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So after 2 years of the Depo shot and massive...

So after 2 years of the Depo shot and massive weight gain with little to no gym results, I decided to have lipo in my adbomen, flanks, inner & outer thighs, and axilla (aka underarm breast tissue aka titty fat). Current Height: 5"3 Current Weight: 175lbs Measurements: @Belly Button: 39in @Waist: 37in @Thorax: 34in @Thighs: 48in (I'm a fairly short woman so my weight gain was always apparent in my tummy, back & thighs. Because I have a short torso, I was easily and frequently mistaken as being pregnant.)

Surgery Day (Thursday): I was dropped off early, and was called back promptly at 10am. From there I was given a pill to control my blood pressure, and then my PS came in to draw a roadmap on my body. I asked him to make me proportioned to my feet and not my boobs. I was led escorted to the OR, given a shot and BAM! The next thing I knew I was waking up to the nurse pulling the compression garment over my legs. They wheeled my into the recovery room and I was given a shot of morphine as I dozed off. I was lucid just long enough to ask how much fat my doc was able to vacuum and then music to my ears... FOUR FULL LITERS. My sweetie came to pick me up, and I kept right on dozing. Man those drugs are good.

Day One- Post Op (Friday): Once we got home, my sweetie switched into full fledged "M.D." mode and began shoving pills down my throat as the nurses had instructed him. My girlfriends came over that evening to check on me and that was when I finally got up to see my new body.... HOLY SHIT. IS THAT REALLY ME??!?!?!?! I couldn't believe how I looked. In spite of the swelling, (which really wasn't all that bad at the moment) I was so tiny! My thunda' thighs didn't rub together anymore, but merely waved a quick "hello!" as they passed. My tummy was a lil' lumpy, but flat nontheless. And my flanks... wow. No more muffin over my skinny jeans. The one disappointment I encountered was my beautiful ass. I'm a woman of color, so curves are important. But where was my baby? I'd worked so hard for her, my crowning glory looked like she's been vacuumed away with the rest of me. A talk with my PS was in order... Otherwise I was very happy.

Day Two Post-Op (Saturday): Laying in that bed so long will get you nice & stiff. Pain, no. Soreness, hell yeah. I'm not good with sleeping on my back so I'd turn my body at an angle so I'd be more comfortable. When I woke up, I noticed the bruises. Black & blue ladies. Black & blue. And only on the back of my legs & sides of my thighs. I was up a bit more to walk and stretch, and oh how I yearned for a bath. My sweetie was adamant about keeping the compression garment on, so I sucked down every swelling medication that I'd been given and tried to get comfortable. Pain today: none. Soreness today: Like you've worked out with an insane Richard Simmons. But only on my thighs. Abs & flanks fell fine. We did take a walk around the complex and I was exhausted after about 5 minutes. It felt like we'd been running a marathon for hours. and finally... A SHOWER! SWEET JESUS!!! The bruises were sensitive, but that soap made all the difference in the world. I kept the garment off for about a half hour and applied some Arnica scar gel. Good times.

Day Three Post- Op (Sunday): I was able to get out of bed on my own, and am just a little bit sore. I popped pills as usual and was able to drive to the store with my sweetie. Sitting on the couch or chairs tends to make my thighs very stiff & sore, so carry a pillow ladies. The bruising is making frail attempts to decrease, but I won't hold my breath. I played dress up in my closet and was really surprised that I could fit into some size 6/8 NY&Co slacks & skirts. Button down shirts & blouses look amazing on, AND the huge decrease in my tummy & flanks have actually made my 34HH boobs looke quite smaller & much more lifted.

My sweetie says it looks like I've lost between 20- 30 lbs....but he's probably just trying to get some when these bruises go down... lol. In all honesty, I've lost 4lbs in weight, and it DOES look like I've lost 15 lbs easy. Day Four Post- Op (Monday): Back to work people. I feel fine, but did bring a pillow to sit on at my desk as my chair isn't very cushioned. As I said before, sitting for long periods of time does make my thighs very stiff and it takes a few steps to get them going again. The sight of my new bod (and the thought of the amount of cash I spent) is a wonderful catalyst to alter my lifestyle by eating right and working out more. There's so much fruit on my desk you'd think you were at CostCo! My first post- op appointment is scheduled for this afternoon, so I will add to this post when I'm done grilling my doc about the disappearance of my ass....

Day Four Post Op Consult (Monday): Come to find...

Day Four Post Op Consult (Monday):
Come to find out out my PS didn't take any fat out of my ass! lol. But he did position his instruments differently so that he could suck out more fat than anticipated. Post- op was quick & decent. I was told that the horrific Ike Turner beating that my legs took would begin to reside in about 3 weeks. They also told me that I was swollen, and could expect to lose about another inch or two off my tummy, as well as another inch off of my thighs. SWEET! If for any reason I'm not satisfied then the doctor will perform re-touches in the office with local anesth. at no add'l cost. So it's a win-win if you ask me. Total fat removed was 4300 cc's or as earlier stated, 4 liters of Coca- Cola.

Day 11 Post- Op (Monday) Oh how the tables have...

Day 11 Post- Op (Monday)
Oh how the tables have turned...
I had the worst constipation I've ever experienced IN LIFE. These drugs WILL make you constipated. Since my last update I've swollen up pretty badly. My abdomen looks like I've have absolutely nothing sucked out of it, and my thighs are so swollen & sore that it's very difficult to walk. Laying on my back is no longer the cakewalk that it was last week, as my flanks are very tender. My inner thighs feel massive, and are sore to even the slightest touch. Slacks are now my enemies since the inseam is so uncomfortable. I'd planned on at least hitting a treadmill by now, but the swelling & soreness hasn't subsided enough.

Day 15 Post- Op (Friday) (Deep inward sigh)...

Day 15 Post- Op (Friday)
(Deep inward sigh) Walking has gotten much better, as my thighs are only at a level 2 for soreness. But now we've encountered a new problem...swelling legs & feet. They look like a pack of Blue Ribbon sausages. I contacted my doctor late one evening and while he stated that it was normal for your lower extremities to swell, mine start to swell almost as soon as my feet touch the ground. My tummy is also still very swollen, but all bruising has subsided. FYI: Arnicare Arnica Gel works WONDERS on bruises! I applied for about 4 days straight and all of my deep, dark, purple bruises were gone. The Arnica Tablets don't seem to do anything for swelling, so I'm accepting any suggestions that you ladies may have, as I look & feel very uncomfortable.
Tomorrow is my 2nd post-op visit with my doctor, so I will update thereafter.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. David Liland has been performing cosmetic surgeries for 29 years, so his bedside manner is a bit abrupt & to the point. After only four days there is clearly a huge difference in my appearance as well as my esteem. Friends who've I've forwarded before & after pics to are shocked to say the least at how different my body looks. For me, it wasn't so much about my actual weight, but more about my appearance & how I looked when I walked out of the door. I would rate this procedure at a 3-4 for soreness, and would definitely recommend this surgeon in the future. Now that I've been vacuumed, it's truly up to me to maintain & enhance my appearace.

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