I've wanted this for yrs. Now at Age 40 & the kids are all grown, I think I'm Ready!!

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Hi everyone. Well, I think my time is finally here...

Hi everyone. Well, I think my time is finally here. For years I debated on when I would have this surgery, and now with accepting that I would not be having any more children, I've set my date and paid my deposit. Going to take lots of hustle and hard work to pay it off but it will be well worth it. My SO always says that there's nothing wrong with how I am but I know this is not true. He met me how I look now and so that's what he's used to seeing. I know how I looked before my second baby (requiring a c-section, creating an ugly pouch at bottom of my tummy). I have 2 beautiful children - one is an adult and the other is pre-teen. Still can't believe I'm having it done but in excited and looking forward to it.

My Picture Diary

I wanted to back track a lil to talk about my ps. He was very hands in and friendly from the very beginning. When he first walked in the room, my initial thought was that he was one of those Beverly Hills Md. This was because of his good looks and the way he dressed. The office appeared luxurious in comparison to the doc I'd consulted with a few weeks prior which made me think it was gonna be too expensive. He was cheaper!!! After introducing himself, he immediately made me feel that I really looked okay how I was but that he could see where my areas of concern were. He talked about his wife who he says he did a tt on her and the results were great. He was very hands on. He talked to me and my 'hubby' at length answering any questions and concerns we had thoroughly. I'm looking forward to his work! Anyways, I'm posting pics of me before surgery. More to come and apologies for upside down ones. Not sure why that happened.

Blue Jeans View

Me in blue jeans. These are 'hip huggers' which I shouldn't be in obviously. They do manage to hide my pouch very well, but the muffin too is obvious!

Feeling Anxious!!

Well, I rec'd my pre-op info packets yesterday and reading through all the do's and dont's seem to be reason for my nervousness. This is really serious isn't it? I am really going to have this surgery aren't ? Well, I refuse to whip out because I've waited in this too long. And I really want this fat pouch gone from my lower belly. Self esteem be in the toilet sometimes when I'm naked! Eeew!

Happy New Years!!! Happy New Me!!!!

Hello RS friends!! It's a new year and it's a new me. Inside and out. I know that I am a beautiful woman with a great personality who loves others as well as myself. I know that God is Good and he is with me always! So I know that I can do this! I am hella nervous and excited all at the same time. Please pray for me and my nerves to calm down. I can do this.

What Supplements Do I Need????

Hello all!
More nervous and more nervous. But very excited and thrilled. Can anyone tell me more about a product called Juven? I've heard some of the other ladies talk about it but not sure if it really works and is good for you. What other suggestions do you have that you found were helpful?

What to Wear???

What should I wear to the procedure? Worried I'll hv the wrong type of top and bottoms on. Any Suggestions.

Had surgery today! All went well!

Hello RS friends! Had my surgery today, completed about 8hrs ago. I'm doing much better right now than I was earlier is what my family keeps telling me. Guess I was talking out of my head and rambling. While I'm in lots of pain, the 'hubby' is making sure I'm taking mess around the clock and on schedule. He has been great! My tummy hurts but muscle spasms are the worst. I'm still numb so it's not that bad yet is what I'm assuming. My ps also gave me a pain Med or block of some sort up under before closing me up which is helping the pain. My anesthesiologist told me that this is what he does for his pts which I didn't know. I love Dr. Meade! He has great bedside manner and you can tell that he is just an all around great person. He explains everything in detail. The staff were very nice and reassuring. I started crying during pre-op for no reason. I must have been a lot more nervous than I realized. And I remember nothing about the surgery lol. All I know is that my anesthesiologist had oxygen mask on me, told me she was giving me a cocktail, and to imagine that I was on the beach. The nurse told me to take some deep breaths and I was wide awake, thinking when am I gonna go to sleep. Next thing I know, I was waking up in recovery! Lol. But okay just wanted to update you as soon as possible to let you know that if I'm able to talk to you this soon then you'll be okay and so just fine! Cpl pics of my drains. Sorry, it's all I can muster right now. And wowzer! There's another muscle spasm ????

48hr dressing change pics

Today has been a back and forth rough day. And the itching is the worse. My back pain is no joke. I get outta breath very easily which is weird, even when eating. I've heard about the burning sensation when standing up and oh yea! It is definitely real. Anyways, I'm so grateful for my friend coming over to help the hubby out. He was so afraid of changing it, although he won't admit it.

1 week po appt

Talk about emotional roller coaster! I have been all over the place. I wil talk about the emotions piece in another update. But today I had my 1 week post-op and I feel so much better! The drains are out now! Yay! Now I can take a shower and we all know how a wash off every day instead does not compare. The nurse took them both out. And they were painles. No kidding. She cut the sutures and said take deep breath and pulled them out. One by one. They'll leak a little and I'll have to apply gauze to them. I'm healing okay. Can't use arnica pills for at least 2 weeks out to help with bruising. May interfere with medd already prescribed. I can still wear CG but said I can do a cheap spanx from Walmart as well. $5 she said that's just as good. Still bent over. Can't walk straight. Back hurts horribly. Took out belly button staples. Will update more later. Pain meds got me sleepy. We're on our way back home thanks goodness. So I can lay down. Thanks ladies. Feel free to ask questions. Oh! And I love my results! This doc and his staff and nursing are perfect.

