Tummy Tuck & Lipo - Done and Done! Dallas, Texas

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I'm having a full tummy tuck with lipo of my...

I'm having a full tummy tuck with lipo of my flanks and inner and outer thighs. I've always wanted a tummy tuck and my sweet hubby (2nd marriage - married for 1 year now) surprised me with this! Now that it's becoming a reality, I'm not as serious about it as I thought I was, lol. I've talked myself in and out of doing it several times already. BUT, God willing and the creeks don't rise, I'll be "on the flat side" as you all like to say (love it!) in just under a month. What??? :)


So here are a couple of photos of my problem spots, lol. That's putting it gently for sure! :)
Can't wait for the flubber to be gone. :)

More About Me

I didn't put very much personal info in my original post so here goes. 46 years old and a servant of The Most High God. The most important aspect of my life! Also mom of 2 boys and 1 granddaughter. Man I love that little girl! I also adore my boys. :) I have gone through menopause (early) and what used to come off without much effort, is almost impossible to come off now. Weight. Yeah that. Lol! So, hopefully this will propel me into a more healthful mindset. Oh yes, almost 5'7" and weight 179. It only gets better from here on out!

3 Weeks From Tomorrow...!

So the ellipsis on the end just means I'm still not so sure about this. My husband is not letting me back out, though. I feel like physically I'm pretty much ready to go, but not sure about the emotional part. And I'm a very emotional person as it is. YIKES.
And here's another thing. I feed stray and feral cats in a couple locations. Who's going to take care of them while I can't? Frankly, this is one of my biggest concerns. I'm just going to pray about it and know that God will have it all under control. He always does! :)
Happy Monday ladies - be blessed today!

More Pics

I thought I'd show how clothes really do cover my flaws.

Trying again ...

They didn't load the first time!

Funny :)

One of my good friends sent me this email this morning:

Dear Flabby Flanks -

"When is your cosmetic enhancement vanity procedure to occur? Will you be able to bring yourself to speak to me and my behemoth blubbery body after you are flattened, smooth and free of unsightly cellulite? Will I be able to bring you homemade restorative healing soup even though I am still fat? If so, how shall I go about that?"

She makes me laugh so hard - love her! And she's a great cook, too, so I'll be looking forward to that soup! :)

'Twas The Night Before ...

TT & Lipo! So I decided to put my before pictures back up. I took down the ones I posted originally because I wasn't sure was going to go through with the surgery.
My hubby will pick up the recliner tomorrow. I have a drawer full of supplies and my house is mostly clean. Say a prayer for me in the morning if you think about it. See you on the flat side! :-)

I made it to the flat side, y'all! :-)

Surgery took over 5 hours but from what I can see so far is impressive. Woot! :)
I woke up quickly from anesthesia and was wide awake for an hour or two. The gave me Valium and Morphine and that knocked me out. I got the Exparel injection so pain is minimal. I keep clearing my throat though. Phlegm be gone, lol! I will stay the night in the surgery center and go home tomorrow. Thank you for the invaluable information you ladies have shared. I know it's going to so hrlpful!

Supplies, etc.

Just wanted to share some of the supplies I'm using to ensure a speedy recovery:

Liposomal Vit C (fat, not water soluble)
Juven (for tissue repair; citrus flavor)
Green Tea
Quest Protein bars
Blackstrap Molasses

My PS only gave me two prescriptions; antibiotic and hydrocodone.

A huge thank you to everyone who shared their supply list, I gleaned lots of good info from them.

Happy healing everyone!! :D

Supply drawer

Post-Op pics

Day 2

Hello my RS sisters! Hope everyone's doing great today. Yesterday, on day one, I had a BM, which I was soo grateful for because Id heard so many stories about not being able to, etc. I took Colace, stewed prunes, smooth move tea and boy did that do the trick! A little too good really so I was gassy but I had gas-x to remedy that situation. Ive gotten up-and-down with no problems. One RS sister suggested sitting on the toilet backwards to go pee and that works great for me - no pain at all! I'll be sending that toilet riser back! Ha ha!! One of my drains is producing very little at all while the other is doing a bit more. I've not heard from my PS's office so not sure when I should go back but I'm sure they will call me soon. Can't take a shower until I get my drains out but I don't anticipate that being more than a week. Fingers crossed! :-).

