Silicone Injections Removal. Dallas, TX

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Hello, I had this mess injected in me over 11 year...

Hello, I had this mess injected in me over 11 year ago in small amounts over a years time. I've been looking for a Dr to remove it. Dr Mri is giving me the run around, Dr G price keep going up. And I can't trust some of these reviews. So I'm here to get my health back, with photos, reviews, and the truth on everything.

Consultation Time!

Hey guys, quick update. I have my consultation setup with Dr. Mir for 12/08/16 in NYC. They finalized my insurance information. I hate my husband can't come with me he have to stay with the kiddo. So I need to sit down with him and do some brainstorming on the questions and concerns we have about the surgery. A lot of ladies on here told me not to be focus on the look but more on the removal or he won't do it for you, because your health is Dr. Mir main concern. I'll be posting my photos of my bottom as soon as my husband take them for me tonight.

Photos Update

Hey guys! Here are some photos of my butt with and without pants. I wear a size 12 to 13 in jeans, my butt have gotten so huge since I had my kids post shots. I already had a butt I just didn't want to gain weight, because I liked being small I used to wear a size 5 to 8. With the weight gain my butt became very heavy, now I look like I have on a dirty diaper. I only wear long tops to cover it at times. My butt is very soft with no discoloration but I have high level of pain with numbness in both legs and butt plus joint pain. If you're thinking of doing this please don't, this is the worst thing I have done to myself. I want my health, confidence, and self-esteem back.

Consultation Time 12/08/16

I have my consultation set up with Dr. Mir on 12/08/16 in NYC, I'll come back and give you guys an update on how that going. Oh, he only take health insurance.

Consultation Update

Hey you guys!. Ok, so I went to Dr. Mir's Long Island location in NYC, the office was in a nice area and clean. The nurse took me back and I got undressed from the waist down. Dr. Mir and his nurse came in the room. First he asked me a list of question before he examined me. Dr. Mir then examined my bottom and took photos. He told me that he could do the surgery on me. He showed me before and after photos of his clients. And explained each photo to me and I see that everybody case is different. He told me I will be in the hospital for 8 days and after that I had to stay in NYC for at least one month to heal properly. First day in the hospital you will have all of your test done. In my case I will have the first surgery with an incision going across the bottom of my waist line (lowest part of my back), doing so he will remove the material from my top to mid butt and my back if I have any in my back. He will dress my incision with a suction to suck up all the fluids and any materials out for two days. On the second day from your first procedure he goes in and removal the material from the bottom half of my butt and cutting away more skin to get to the bottom half and doing a lift. Just like they do for a tummy tuck. So I will have one scar. He do two surgeries because he can get 75% to 90% out while others doctors only do one procedure and get 30% to 40% out. After 8 days in the hospital you go to your local rental of your choice to recover with your tube in and check in every weeks. You can't sit on your bottom for 2 to 3 weeks if you do, you can cause pockets to form and fluid will get trapped in there and you will have a whole set of new problems.
Now I had seen photos of girls on here that looked butcher up appearing the doctor didn't care and just slice them up. Dr. Mir had several photos of girls like them he did and once he explain why he had to cut them like that made total sense to me. Once the skin turn black and harden it can't be recovered the area is DEAD so the doctor have to cut away the whole area.
If vanity is your number one concern I feel sorry for you, because vanity is the reason we all are here in the first place. My health and family means more to me than a scar. I would rather spent 8 days in the hospital with around the clock care by clean professionals. Than in some country with nasty nurse who don't speak english, all because of a scar.
DM me for a list of insurance that he takes. And here is one of the places that some of the girls stay at after the surgery (Vacation Rental apt). I'll also seen the full address and phone number when you DM me.
Just a little about me. Dr. Mir told me that I'm one of the lucky ones. My bottom is very soft but my bottom is staring to turn darker and I do have a lot of saggy skin. And he told me to stop wearing lace underwear as they cause your skin to go dark do to skin irritation. I feel that Dr. Mir is the doctor for me and I will be going forward with the surgery this summer or next summer. I need to make sure I have the funds to stay in NYC for a month. Also, Dr. Mir do the surgery in LA but if I do LA I would have to see a different doctor there for my follow up, I prefer Dr. Mir to do my follow up care.
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