Mommy Makeover (TT, BA, Upper Blepharoplasty) - Dallas, TX

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Hi, I'm a mom of almost 4 year old twins and I...

Hi, I'm a mom of almost 4 year old twins and I live in the Dallas, TX area. I'm 5'0" and my weight usually ranges b/t 112-116 lbs. The pregnancy really took a toll on my tummy and my breasts. I used to be a B cup and now I don't even fit an A cup! I'm fairly lean, but I have a lot of loose skin and fat on my abdomen that has been driving me crazy since the kids were born. I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now and finally decided to go for it! I'm also having upper eyelid surgery while I'm at it to correct my tired looking eyes. I consulted with 4 different PS and have chosen Dr Ricardo Meade. I absolutely loved his bedside manner and he is a very skilled surgeon. I almost canceled my appt with him b/c it was taking so long to get in to see him, but glad that I waited. I'm 6 weeks away from my surgery date and mostly excited, but nervous as well. So glad I found this site!!

For my implants, I'm doing silicone under the muscle and I *think* I'm going with either 350 or 375 cc. I want a large C cup, but still want to look as natural as possible. I have big hips and a wide rib cage, so want to go a bit bigger to look proportionate. I have a follow-up consult with my Dr on Feb 27 to choose implant size.

I'm getting a full TT and he does the progressive tension sutures, but he uses a drain which he said would stay in a few days. I'm super nervous about the TT recovery, so trying to plan (I'm a huge planner!) and do as much research as possible.

Surgery next week!! Eek!

I met with my PS last week to select my implant and go over any last minute questions I had. I'm going with the Sientra, round, smooth, high profile, 415 cc. I'm very happy with my decision. Here are pics with sizers in. I think it's a good size for my frame and not too big or too small, but perfect!

4 weeks post-op

Feeling great!! All of the swelling is gone and things are starting to look really good!! I think my implants have started to drop. They definitely aren't as high on my chest anymore. The tightening in my chest and the random sharp pains seem to have gone away for the most part. The thing I'm most amazed about is my tummy. The recovery for that has been a breeze. I barely had any pain post-surgery; nothing beyond what I experienced with my c-section. I'm still wearing my compression garment and have gone without it a couple of times here and there for short periods of time and I'm starting to feel better and better so hopefully I can take it off soon. I have my 4-week follow up appt with my PS on Monday and I'm excited to see what he thinks. My eyes are looking wonderful as well. I didn't have much swelling or bruising at all and the scars are fading nicely. The change is subtle, but so noticeable for me and I don't have that tired look anymore. I'm including some pics that I took at 3 1/2 weeks.


Here is a decent before/after of my eyes. Before I always looked tired and my eyelids were droopy and now you can actually see my lower lid and my face just looks brighter! Very happy with the results.

One year later.....

And I feel amazing!! Had my procedures a year ago. Scars are fading nicely and I'm super happy with my results. Just gotta maintain that weight!

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