Binder & Drains

I haven't wanted to take my binder off at all. I'd rather keep it on until my visit with my PS next Wednesday. Did any of you do that? Everything looks good I just wanna stay wrapped up!

Oh yeah, the drains.

Drains are putting out less and less each day. No problems there. :-)

Praise and Gratitude

I want to express my gratitude to God in a public forum for His goodness, mercy and grace to ALL of us. He is always as close as the mention of His Name!
Sexy4life, you were right about my cats being fine. A dear friend of mine and her significant other surprised me by planning to feed in both locations for up to 4 weeks. Who does that?!?!? True friends. :-)
Another good friend brought over the most creamy, delicious homemade chicken soup, cheddar dill scones and chocolate chip cookies today. Soooooo good!
And finally, I'm sograteful to all of you for taking the time to reassure, pray, encourage and just be there - you can put a price on how huge that is. xoxoxo!!!


*cannot put a price. Gotta love updating from a phone. :)

Day 5

Moving right along in this healing process. No pain except when the drains get wonky and then POW!!!! Ouchie, lol!
Able to be up for longer periods without feeling like in going to pass out. No shower until my drains come out - hopefully on Wednesday!!

PO Day 6

Today started very early, about 6 AM. I didn't have a very good nights sleep, probably because I didn't take my major pain medication. I don't need it so don't feel like I should take it. I did crawl in to my bed for about 30 to 45 minutes this morning and it felt good. I was able to get up from a reclined position out of the bed - no problem...and I have a pretty high bed! I have very little muscle pain and I know he did major muscle repair. Also had major lipo and have very very minimal bruising. I'm so shocked! And pleased of course. :). I've thrown a load of laundry in, and may do a little bit here and there today just because I'm up to it. Ill see how it goes. I hope all you lovely ladies are recovering well and feeling great. Praying for you all!!

Last Night and PO Day 7

Good morning, lovely RS ladies! I hope everyone is having a great day!! :)
Not sure why, but I was up really early yesterday morning, not able to sleep all day even after talking Tylenol PM at around 11 pm. After around 1am I was able to doze off briefly but was jolted awake by my oscillating fan hitting the floor (I have concrete floors) TWICE! I sat bolt upright, very quickly both times. ????. I was so scared that I'd done some damage but this morning I'm okay, just a bit more sore than usual. I finally but the bullet took a hydrocodone as much as I wanted to be done with them and was able to get some much needed rest!! So much for laying off the narcotics but it sure did help.
I'm going to have a good day today and pray that all of you do, too!
I may even venture outside if I get brave enough. Haha! I live in a high rise so don't want to encounter neighbors and their questions. Not yet anyway. :)

Day 8 Post Op AND 1st Post Op Dr. Visit

Hi Ladies,
I pray you are all doing well. :) I had my first post op visit with my PS today and my drains were removed!!! I was so happy and NO, they didn't hurt a bit when she took them out - both at the same time in one fell swoop! :) My incision is healing beautifully and the stitches on the backs of my legs (didn't even know I had any there!) and bb stitches were removed. I have dissovable ones on my inner thighs (didn't know those were there, either! they were covered with tape) and those will go away on their own soon. My next visit is in two weeks.

My sweet husband and I made a quick stop to Wal-Greens for more Juven (tissue repair) before the dr. appt. After the appt we went to our favorite Mexican food restaurant in Dallas. It was SOOOO good to get out of the house. This was my first time in 8 days! We did it up right, too, lol! After eating we went to the mall to find Spanx. There is a Spanx store in this mall, but geez they're expensive. I mean we've already spent so much - and still spending, lol! I just got one garment there and went to Macy's after that to see what they had. They have a Spanx selection, too (yes, cheaper AND you can use coupons there!) but I bought another brand that I though looked good. Don't remember the name now, though. I'll let you know how these work out.

