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A little about myself, I am a 31 yr old mom of 3. ...

A little about myself, I am a 31 yr old mom of 3. I started my transformation after my daughter was born in 2008 since I let myself get to my heaviest weight (about 270 lbs YIKES!) and started to get depressed. I had always been a big girl and had periods in which my weight dropped and then went back up. I decided to look into having a gastric bypass (roux-en Y) and ended up having my surgery done December 2009. The recovery was not easy, I ended up having a leak and that lead to a bunch of complications that made me question my decision of having that procedure. In the end I do not regret my decision because I lost almost 100 lbs and have drastically changed my lifestyle (especially eating habits) ever since.

Early last year I got pregnant with twin boys (double YIKES!) and although I really did not gain much weight with my pregnancy (about 40lbs), my belly stretched big time and all of the scars I had from my gastric bypass became larger and darker. :( I also have a hanging pannus that makes me look 5 months pregnant if I am not wearing a compression garment...

I met with Dr. Cooper in April and while it was an awkward meeting (I'm sure he's tired of seeing imperfect figures but that didn't make me feel better about stripping lol) I knew I wanted him to do my surgery. :) My primary care sent his office a letter of recommendation to see if my insurance (blue cross blue shield) would cover some of the costs of my procedure and they approved it! (yayy!!!) :)

I figured since I am going under the knife might as well get a breast lift because right now they look like a pair of tube socks with oranges in them lol! Dr. Cooper recommends I get some lipo so he can give my waist some contour when he does the tummy tuck, so I will be having some lipo done on the flanks as well.

All in all I am excited, nervous and anticipating my surgery. My boys are going to be about 6.5 months old when I go in for my surgery so I figured it's better to have it done now while they are smaller and not running all over the place. I will miss holding them for a few weeks but I have a plan to spend time with them during my recovery even though I won't be able to carry them. After the insurance coverage and a promotional discount the office has I will have to pay about $8,600 out of pocket (I'll be saving almost $5k which I am thrilled about!!). I will update soon and post some pre- op pics.

My current weight is 178lbs (I am 5'8") and my bra size is 36D (sometimes I can fit into a C cup, depending the brand). I hope to lose 10 lbs by my surgery date (hopefully more but I am being realistic :) ).

pre-op pics...

Here are some pics of the damaged goods. It's funny because as I took the pictures I was laughing at myself because hopefully soon I won't have this terrible looking belly, hubby just looked at me and thought to himself I must be going crazy lol! I can't help it I am just so excited to have this surgery! :-)

I'm still working up the nerve to post pictures of my breast hanging loose lol!

Online shopping...

I must confess I am an online shopaholic and am going through some serious withdrawal lol! I promised myself not to buy any new clothes until after my procedures because I just wont know what sizes I will need (I currently wear between sz 8/10 and am optimistic those numbers will come down ;) ). I need an intervention...

Date change...

So due to some work commitments, I found myself in need of changing my date to an earlier one. The Doc's coordinator Haley is super nice and told me there is availability for June 3rd (that's around the corner, YIKES!), but she will confirm with me today after she speaks to the doctor.

OMG I was mentally and physically preparing myself for end of June but if everything goes as planned I will be going to the flat side in less than 2 weeks. Woahh!!

It's official...

My surgery is confirmed for June 3rd instead of the 26th. Eeeekkkk!!!

I went and paid the surgeon fees today as well... :-)

Had myy surgery today and..

I'm not going to lie, I feel really sore and stiff all over. I have not been able to get up and walk yet because when I tried doing that earlier I think I almost fainted. The nurse said that I look very pale instructed me to lay back down and wait until tomorrow to try again.

I had my surgery at 10 a.m. and was brought into my room around 5 p.m. I have not been able to eat much because my throat hurt and it's very dry. I've been drinking lots of water and I had one cracker and it was very painful to swallow, so I had a little bit off pudding and that was easier to swallow.I also feel like my chess is burning a little and my insition doesn't really hurt.

on a happy note the doctor gave me a brief peek at mine belly and chest and they look great. I look like a new woman!! :-)

On another note I am super tired so I will update again tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

feeling much better. ..