Back Lipo pain despite the TT

Everyone's different. I follow some ladies who say the pain wasn't to bad and they were able to return to work within a few days to a week. Kudos to them. I'm sure they were dedicated and maybe exercised and ate right well before their procedures. This msg if for anyone who's maybe not at that level and who is having tummy tuck and back lipo. Let me tell you! my pain now is coming more from my back area, especially where the lipo was done. Not so much as the extra pressure exerted upon it because of tight muscles. There are hardened in these place and they are still numb but very painful to touch. It's nothing like I've experienced before. I believe that is what's keeping me from walking around as much. during my post-op appt, the nurse said it was okay to wear spanx which have been better, but still very tight (great support as cg) and that it was okay to start using the arnica gel to massage those areas of 'scar tissue' which the lipo leaves behind. I'm also weaning myself off of the norco, but use the valium for muscle relaxing. It is very much needed for me. But I do not use as many pain meds because this is week 2 and I need to try and get back to normal. Kinda of a bummer not being able to go back to work next week, gotta take another week off for a total of 3, but there's no way I'd function in my roll even tho I don't do any lifting at work. Went out today to Walmart, got on the little scooter because walking was not an option for very long, and it was den uncomfortable! OMG! This will and has to get better. It's the back that's the problem. Can anyone tell me what they did to help with the back situation after lipo? should i just keep massaging the arnica gel in? Can't use the arnica pills to help with pain and bruising(which I don't have much of) for at least 2 weeks after surgery the doc said. Any thoughts?

Pics while doing drsg change

Pls excuse the ones with boobs all over the place. Just wanted to agiw you guys more pics. Lots and lots and lots of swelling! Can't wait to see it all after swelling goes down. And sorry. No recent back pics. I was tired. And you must remember to do them twice a day.

Still not standing straight

Ladies, can anyone tell me realistically how long will it take for me to at least stand up straight enough to not feel like I need a cane when I go back work? I've had to take another week off. My doc says he really tightened me up but in wondering if this is why or is it because I'm just not moving around enough? Had my 2nd week post op and he said although I was still really really swollen, that my results looked great. And it made me feel good. He also says he's a loyalties about my breathing and that I need to start taking more pain meds and get up and moving. I need some advice. How much should I be doing? It seems worse after I've eaten. Am I over eating? (Probably) and also, why does it feel like a ton of bricks are around my waist every time I get up. It's not always like this but after I've been sitting a cpl hours, OMG. Work is gonna be tough. I go back in 9 days. Am I safe?

Work is okay but wearing me out! Lol

Monday was my first day back and I am still hunched over. Getting lots of concerned questions, looks, and help from all those around me. I try to walk upright but it ain't happening. I usually take 1/2 my norco(5mg) and half the Valium ( which is only 2.5mg) but by 3-4 hrs I need to take more. I so walk around a lot at work. More than I realized I guess but it's good for me. Stomach muscles are still really tight. I'm using bio oil and the arnica gel on hard spots on back lipo areas. Everything's looking much better. Still very swollen though. Incision line is looking really good I think. I only wear my flexees or spanx and don't put anything on my incision yet. Not until middle of March when I go back for f/u. I have to take a nap when I get home because I'm exhausted. And my right hip hurts like crazy. Anywho, I will update you more after I see my is next month unless sm1 wants to see pics now. Love you guys and thanks for all the support.

New pic updates: at 4-5 wks

I'm very happy with my results thus far. Still lots of swelling, but I understand that it's a part of the healing process. These pics are right before bedtime, so swelling is more evident. Especially in the next set of pics I'll post in just a few.

Newest pics: 3 nights ago.

At 2 month p/o, on 3/14, ps says my results are good and in healing well. I can stop wearing spanx he says. I asked about the waist trainers and he says he hasn't had great feedback from other pts about them but that I could try them out and let him know my take on it. Wants me to wait another month tho before trying it out. Told me to get more aggressive with the massaging of lipo areas and any areas around and in my incision line if we feel any. ;)

More pics for different views

Still loving my results. I realize that I need to stop panicking about every little thing that I think may be 'going' wrong and just let the healing process take place. Good luck to all and your journeys! ;)

It's been a few weeks

It's been business as usual for the most part. A couple months back, I noticed what seemed like a protrusion outward just above my navel area. By end of day, It would be all hard and poking out. I called the office and my doctor's nurse told me it was probably just scar tissue and to massage the area every night 5-15 minutes. It's still there. I go back to him mid month and so I will be asking about this. Anyways, everything's been good. Happy Healing. Posting a few pics of me now.

Great Doctor who cares about his patients! He has a great bedside manner. You can clearly tell that he is an all around great person who is very genuine. I love him and glad I chose him for my ps. He really cares!!

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