerves got to me. I have held on to these clothes as my weight fluctuated through the years and now I was finally getting rid of them. I no longer need the "just in case" clothes. It's amazing how much stuff I have held onto through the years "just in case" I needed them. Not only is my closet well-organized with all my wonderful thrift/consignment store goodies it's divided into hiking, working out/Yoga, work and casual clothes. A year ago I didn't own yoga or hiking clothes, so my change to a healthy lifestyle is now reflected in the place I go to everyday. I used to hate going to my closet as it was a constant reminder of past weight loss/weight gain struggles and I really had a love/hate relationship with clothes. Now I enjoy going in my closet and playing around with my clothes and trying different combinations. I even have a mirror in there because I care how I look. So as I am preparing for surgery in just 19 days I am also saying goodbye to all the old stuff that no longer has a place in my home. This is just as much a mental transformation as it is a physical one for me. I'm nervous about the surgery but I am excited about moving forward with my life.

12 days until surgery... but who's counting lol

I had my pre-op meeting with Molly, Dr Pyle's nurse. She took my "before" pictures, she made it easy with her humor and it was over very quickly. She also went over everything with me and answered my questions which I always seem to have (lol) I am excellent at following Dr's orders as this will only help me heal and recover so I need to make sure I am clear on the directions and what's expected. I did my lab work and I'm sure they'll call if there is an issue. I ordered all of my supplies and they've arrived, thanks to the very helpful hints from the ladies that have done this before me and were kind enough to share their experience and well as the do's and don't lists.
I did end up renting a recliner from Rent a Center and that will be arriving the Saturday before surgery. I rented for 2 weeks with the understanding that I may extend if needed. I am opting to set up in my room as I have furry kids that love to greet me and sit on my lap which would be a nightmare that I don't even want to think about. ouch! I did get a grabby thing and a toilet seat riser. I am having an arm and thigh lift in Dec and I figured what I don't use this time around may come in handy for December. Better safe than sorry. I still need to get sports bras. Can anyone recommend a good sports bra that won't push up and without underwire?

5 days until TT and BL Raleigh, NC

As of today i have had a total weight loss of 87 lbs. I didn't intentionally lose the additional lbs it happened through being busy at work and getting ready in my home for the surgery. I know me, if I see something that needs to be done i will take care of it so I am trying to eliminate that temptation and frustration and do everything before Sunday. I want to give myself that time to just sit/lay and heal well. I have also been hiking 3 days a week for the past two months because I knew it would be several weeks before I could get out there again...bummer! I will not be able to get back to yoga for about 6 weeks which i completely understand, it's all about the core and that would just hurt like hell. I took my final before pictures as I know this helped me when I was looking at realself, to see who had a body shape like mine. I am 5'4" with broad shoulders and narrow hips aka the rectangle or athletic build. With the weigh loss I have skin and the pictures just cannot capture this. Anyone that has been through weight loss to this degree can relate to the amount of skin that you combat everyday and all the tricks of hiding it in your clothes. I had a G cup before I started losing weight and lately I can hardly find my breast at the bottom of my DDD cup bra! I'm excited about having a smaller breast size as I developed early and have had large breasts my entire teenage to adult life.
I think I have ordered and bought all the supplies. I'm doing my last visit to Walmart to get last minute things 2 days before. My sister is coming to take care of my for a week...bless her!
My next post should be after surgery. Until then....happy healing everyone!

4 days post op and things are okay

I had surgery on Monday. I was in excellent hands as not only did I have Dr Jeremy Pyle as my PS I had his wife, Dr M. Pyle as my anesthesiologist which put me at ease. I was nervous about this part of surgery and she went through everything with me. I remember as far as the oxygen mask being put on and then waking up in recovery. Everything went fine! I got home went up 6 stairs to my home SLOWLY and into my room to start my recovery. I opted to take 1/2 a pain pill as medication really knocks me out and the pain was manageable. I got up every three hours to pee and take meds and my sister(who came to take care of me) made me yummy smoothies with fruits and veggies. Day 2 was much the same. I will add that I'm glad I got the toilet seat riser and recliner, it made it so much easier. I started taking Arnica a few days before now I was also using the gel to help with bruising. I am hunched when I walk but I am walking on my own. I am so glad I have strong arms and legs as I have been able to get up and down on my own. My sister puts the pillows under my legs and covers me up each and every time I get up (sisters are great!) and of course the wonderful, healthy, cold smoothies. I did have the dreaded "clear the throat" cough which hurt like hell and then it was over, ouch! All in all it was pretty uneventful. I took pictures on on Day 3 right before my wonderful shower. Word of advise, sit down when you are taking off all your stuff and breathe normal full breaths when you take off the binder so you don't get light-headed. Thank goodness I could go from the seat to the seat in my shower. My body temperature
was wonky that day and 1/2 way through I was freezing and shivering but the shower still felt great. I got slathered up with arnica and jojoba oil and back into the binder, pjs and recliner. i'm getting tired so I will finish this tomorrow but I did want to post the Day 3 post op pictures. Happy healing everyone! I plan on taking more pictures tomorrow

Day 5 of recovery - a few days late :)

This update is a few days late. My sister leaves tomorrow morning so I am doing most things independently in preparation for doing it solo. So I am updating from day 5 of recovery. I am off pain med except for 1/2 on at night as I get very stiff and uncomfortable during the night. I have been alternating between my bed and the recliner during the night and it has been working out well. My mattress is high so I bought an exercise stepper at the thrift store for $3 and used rubber grip contact material so it doesn't slip on my hard word floors(it works great) I tied a long sheer curtain to my foot board to help me get in seated position and I also fold the comforter over it so I can flip the comforter over me when I get in. My butt was getting sore from sleeping, sitting and lying down and I told my sister what would be very helpful with this so she put together these make-shift pillows from the stuffing of an old pillow and put some in two pillow cases and I use them to fill in the gaps for comfort whether I am sleeping, sitting or standing and it has made a big difference. I took a shower and this time around it was much better. I put a small ceramic heater in the bathroom since I'm still sensitive to changes in temperature and that seemed to do the trick. i haven't gone outside walking yet as neighbors are cutting their grass and I do not want to start coughing and sneezing, I have been doing the dainty cough lol . Here are my updated pictures. The lipo looks so much worse than it really is against my lily white Irish skin.