So I complained to my night nurse about the burning sensation on my chest and she gave me percocet instead of the other pain med I was getting through the IV. I feel so much better and comfortable now.

I woke up to get a drink of water and figured I'd post a qick update. Also, I apologize for my crappy spelling, with all this I'm experiencing spell check is the last thing on my mind lol.

quick update...

Today I am feeling much better, I got up and walked earlier this morning and have been more mobile since. I don't feel any pain except for when I cough, that is not a pleasant sensation at all....

I don't have much of an appetite and am constantly drinking fluids. I am set to go home this afternoon and am looking forward to resting on my bed. Although I am glad I stayed here overnight, I can't imagine having this procedure and going home the same day.

I took a quick picture and even though I'm a bit swollen, I am thrilled with my results so far! No regrets so far. ;-)

I am in love with my new boobs!!!!

Today I took off my surgical bra and binder to take a shower and I was so amazed at how great everything is looking at 2 days post op.

I'll add some pics from today. :-) I think I am looking pretty good, swelling and all... ;-)
I still have not had any pain, although I must say that the drains are uncomfortable and tedious. After taking a shower I felt so fresh and rejuvenated lol. Other than that nothing really new to report on.

Strange dreams...

So getting a good night's sleep has been somewhat challenging since my surgery, however, last night was the worst! I kept having nightmares that I was swelling up like a puffer fish and then oozing liquid from all my incisions. They felt so real that I had to get up twice to check everything in the bathroom to make sure I wasn't leaking all over the place.

Another thing I've noticed is when I sit up from a reclining position I feel pressure on my chest and my breathing becomes more shallower. It takes me a few minutes to adjust and be able to take normal breaths.

Other than that still no pain since i have been taking percocet every 6 hours. I've been getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of fluids since I still don't have much of an appetite. I will update again soon if there are any changes. :-)


So I decided to take another shower today (they are becoming the highlight of my day lol!) and took advantage that my mom was here to help me out to give the binder and the surgical bra a quick wash. My mom hand washed them and put them to dry on low heat, so by the time I finished showering and drying off the garments were still in the dryer. It's amazing how in a matter of minutes I started to feel myself coming undone so to speak. I felt so strange without the compression of the binder and walking around without it made me feel like everything was going to pop open lol.

I decided to try a tip I have read often in many blogs about putting a tank under the binder and OMG what a difference did that make. It feels much more comfortable now and I was able to tighten it a bit more after putting it back on.

So while I have a love/hate relationship with my binder (like most of us lol), I feel so much better moving around with it on. I posted a quick pick of the tank under the binder, I feel really good right now, if it wasn't raining i'd go for a walk outside. :)


Binder with tank beneath it photo.

Day 4...

Today I have spent it mostly lounging on my bed, reading, napping and watching tv. I had my last percocet last night before bed and today I just took some tylenol in the morning (didn't really need it but was afraid of an oncoming wave of pain). I have not felt any pain, only when I coughed a little this afternoon. Also, my friend came over today to help me watch my kids and she kept telling me funny stories of things that happened to us in the past. Let me tell you trying not to laugh hurts just as much as not laughing! i had to tell her to stop because it was getting too painful lol!

I have been getting a little itchy around the breast area where the incisions are but I have not rubbed or scratched it. I also still have not had any desire to eat so I've been drinking lots of liquid and eating soup mostly.

I weighed 171 lbs the morning of my surgery, I have not weighed myself since because I feel so swollen so I probably weigh more now. Dr. Cooper told me he removed about 4.5 lbs of skin from my abdomen (yikes!) so I will wait until the swelling settles before I step on the scale to see the number. I also called the office today to schedule my first post-op follow up for next Tuesday (June 11) and hopefully I will have one or both drains removed then.

Other than that, nothing new. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :)

day 5...

