55 Yr Old Fed Up with Breast Implants and Choosing Removal. Danbury, CT

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My story started back in 1997, a size 32A, after...

My story started back in 1997, a size 32A, after breast feeding 2 babies and being left with less. I decided to have breast augmentation, with saline implants, and became a 34C, which I loved. Until in 2001, the right side deflated, had it replaced. Then in 2002 the left side deflate, had it replaced and so on until present day. I averaged deflation and replacement every 3-4 years over the past 19 years, not to mention dealing with the repeated cost, inconvenience and emotional upset. Fast forward to present day 2016, yet again, my right side has just deflated in February, making this the 4th time on the right and the left was 2 times. I went back to my PS who originally did my surgery and all of the replacements, always asking why this happens and that I was considering removal. His answer is always the same, there is a percentage of women that this happens to, and encouraged me to just replace it. To add insult to injury the facility where it would be done has had a change of policy and now will charge me for the actual replaced implant despite the fact that the manufacturer replaces them for free. That's it! That was the last straw for me I'm tired of this and I'm done!! I cannot see myself going through this for the rest of my life. I am now 55 and going through menopause, the only upswing in this is my natural breast tissue has increased as a result of menopause. So when I look at my deflated breast in the mirror, I am not unhappy with what I see. I think I will be a 34B, and I am very happy with that. I went for a second opinion, who said what I see is what I will have after removal. I will have the new PS do my final surgery yet to be scheduled. I am having this surgery submitted through my insurance since this now is a necessity rather than elective and am waiting for an answer. Either way I will have it done!

Got insurance approval

Just got off the phone with insurance co. And was approved for coverage. Set a surgery date for April 19th. So looking forward to the removal. Having this wait time has helped me adapt and grow to love my right side smaller breast and look at the left side implant as foreign. I have mentally and emotionally detached from it. Now just need it to be to physically. Can't wait!

Surgery is set

My surgery is set for April19th. I can't wait. Counting down the days. 1 week to go.

It's over!

Today, April 19, 2016. Just had my explant surgery, feeling great! Physically, emotionally and mentally. So glad it's over with and I do not have to deal with repeated deflation ever again. Because of the time between my last deflation in February and explant surgery in April, I have had plenty of time to digest and decide what is best for me. I'm very excited to live the rest of my life natural.

2 weeks post op

So it's been 2 weeks and I'm feeling and healing great. My breast are fuller than I expected. I thought I would be a 34B. But those bras are too small. I just bought some 34C padded and they fit do much better. I have been taking a natural supplement, Bust Maxx , which I believe has helped, also I just started using Mederma scar cream. Both I bought from Amazon. So far so good. I'm very pleased with my decision.

4 month post op

All is well, my breasts have healed and filled in and I am pleased with the way they look and confident enough to to go braless during these hot summer months. Best decision I have ever made.
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