Mini bbl and TT Salama! 4 months PO

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This is my second day, and im really sore.I'm...

This is my second day, and im really sore.I'm wondering when the pain will go away, It really hard for me to find a comfortable position.

Anyways, enough complaining,my results are too soon to tell, i have to wait until the swelling goes down. I will keep you all posted!

Day foUr and the pain is a lot better to deal with...

Day foUr and the pain is a lot better to deal with. Thank God for the pain medication.

Photo Update

Well, it will be week for four on Friday. I have...

Well, it will be week for four on Friday. I have lost some volume and my abdomen, and lipoed areas are still swollen. You really must allow the full 3-6 months to see final results. I'm already planning on my next surgery and hopefully last to get my butt bigger. I had 500 ccs in each cheek, which did mak a difference, just not as big as i wanted. I will give futher updates soon!

I will be six weeks this Friday. I'm still swollen...

I will be six weeks this Friday. I'm still swollen in some areas (lower back and ab area and thighs) i believe the swelling has went down in my butt area. I'm really still waiting for the final results to say that 100% pleased. It has only been a month and two weeks so I have way until like November for final results. I still take pain meds sometimes because I hate the soreness and the way my lower back and legs feel. I also wanted to post a updated pic! I have really kept most of my volume, which is good because they only put 500 cc's per cheek.So, I really hope that it doesnt go down anymore, to be honest I think if it was going to go down most of the volume would have been lost by week three, because that's when majority of swelling down there subsides! Well, we shall see in six months! I will keep everyone posted! I really love this website, it has helped me so much, and it is good to communicate with people who understand because they are going through the same procedures. ttyl

I'm now eight weeks post-op. I will be nine this...

I'm now eight weeks post-op. I will be nine this coming Friday!Omg! It seems like my butt grew over night or something, but honestly it looks bigger in clothes for some reason. My daughter thought I went and got it bigger, and my honey can't keep his hands off. I think it really just drops or loosens after a while, I'm not sure..but everyone can notice the big difference ;-). My butt is far from huge, but for my size it looks great and I'm finally getting more satisfied. I'm however, still going to get a bit more transferred to the lower part and middle of the butt, I'm also thiking about the hips as well. Then I will be pretty much done, nothing else diet and exercise cant do! I will keep you all updated and hope everyone is enjoying thier new bodies!!! I tried to take a good updated photo, but the camera will not show the full effect that you can see in person.

I will be tweleve weeks post op this friday June...

I will be tweleve weeks post op this friday June 24th. I feel still sore and swollen. That fat is still hanging in there which is a plus!! However, I have not dropped a pound, so now I'm trying to watch my calorie intake and to lose about 10-15 pounds. I'm hoping none of the fat will resorb while I try to lose the weight. I'm hoping for it to just come of my face and arms and waist. I will keep you all posted! I started my diet and workout yesterday and my body is soo sore.

I just really wanted to add a little update! I'm...

I just really wanted to add a little update! I'm four months post op and it seems waaayy longer than that!!! Anywho, still happy with my results, however I do need a tummytuck which I plan to get next year. i have some touchups that i want done from my doctor. i think i will just have him go over my love handles some more. when i get the tummy tuck i will have them add a little more to the butt and that will be all folks! will keep you posted with pics and when i get my touch up. im planning on that like asap. i think my doc wants me to wait until im six months post op though. talk to u soon!!

Hi all, so it has been about six months since the...

Hi all, so it has been about six months since the surgery. I was given time for the swelling to go down and I'm realizing that the laser lipo did not work, so they said they would do a touch up...if if did not work the first time, i doubt the second time is a charm.i'm in the process of trying to see what i can do! keep ya posted!

Decided to add a few more pics on how I look now!...

Decided to add a few more pics on how I look now! I have not updated this review in a minute and will not update it again until after my procedure. I was debating because I'm just getting a mini bbl and a tummytuck with Dr. Salama on July 3rd. Pray for a pimp yall!! Lol Anyway, I will update again once the surgery is all complete! I still need things but I'm not going to over due my packing in anyway. I know that a bunch od stuff is not needed so, I will pack the basics! Good luck to all with future procedures upcoming!


HAHAH, I did not know what to put for the update lol! Anywho, this is really not about my bbl this surgery was more focused on my tummytuck this time around. However, I LOVE MY RESULTS and the way that DR. Salama filled me in and gave me curves. He does not do these two procedures together anymore bbl/tummytuck. I was scheduled a year ago and was able to just get a mini which I'm happy with. It is a rough recovery ladies, so I understand his logic! Well, here are a few pics, but it looks better in person. ;) Happy healing ladies!


Updated Pics!

I just wanted to post a few updated pics of how Salama sculpted my body. I'm so happy because it's only going to get better once the swelling goes down!! yeeee!!!! I'm seven days post op! I feel good and just ready to get these drains out!!!

More updated pics 3 weeks and 2 days po

Everything is going great! Just trying to fall in love with my garments which is not easy! I would love to jump to my healed up stage!!!


