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I've wanted fuller breast and a smaller waist for...

I've wanted fuller breast and a smaller waist for quite some time. So I chose to undergo a BA and lipo of the abdomen, midsection and flanks. I'm 4 days post op and I'm unsure if I made a good decision with getting the lipo. I dislike how I feel and look and it's becoming difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it's early, but I'm wishing I could undo lipo. My hip is numb and feels achy all at once; I swear I can feel the pockets where my skin was detached from the fat/muscle and I hate wearing this compression band 24-7. My post-op is tomorrow morning and I'm wondering if I just have the blues. Any advice is welcome.

Three day post op pic

Just a photo.

10 Days PO

So it has been exactly 10 days since my surgery. In this time I've had a post-op appointment to remove the steri-strips on my incisions (Day 5) and was told I can wear other soft sports bras and a different compression garment for my abdomen. I found a latex body shaped but it was so hard to get into that frankly I gave up. I also purchased and abdominal compression board which WORKS MIRACLES. I put on my medical compression wrap and then slide the board down the front of my abdomen at night mostly. Laying on my back the board helps to decrease the swelling a lot. I've been really impressed.

Did anyone who had lipo of the abdomen have trouble with standing up straight? I'm finding that I'm always slightly hunched over. Not too much, but enough to be noticeable. When I stand up straight I feel strain up and down my sides and abdomen.

My breasts are feeling great. Incision is still flat. Which is good because I have a history of keloids. In fact, Dr. Davison removed one the size of a pea from a belly button ring when performing the lipo. So I'm overly conscious about scars. I was told to rub the scars 2x a day with Aquaphor Healing Ointment. This has been keeping them soft. I'm not sure if they've dropped a lot. Maybe you all can tell.

I'm having a bit of boob greed. I'm worried I may not have gone big enough with the 415 cc HP silicone Naturelle implant. Maybe 450 or even 485 to get what I wanted - which is a really full and soft looking end result.

My skin is naturally VERY tight and I'm worried that this will slow my stretching and dropping process. Does anyone have any insight into that? Anyway a few pics attached. Sorry I was sitting in the bed with my compression wrap still on. I'll try to take more and add later.

More pics. 10 days PO.

Just more pics as promised. About to shower. Lines are from compression garments.

Another pic

This is in the morning after using the abdominal board. I realized that by putting the board in from the top down I was creating that pouch above my c-section scar. Last night I put it in from the bottom up and also reached behind it to make sure that the pouchy area was pulled upward and flat. That worked awesome. My results are attached.

Today I'm wearing the latex faja thing. Lol. I'll try to get pics once I get home from work and take it off.

One side dropping only. Looking CRAZY

I need reassurance. My left breast is dropping alarmingly faster than my right. The left looks HUGE compared to my right and it is noticeable. Is this going to correct itself when it drops or do they actually look different sizes??

Officially 2 weeks post op

So I've reached my two week mark. Overall I feel great. I tried on a few outfits last night to see my progress. Still not happy with my stomach. It's still very pouchy and I have one boob much higher than the other because it refuses to drop at my command. Lol. BUT I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that by the time I go on my cruise next spring, I will look awesome. I've been contemplating if I should have had my lipo'd fat injected in my hips and butt. My butt is pretty nice sized but it doesn't sit as high as it once did. So I've been wearing a butt lifting panty along with my abdominal compression garment. I love the way that lifts me.

I feel tight in all my lipo areas and have many of the hard lumps I've read about. I've been doing self massage but I'm going to research today to find someone to do it for me. Any ideas in the DC area ladies/gentlemen?

6/7 weeks post op

It's been a while since I've updated but I am seeing some major progress. My right breast is still taking longer than my left to settle but at this point, I have seen it settling so I'm not worried. My midsection and flanks are great, I can see the shape starting to...."take shape". I was a bit boxy before surgery and now have a definite curvy hour glass. I'm going to find some old pics to show my shape before. I've had a full body massage - amazing. I plan to get one or two a month. My massage therapist is amazing. Anyway, here are a few update photos.

Just a side by side

Pre op left (130 lbs, 1.5 years ago) vs post op right (141 lbs)

Scar Comparison

Here are a few side by sides of my periareola scars from week 1 vs post op week 7.

Lopsided boobs. Not the Doc's fault.

So I went for a second post op last week and complained about my right breast which is STILL high. He did a physical exam. The breast is NOT hard, so we don't believe it to be CC. however, we took a look at my before photos and wouldn't you know, this boob looked EXACTLY the same before. About 2 CM higher than my left. I'm pissed. I don't know with who. My genetics I guess. Lol.

He says that he believes the breast WILL eventually drop but I have to assist with constant massage to make the pocket open up and accept the largeness of the implant.

As you can see from the pic, the right is higher and fuller at the top. I'm going to begin aggressively massaging that breast only 2x a day. Have any of you ladies dealt with this ? Any tips or suggestions??

I'll post lipo updates separately soon.


Hey ladies,

I haven't updated in forever... I'm sorry. I'm about 7+ months post op.... Here are some pics of how I'm looking.


I'm annoyed by the unevenness of my breasts. It's not my surgeon's fault. He performed wonderfully. It's my natural breasts which were differently sized to begin with. Had I paid attention, I would have gotten a larger implant in the smaller breast. ????

I have a tendency to keloid so you can see my battle with scars is going to be a long one. I get steroid injections and another type from my doc every 6 weeks. They are helping tremendously. He even injects my c-section scar out of good-will and I have noticed a MAJOR change there. If I ever decide to get a TT, I'll have that scar cut out entirely.

I am also showing my shape. In these pics you will see. I need to lose a few lbs, but my shape is amazing to me. I don't know if I want to lose too much because I really enjoy my hips and booty. I did not have a BBL, but honey.... sometimes my friends ask if I'm holding out and had more done than I let on lol. ???? I'm not girls. No BBL.

Also- I've been getting strange pulling sensations in my lipo areas, leading me to believe that they are still healing and shrinking. This is good and fine with me! Shrink on!

Enjoy the pics ladies ????
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Amazing Doctor. I would recommend so far. Post op not completed.

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