So today I was tired of being inside so I went to my mother's house to visit, then took advantage that she was watching the kids then hubby took me out to dinner. I felt fine, my lower back was a little sore but it was nice to get out of the house.

I didn't take any pain meds today and only felt discomfort when I coughed a few Times this afternoon (coughing is the devil!!!). I also took everything off and showered today (I skipped yesterday) and took advantage and took some pics. My breast look a little bruised but they don't hurt, only itch from time to time. Oh, I also went #2 for the first time since my surgery and I feel much better and less bloated.

TMI alert....
Hubby and I got intimate last night and this morning (I'm such a hornball ;-) ), he was afraid to hurt me but I convinced him it would be fine. I did not take off my garments and he was careful not to pull my drains. I was afraid of having a climax but although it did sting just a tad at first, it was pleasurable pain and very worth it! :-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday and continues to have a great weekend! Goodnight! :-)

I am so tired today!! :(

So yesterday I didn't update because nothing eventful really happened, other than me waking up with a killer stiff back and accidentally pulling my drain getting out of bed (ouchie!). Hubby gave me a gentle massage in the morning after I woke up and wow that made me feel soo much better, I felt lighter and more mobile afterwards.

So today I went to work (only 7 days out) because I had to tend to a few matters that couldn't wait until next week and I must say the morning started out fine. I went in my usually early hours (to avoid traffic) and got right to work to finish up early. I kept getting pulled over by my co-workers because I was walking hunched over and at a slow speed (was afraid to pull my drains). I did tell a few co-workers what kind of surgery I was having but not everyone, so I just kept it simple and did not go into specifics. Btw, I work in a desk job so I am not walking around all the time.

By 1:00pm it hit me, fatigue and exhaustion! I started to feel so shaky and was afraid if I pushed myself further I would not be able to drive myself home, so I called it a day and came home to take a nap. My back was killing me on the walk to the car too. After my nap I felt much better and am looking forward to my post op tomorrow (I don't plan on going in to work tomorrow) to see if I can have my drains removed.

I kept getting asked by those who knew what kind of surgery I had how I managed to hide my drains. Well what I did was take 2 safety pins and fold down and fastened the front of my panties so they didn't ride up and pull the drains when I sat down. Then I wore some leggings I had that I used while I was pregnant so they were nice and loose, combined with a dress that has an empire waist. Man picking outfits to hide the drains and surgical bra at work can be so challenging!

Well hope everyone had a wonderful day, I'll update tomorrow if I have anything new to share. :)

day 8...

So I went in for a check up today and had one of those dreadful drains removed. I feel sooooo much more comfortable because the one that was removed was the more bothersome of the two. I barely feel the other one and forget I even have it. Hopefully drain #2 will come out on Friday.

I was also cleared to use bras with no under wire and plenty of support, so I bought a couple in target that are very comfortable.

Last but not least, I seem to have developed a yeast infection which the nurse said is common with the antibiotic I'm taking. She got me a prescription fora pill to take one time so I hope that resolves it.

That's it for now, have a great night everyone! Want to get some sleep since I plan on working tomorrow. :-)

forgot to add...

The drain removal was pain free. I didn't feel anything at all which was a relief!! :-D

Second drain is history!! :D

I can't believe it's only been 10 days since I had my surgery, felt like an eternity with those darn drains lol! I'm happy to say that the second one was removed today and I feel liberated!!! I can walk much better now with more comfort and ease. :) It was relatively painless to have the second drain removed (like the first), I actually didn't feel anything .

Today I've been feeling this stinging sensation in my right breast. It's not overly painful just annoying! I took some tylenol a little while ago and am waiting for it to kick in. I don't have another apt to see my PS until next week and in that one I will have the steri strips and stitches removed. I am looking forward to that because some areas of my incisions are so itchy and I am afraid to pull the strips off when I lightly rub to calm the itchiness.

Well that's all I have to update for now, have a wonderful Thursday everyone! :)


I just noticed one of the tapes on my tt incision lifted (towards the center under the belly button area). The incision looks open and has a funky smell. I don't know if I should call the office now or wait until tomorrow. :( I really hope the smell is just from the old steri strip and not the beginning of something bad!

