46 Yrs. Old Still Trying to Find Fountain of Youth - Danville, CA

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Having a hard time growing old ! I'm currently...

Having a hard time growing old ! I'm currently have 550 cc saline. Done 8 years ago. Due to weight loss 30lbs. Sagging is the problem. I want more volume is there a big difference between medium and high profile implants? Do you girls who went bigger 700 cc plus regret it ? I'm 5'4 & 130 lbs. Planning getting silicone 700 low profile

New Boobs Eve

I Can't sleep ugh!

More pics of old boobs

Will up dated new boobs

old boobs

5 day old boobs

I'm going stir crazy I'd NY one experiencing anxiety attacks at night after surgery maybe it this garment bra causing it idk

5 months

I been wearing my bra wired everyday a few time gone bra less to show of the girl which I love the cleavage dr cheng gave me what I want for the most part except I wish I was bigger lol
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