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I am 40 years old. Have 3 boys ages 17 to 6. Have...

I am 40 years old. Have 3 boys ages 17 to 6. Have thought for many years of having this done. After reading many helpful posts on this site, I have done it and couldn't be happier. Was done Friday, June 11. I remember them giving me a sedative at 9:25am to help with my anxiousness. Then I was being awoken at 2:40pm telling me I was all done. I was in longer than expected, but Dr. said he wanted to do it right and did repair the muscles of my lower belly above pubic bone. Had to be at the hospital yesterday morning at 8:30 for a 2 day checkup. Said everything looks good. I am still shock for how flat my stomach is. The Dr. kept telling my husband, "well, she now has a tight abdomen". It is more painful than I expected. Taking 2 pain pills every 4 hours of Oxycodone. But stopped taking the Oxycotin yesterday. I am definitely not a fan of narcotics. Any questions, just ask!

Today is post op day 5. Seeing the PS office this...

Today is post op day 5. Seeing the PS office this morning to hopefully have drain tube removed. Developed a fever yesterday. Ibuprofen seemed to halt it. Doesn'st appear to be incision or surgery related. Hoping it was a 24 bug since I spent a lot of time in the bathroom and stomach cramping as well as the fever. Will give an update later after appointment.

Post op day 6 update. Thanks to all of you for...

Post op day 6 update. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I was surprised at how good I was feeling on day 3. I have some good and bad news to share. 1st off-day 5 yesterday - had an appt. at PS office. Saw the PS, PA and nurse - all of which are wonderful. And I got my drain tube out! YAY....had no idea how good it was to lay in bed and forgot how good a shower is. I admit, I was scared to death to get it out too, like many others. It was nothing. Sounded a bit weird, but didn't have any burning sensation that some have commented on. She asked me to take a deep breath and when I blew out - she quickly pulled it. Took 1 - 2 seconds. I was so mad at myself for causing so much anxiety. 2ndly - I had asked about the pain in the right side of my back that had developed the evening before. Had hoped it was muscle due to sleeping in the recliner. The PA checked with the stethoscope. She didn't hear anything, but I was still running a low grade temp and she decided better safe to run an xray. Shortly after we got home, they called and I have developed pneumonia. No idea why or how. She did say this is not typical and it came on rather sudden. I almost question if it hadn't started prior to surgery. It is mid lobe so she could not hear it and they would not have been able to hear it either on the morning of surgery. So now on a new antibiotic for 10 days. I have to take 10 deep breaths per hour that I am awake and trying to promote a cough. I have a pillow to hold on to, but I have not had one successful cough yet. Very frustrating. Tomorrow will be one week since surgery and if it hadn't been for this new development, I would feel fabulous.

Danville Plastic Surgeon

Had a prior consultation with another PS locally. Was not pleasant at all. Quickly looked me over and got me out. Dr. B was very patient, took the initiative to explain the entire procedure to me and sat patiently through my questions. Husband also approved of him.

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