I am scheduled to go in next week on Thursday for my next apt...

pic of open area...

I hope this is normal... :-(

spoke to my ps...

I spoke to my PS and sent him pica, he said not to worry that it looks fine. That area has maceration from the steri strips but the skin is healing just fine. He instructed to keep it dry covered in gauze in case it drains anything and to call him if it starts to get more red, sore and hot to the touch.

Other than that I feel really good, I can walk almost normally most of the day but towards the end I'm hunched over more. I am not in any pain, but I do get really itchy under the breasts, belly and hips. When that happens I apply some aquaphor to relieve it since lotions sting sometimes.

I'll post pics when I am 2wks post op. Have a wonderful day everyone! ! ! :-)

2 weeks and I am feeling fabulous!! :)

I went today to have all of the steri strips removed and wow I feel so amazing! I barely itch anymore (that was the bane of my existence the last few days...) and I am feeling almost 100% like I did before my surgery. I am still taking it easy, walking diligently, bending over slowly and not lifting heavy things. So far the heaviest I've lifted is my babies (1 at a time) but the Doctor told me it was fine as long as I was careful and made sure to take it easy on my tummy muscles.

My PS says I am looking great and that as I continue healing the swelling will continue to subside and the scars thin out. It's funny because before I felt so self conscious and dreaded having to show my flab and sag to my PS. Now I have no problems taking off my top lol! I find that now after the steri strips are off, my nipples are ridiculously sensitive. Ladies please note, be careful when taking a shower with high pressure! I made the mistake of leaving the pressure on (like always) and when the water hit my nipples that was not a pleasant sensation at all!

I tried using my new post surgical garment and it's still very tight but I was able to wear it for a few hours yesterday when I went out to dinner and a movie with hubby. I am going to see if I can wear that during the day and the binder to sleep at night because the binder is actually more comfortable lol. I also don't feel so strange now when I take the binder off, like I'm going to fall apart, but I still put it back on immediately after showering. I do have some numbness in some areas of my belly but overall it feels fine, just a little weird.

Last but not least, ever since I had my last drain removed I forgot to mention that I was told I didn't have to take the antibiotics anymore. I developed an annoying yeast infection while on the antibiotics so I used vagisil for 3 days and it seems to have gone away because I don't feel that itch and burn in my lady parts. So ladies if you are using cephalexin (keflex) as your antibiotic, don't be surprised if you get some extreme vaginal itching and burning (it's listed as a common side effect). The diflucan didn't do much to relieve it so I was ecstatic when the vagisil did the trick lol!

Well for now that is all I have to contribute for my update, I will add some photos to show my progress. If I think of anything else I'll be sure to bring it up. Have a goodnight everyone!

2 week pics

I am loving what I see so far! :-) I can't believe that is me!!!

compression garment

I started wearing this cg I bought in www.leonisa.com and I am I really liking it. It's veryyy tight but after wearing it a couple of days it feels more comfortable. It also makes me look really slim! I keep getting compliments at work about my weightloss and how I don't look like I had twins, lol.

I posted a pic in case anyone finds it helpful because shopping for a cg is so overwhelming with so many options out there. I also bought a wireless bra with the clips in the front that is very comfortable for my new boobs. :-)



Tip: google leonisa coupons and usually several come up for 10 or 15 % off, plus free shipping.

Oh and I still wear the binder at night to sleep. I wrap it real tight but it feels loose after being in the other cg all day.

Have a goodnight everyone!

3 weeks out...

Has it really been three weeks??? Where does the time go...

This last week I've been walking much straighter, I am no longer constantly asked if I'm feeling alright. I am still taking it easy and avoiding heavy lifting although I have been feeling so great I sometimes forget I am still healing.

My tummy tuck incision looks well healed, but it is a little tender on both edges. I started moisturizing my belly and scar with bio oil. My belly feels a little numb in some areas but overall I can feel when I massage it.