Pic in dress

Pic of small squeem and vedette

This is a pic of my squeem over my vedette garment. I cant wait to be free of thise garments!!!


I love my curves in these shorts but I can only wear them around the house ;( lmao

One month P.S

Im updating a few pics, I will be one month p,o in a couple days. I feel pretty good and just trying to watch my diet, I still want to get off 10-15 pounds also with the tummytuck you have to watch what you eat or you swell like a balloon inside and out! Butt is doing okay, of course I lost volume but thats okay too because I did not want it as big as it was after surgery, This is a good size that it is now. We can also find somethings that we would change but we have to remember where we came from! And thats real spill! Anyway ladies, happy healing!

My made up pressure belt!

LOL!! This is a little crazy but I wanted to share my made up pressure belt, this helps with the swelling and I put it on top of my vedette, then I put another compression waist band to keep it in place. I will not use this once my new foam comes and I get my size small vedette soon. I also have a ab board coming in the mail.

Pressure belt

It consist of two foams on the side, back board in the back and a towel in the front for pressure. Hey, it works for me, ......for now anyway lol. I must toss this soon thoufh because I have to keep wearing somewhat baggy tops

belt back

Vedette 136

I just ordered a vedette 136 size small! So, I hoping that the compression is just as tight as the vedette 110 that I have now. I also still love my curves and turn some heads because my waist is pretty tiny now and makes my butt pop! Here are some pics ladies! FYI Im tired of spending money on garments lol I just bought a buttout garment and it was pretty


horrible and a waist of my cash!

Six weeks few photos

7 weeks PO

Hey hunnies! I'm seven weeks PO now and due to my tummy tuck, Im still healing and swelling up. ,my lipo areas are still swollen also! I went to the mall and swell up yesterday, so here is a pick with me in a little dress I bought with no garment on. I'm also swollen in the abs in this pic. My hunny does not approve of the dress of course, he does not want others to look at me. However, on the way in the mall two guys were all over me and I had on a long flowy dress #itdoesnotmatter!!! lol These men have really been all over me and Im not even fixed up yet, IDK what Im going to do when I realllly get dressed! smh! Anyway, here you go ladies!

Playing in the mall!

Here are some mall pics! My bf would not let me wear a bikini, so I took some pics in one! lol 7 weeks loving it! My body is coming along. I'm swollen in the abs and back ladies!

Booty to much right now

Ya know, I wanted some more booty but now I'm actually going to think about it. My booty is really standing out these days! lol The board and foams take away from your overall shape. I noticed today without that back board on my butt is pretty out there now....hmmmmm put I don't want to throw away my fat but any bigger what I am going to do?!!! Im not wanting a HUGE donk!!! Idk what to do!!! These damn men boy, Dr Salama really hooked up my curves its crazy!

Two month pic collage

Just messing around! lol

My dress two months

I put this dress on and man!! Too many compliments. My man is sooo funny but its dead , I kilt it! LOL It looks better in person though, because my waist looks super tiny!

Salome vest

I could go for a smaller size now. Im trying to last wearing these at least six months for good results and boy is it ruff! lol Im over it!

Early Morning shots

Just woke up and took a few shots! Still sore, lipo is no joke!

Trying on some leggings

I love my shape, I cant wait to get these abs lipoed next year though!!!

Towl booty rack!

I was fresh out the shower and can't help but notice my towel can hang on my ass now, let me tell you all, that ishh used to slide right on the floor!!! lmao Luv it!

4 Months

After months go by, you really forget to update!! lol I will be four months on November 3, so I'm just updating, I will add more pics when I get a better camera phone ;( I feel great, think I gained a few and just really need to get on my workout! I'm suppose to go back next year for arm, ab, chin, and more fat transfer, .....but I'm not sure about that either....I don't want my ass to look too huge but it can use more volume at the bottom. so.....stay tuned because, I switch fast!! lol

pic jeans

I forgot to post this, I took a while ago, but this is the jean problem I'm sure everyone has. haha

Hey yall! Booty pic!

Everything is going good, just debating on what I should do my next round. Stay tuned. oh Im 5 months now!

8 months

Gosh, time flyss!! I'm 8 montha po and I noticed that my butt has dropped a lot!! It also jiggles a lot when I walk, which is ok but annoying sometimes. I have been trying to lose weight and just thinking of getting ab, and side lipo. I dont think I want anymore booty! I think I have enough, not too big and not too small. Anyway, just checking in!! Happy healing all!

11 months

Hello All! I been M.I.a.....I'm love my butt but decided no bigger because this thang done completely dropped and its pretty huge! lol I have seen bigger of course but for bigger. I need some touch up as far as ab lipo and sides. Hopefully I will get that done soon! Any how, happy healing all and here is a butt shot for you Salama girls!


Haven't been on here in a while!!! Ass pic!! Lol it's still there, fatter cause I gained weight. I'm happy And most definitely don't want it any bigger! I'm just working on losing weight and getting my Tt tattoo!! I will update with that soon! Goodluck to all the newbies!!!

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