We got home and my hubby tucked me into my recliner ( I love this man so much!! He treats me like a princess!!) and then my son and his fiance came over. We had such a fun visit with them. :)

So a very eventful day after the past 7, ha! Feeling awesome about having those drains out - WOOOHOOOOO!

I hope everyone is healing well and feeling great!!!


PO Day 9 Pics

I will update later! Hope everyone is healing well and feeling great!!

PO Day 10

Good morning, Everyone! I hope everyone is feeling good and healing nicely. :)
PO Day 9 was good - my hubby and I went to breakfast then did a little shopping. It was nice getting out again and feeling a semblance of normalcy. My only complaint right now is how hard it is to get to sleep. What in the WORLD???! I have always been one to go to sleep at the drop of a hat, but since this surgery, I have to take something to knock me out. Even with that it doesn't come easy. I guess if that's all I have to complain about, I'm very blessed! :)
PO Day 10 - today - breakfast out again with my honey and now we're at his office. I felt a bit more tired this morning, but still moving around well (albeit hunched over) and feeling good!!
I am having some swelling in the region beneath my incision (read: Ken Doll, haha!) and on my hips. But it's not a big deal - par for the course. Oh yes! I had my first sneezes today! Honestly when first started reading about how the felt I was scared!! But really, they weren't bad at all. That muscle repair has been the easiest part for me, I think. Thank you, Jesus!!!
Okay, time to exit the premises, lol. Y'all have a wonderful day!!

PO Day 12

Hi Everyone! Today is day 12 and I'm doing good, I hope you all are, too. Went to church this morning, lunch afterward and then to see my beautiful six-month-old granddaughter. So so good holding my baby. Shes six months old but only 12 pounds so it wasn't a big deal I don't think. I got home and was absolutely exhausted! And the good news… I was able to take a nap for the first time since I've started having sleep problems! Slept for a good two hours and woke up feeling refreshed. I'm going back to work tomorrow and am a tiny bit apprehensive about that, but since I work at a desk I don't think it's going to be a problem. And all of the ladies I work with know I had had a TT so will be forgiving of my shortcomings. :)
Hope everyone is feeling well and those of you that are going in soon, my prayers are with you. You will do great!

PO Day 15

Good afternoon, RS'ers! I hope you're all doing great and healing in your own way - fast or slow. As long as you're healing!! Doing good over here. 3rd day back at work and things are getting easier every day. I'm doing less hours for this week and will start back next week full time. My manager is really cool like that. :) I did have to make a quick trip in to see my PS this morning. I had a seroma. He drained it and I felt no pain at all. 80ccs. I'll go back next Wednesday for my scheduled visit and if it needs to be expirated again, he'll do it then. He told me not to twist and turn so much, to take it a bit easier. I think I've tried to do too much, too soon.

Sleeping in my bed full-time now. That feels so good and my hubby is happy about it, too. But I slept wrong and now it hurts to move my head/neck. Lol! Again, I'm too blessed to be stressed, so I'm just gonna thank God for where I am today. Without HIM, I am nothing. So grateful!! xoxoxox

PO Day 20

Hi everyone! Just checking in real quick to give a brief update. Doing better every day, but I have another seroma that will be drained on Wednesday. Doesn't bother me I'm just pretty swollen. Back at work full-time and that's going great everybody has been very kind, praise God! I hope you're all healing really well and doing great!