My breast lift incisions are still healing, but they are getting close to being completely sealed. Oh and holy mega sensitive nipples!!!

I added some photos, I took them last night so I have a case of the "swellies" as I started calling them (makes my daughter laugh lol).

sneezing and coughing...

I forgot to add to my update yesterday that I can finally sneeze and cough without feeling like my muscles are tearing open. I still feel the muscle repair and tightness but it's not painful. :-)

Week Four....

Tomorrow will mark my fourth week post op. I took advantage and took some photos this morning since I had minimal swelling. I downloaded this app that combines before and after pics and I am just blown away looking at these pics... So much that I am at a loss for words as to how I feel on this update....

I caved in...

I can't believe I bought myself a bikini lol. I am self conscious about the scars around my belly button but I went shopping today and couldn't resist trying some on. Hubby approved so I got a pink one and a polka dot bikini top that matches a bottom from a tankini I had at home.

This is such a strange feeling for me because I haven't worn a bikini since I was like 6 or 7 yrs old lol. It was also nice to get some retail therapy after such a trying week. On monday I was laid off from my job (I had been working there for many years) and although it was something I had a feeling was coming, it still made me really sad when it happened.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July holiday! :-)

5 Weeks Post Op

So 5 weeks ago today I was under the knife getting my mommy makeover. I have no regrets and this certainly has been been a life changing experience for me. I am not a vain person at all, but I did have many insecurities prior to my surgery. My body is far from perfect, but I am very happy now when I look in the mirror and I also feel very sexy and rejuvenated lol.

I still feel some tightness in my abdomen but it's not painful or uncomfortable, just feels like I'm sucking it in all the time even though I'm not. Occasionally I get this poking sensation in my lower right breast, where the T incision is. I think it's from one of the sutures that hasn't dissolved yet but it's under the skin so I cannot pull it. Over the last 3 weeks several sutures have surfaced from the skin and I've pulled them out as I felt them.

There are 2 spots that have not fully healed yet, one on the tummy tuck incision and one on my right breast. They don't bother me since they don't hurt, plus they are very small and are not infected (I send pics to my PS every now and then so he can take a look). I will post some pictures showing the areas.

I've been doing more activities as the days pass, but still not heavy lifting (other than my babies). I see my PS on Thursday so we'll see what he tells me then. I can't wait to be able to swim, it was torture going through several days of gorgeous 90+ degree weather and not being able to soak in the pool with the rest of the family. :(

Well hope everyone is doing well, I will post some pics of what I looked like this morning. Some mornings I am flatter than others and when I over do it moving around during the day I swell up into the phantom pregnancy stage. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

5 wks post op pics

Here are some pictures 5 weeks post op.

I am so in love with my boobs lol!

6 weeks post op...

So today I am 6 wks post op and Dr. Cooper cleared me to do whatever my heart desires. :) I have been feeling great and doing more activities during the day, so there have been a couple of days in which I was walking a bit hunched over towards the evening and some people noticed and mentioned it to me out of concern.

Last week I started getting some lymphatic drainage massages and they felt wonderful. I booked 10 massages (2x a week for 5 wks) since the masseuse recommended I get 2 - 3 massages a week for better results. I have not noticed a difference in the swelling, however, the massages really feel good on my tummy and even though I've only had 2, I feel much more comfortable rubbing my belly area and scars.

Speaking of scars, I started using Mederma Scar Gel 2x a day (morning and night) on all of my scars (the bottle tube recommends 3 - 4x a day but I just have no time these days to undress and apply so often). I did use the scar away silicon strips for 2 days but my goodness, putting on all those strips over the scars took such a long time. When I put them on at night after showering they stayed put while I slept (I put a cg over the belly area) but during the day time they kept shriveling up under my garment and slipping from sweating in this heat. I decided to use the scar gel for now and try the silicon strips when it's not to so hot out.

I've been really busy, I started a new job today plus I have my kids to tend to, but hopefully I will be starting to attend yoga classes soon and also start a running regimen (I used to run until I got pregnant with my twins, then I stopped) very soon.