7 days post op and I'm feeling more and more like myself everyday

Here is the actual 7 day post op post. I am still having trouble getting comfortable at night and sleep for about 3-4 hours. I am still taking naps during the day but less frequently. I'm starting to get a little stir-crazy but I am taking things very slow. I go back to work in a week and that will probably wipe me out the first week, honestly.

I am so happy with my results so far. I am very happy that I went with Dr Pyle and thrilled that I had the drainless tummy tuck. I couldn't be happier with the breast lift. I did end up losing alot of weight in my breasts and I was hoping I would end up with something smaller than a G cup. I don't know what the cup size is yet but it is certainly smaller than a G YAY! I always wanted smaller perkier breasts and I think I finally have them. All in all I am so happy I did this and it has been so worth it for my confidence. There is nothing more discouraging then busting your hump working out, changing your whole relationship with food, losing weight, feeling the muscles underneath and then looking in the mirror and seeing loose skin and looking fatter than you are. In December I am having the arm and thigh lift and I am a little nervous about it. There is so little about the thigh lift out there. I have talked with some ladies that have had amazing results with their thigh lift and it inspires me. I am looking forward to my doc appt tomorrow. I plan on driving myself and just walk very slowly up the incline to the office which will probably feel more like a mountain. Out of habit I usually park farthest away to get more Fitbit steps in but tomorrow I think I'll give myself a break.
Since surgery I have not weighed myself, put back on my Fitbit, or logged my food into My Fitness Pal and I'm okay with it... but not for very long lol I have been eating well and trying to keep my carbs and proteins up in order to heal well and just be good and kind to myself. Happy healing!

4 weeks post op Dr. Jeremy Pyle is the best... hands down!

I have my surgery 4 weeks ago and so much has changed in that time. My recovery has gone very well and I attribute that to Dr Pyle's skill, being a good patient, I was kind and took good care of myself during this time, and continued to eat really healthy. I have increased my protein and carbs to 120-150 mg each to allow my body to heal well since the day of surgery. Admittedly, the first few days I was not taking in enough protein as my appetite had decreased but by the end of the first week I just ate smaller meals to get in all in. I think the hardest thing about this recovery was the extensive muscle repair that was very necessary and I didn't anticipate being so tired the first 3 weeks. Last night I finally took off the month-old tape. I made every effort to keep it on as long as possible and trimmed it as needed but it was time to part with it lol . I am amazed with how good everything looks even with the evening swell! I'm not sure what I was expecting as I hadn't looked at the incision at all during this time (not once!) so I never saw the stitches and now the're gone! I am really pleased with the results so far. I used to have two ugly scars; one where the fleur de lis scar is now and one from my c-section but Dr Pyle removed both scars when he removed the skin and I now have much thinner and cleaner scars. Happy Healing everyone! 100% worth it!

Update: 7 1/2 weeks post op

I have been hiking for the past two weeks and I feel great. The muscle repair was the hardest to recover from as my muscles would constrict when I walked and my skin would pull REALLY tight. When I went in from my 6 week appt I was told that that was a normal sensation and i would not pull tear anything open ( that was my fear) just knowing that gave me peace of mind and just work through the weird sensation. I am swollen at the top two inches of my fleur de lis incision but I knew to expect that so it was no surprise. I went back to work after two weeks and just took it easy. The swelling in my legs was reduced when i changed from CG to Spanx Higher Power at 6 weeks. It gave me support where I needed it and didn't cut me off at the legs and it was so much more comfortable. My doc said I didn't need anything anymore but I wore it for another week and finally stopped wearing it. Has anyone else continued wearing theirs. I stopped the day I hiked with it on and it was so hot I was sweaty and gross. DONE! My energy level went back to normal at 5 weeks...thank goodness! I have been kind to myself during this and patient with the process. I continue to eat a clean diet. I am looking forward to getting my arms and thighs done in October. I was sent the picture of the skin that was removed ( yes, I requested a picture!) from my abdomen and sent the picture to my family so that they could say good-bye lol. Today is a new day and a new life.

96 lbs total weight loss. Next surgery... extended arm and thigh lift scheduled for end of October

I am scheduled for the last week in October. This will be the last of my surgeries and from what I understand they might be the most challenging. I was very fortunate, the recovery for my TT and BL went very well and I was back to hiking and exercising at 6 weeks. The most challenging thing with that was the extensive muscle repair as I had complete separation. The results make it so worth it and I couldn't be more please.

I have already warned my friends and family that although Halloween does follow my surgery, I don't want them to wrap me in gauze like a mummy and put me on the front porch like a scary decoration while I am heavily medicated. lol!

For this recovery my sister is coming to watch me for 3-5 days and then I am going to a friends for a week to quietly recover. I would love to hear from people that have had both of these surgeries and any helpful hints they can offer for recovery.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pyle has an impeccable bedside manner and immediately made me feel at ease from the first consultation. He explained the procedures to me, including a diagram, which I appreciated since I am a visual person. He made sure all of my questions were answered. I also like that he performs the drainless TT. The added bonus is Davis and Pyle has a surgical suite independent of the hospital.

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