1 Month Post Op!

Good Morning, All!
One month ago today I was in the operating room being transformed. :)
I love my results! Here is what I can and can't do and what's going on so far:

*Sleeping in bed on either side - basically however I want
*Walking back to normal (I'm a speed walker and right back at it!) I can feel myself starting to hunch toward the end of the day, however. BUT, it's getting better all the time.
*I did some heavy lifting last weekend and felt it later in my abdomen, so no more of that until at least 6 weeks
*Still dealing with the seromas, but only had 55ccs aspirated the last time (last week). I was supposed to go yesterday, but had to reschedule due to an unexpected event I had to attend.
*Feeding my strays/ferals at both locations. There are several juveniles that need to be TNR'd (trap, neuter, release where you found them) but I will give it a couple more weeks before I try that since it involves lifting heavy cages. And since I'm on this subject, if you are able, please look into doing this in your community. All it takes is a little time, effort and maybe a few bucks (my local SPCA does it for free for ferals). But the end result (no unwanted litters/homeless and hungry kitties) far outweighs the miniscule cost.
*Still have surgical glue on my incision, but I will post a photo once I get that cleaned off. My doc recommended Vaseline but I don't have any at the moment.
All in all, I feel great! My energy levels are back to normal. I'm still taking the bromelain, probiotics, and lipospheric Vitamin C. If you are just starting out on this journey, my recommendations are to take 2 probiotics and 2 bromelain every time you take an antibiotic. This worked very well for me.

I hope you're all doing great, healing well and are happy with your results. :)

5 Weeks, 2 Days Post Op

Good morning, Everybody! I hope today finds you all well and in good spirits! :) Went to my PS on Tuesday and didn't have to have any aspiration on the former seroma - YAY! Glad that's behind me!
I asked him about scar treatment. His recommendation? BAG BALM!! Hahaha! He said there are many very expensive treatments out there (as we all know) and he started naming a few and how elaborate they can be but he simply recommends this one. So I ordered it! :) For a 10 ounce can it cost me $11 and change. You can get it at most stores, too, but I love me some Amazon so I got it there. :)
He also told me I can go without my compression garments now, unless I'm working out or doing something strenuous. So I wore jeans to work yesterday without my garment and I didn't like it! I felt very precarious and like I was hunching over again. Not to mention the fact that I started swelling up! Good thing I brought it to work with me. I put it on at about 10am and decided I'm gonna keep wearing it for a while.
I started wearing my 5# weights on my legs for my walk yesterday. Felt great, but also very tiring. Just 10#s added to my walk made a huge difference.
I keep meaning to post the types of compression garments I use, but keep forgetting. I think two of them are Maidenform. I really like them both (one black, one tan) because they're really tight. Makes me feel secure. The one I got from my PS still my favorite, though. I'm coming up blank trying to remember the name of it. Duh.
I had one stitch poking out the very end of my incision but it's gone now - and good riddance! :)
For all of you out there wondering if it will ever get better - IT DOES! :)

Have an awesome Thursday and weekend!!

Question - Most Swelling Ever at almost 6 Weeks PO! Normal?

Hi Everyone! I know that swelling is normal and will continue for months after TT Surgery, but I thought it was supposed to lessen with time. I am more swollen today than I have ever been! Just want to get everyone's take. And it's not a seroma. :)
Thank you!

4 Months PO and Pictures

Hi Everyone!
I'm 4 months out and doing great! I skipped my last appointment so had one today. Everything looks great and he will see me again in 3 months. I'm doing everything I did before I had the surgery and have been for quite some time. I'm very pleased with the results but do want to lose about another 20 pounds.

Happy New Year to you ALL! :)
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lester and his office staff (ESPECIALLY Kendra - she is such a kind, caring and lovely person!!) are wonderful! I was referred to him by lady that actually works with him as a nurse administrator. She said he is a Christian man which means a lot to me. So I only had the one consultation with him and no one else. Very no nonsense and right to the point, but gentle and kind at the same time. He didn't spend a lot of time hem-hawing or trying to convince me of anything; was just straight up about everything! I didn't even have a pre-op visit. Just saw him at my one consultation and then on the day of surgery! He and his office staff told me on more than one occasion that I was welcome to come in or call any time so that was good enough for me. I must say, he did a marvelous job and I am very pleased with my results. I would highly recommend him to anyone and have recommended him to a friend who is planning on having a tummy tuck.

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