That's it for now, I don't look much different so I was going to wait another week or 2 to post more pictures. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, until my next update... :)


Just kidding lol!

Seriously though this swelling is no joke... Today has been the worst by far!!

I will post pictures of my phantom pregnancy.

Just a little over 8 wks post op...

This summer is flying by! I've been so busy with my new job and taking advantage of the warm weather that I haven't had much time to update.

It's hard to believe that it's been over 8 wks since my procedure and I feel wonderful! The small wounds I had (I posted pics a few weeks ago) finally healed and everything is looking really good. I still swell up into the phantom pregnancy stage, but that won't be forever (I hope not!). I haven't been wearing my cg religiously anymore, I'm feeling more comfortable without it. I wonder if the lymphatic drainage massages have anything to do with that (I have had about 6 or 7 out of 10 already)? Even though the massages have not done anything to reduce the swelling, I really enjoy and look forward to getting them. I find that since getting the massages I am able to touch my belly and not have that weird numb sensation, also I find that I don't have much need from the cg support.

I was using mederma scar gel for about a week and stopped because it was making my skin really itchy and it kept flaking off (it made me look like I had dandruff when I wore black clothes :( ). A fellow member recommended kelo-cote scar gel so I have been using that for 1 week so far and it's much better. It doesn't flake off or make my skin itch.

I started doing some light exercises, especially power walking. I tried jogging for a little while but felt this strange vibrating sensation in my belly that lasted for almost an hour (freaked me out a bit) before it went away. I've been reluctant to try again and wanted to wait some more time. I wasn't wearing a cg so the next time I will wear one to see if that makes a difference.

I keep reading how plastic surgery is addicting and boy is that statement accurate. I am so pleased with my results, but now I want to get a booty lift to complement my new belly and boobs lol!

I will post some pics, I took them first thing in the morning when my belly was nice and flat. :-)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, I will probably update in a few weeks when I am 10 - 12 weeks post op.

8wks pics

Here are some before and afters... Amazing!!!

Almost a year out!

Wow, I can't believe that it's been almost a year since I underwent my mommy makeover. I've been a bit of a slacker with updating my blog, but there wasn't much new to report after my last update. The swelling continued on and off for several months, but I'm happy to say that in recent months I rarely experienced any notable swelling. The tightness in the belly is still there, but it's not painful or uncomfortable. At this point I am used to it and it actually makes me feel like I've had a good workout even if I didn't lol.

I did have a dog ear on each end of the incision and I discussed with my PS about having those revised. I also had few pockets of fat on my upper hip and flank areas that really annoyed me, so I decided to have some liposuction done to enhance the shape of my waist with the same PS.

I actually had the procedure done 3 days ago and have started a separate review documenting my experience with it to date (and included pictures).

I figured it might be beneficial update this review as well and include pictures of my results nearly a year post op and the dog ears. Once I'm further along with my recovery with the liposuction procedure and the steri strips come off the dog ear revision, I will post updated pics to show how they look. :)

I compare my recovery to my current procedure to that of the mommy makeover and wow, this is really a walk in the park! I think back about the first couple of weeks, having to deal with the drains, the discomfort of not being able to walk straight and the soreness in the belly area. I just can't believe I'm back to normal after going through all of that. But if I had to do it again, I would most definitely would because it has been oh so very worth it! Also, I would definitely choose Dr. Cooper, he is really an excellent physician!

Be well everyone, happy healing to those who are currently recovering!
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon

I am so glad that I chose Dr. Cooper to perform my mommy makeover (extended tummy tuck and breast lift (no implants)). He's easy to discuss your areas of concern with and he’s very honest about what to expect post op. His staff is very responsive, accommodating and knowledgeable as well. I was nervous about having such an extensive procedure done, however, his bedside manner and impressive sculpting skills made the whole experience very positive and rewarding. I love my new body, I feel like a new woman! :) Thank you Dr. Cooper!!

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