Dorsal Hump Removal Success!

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I have disliked my nose since it developed after...

I have disliked my nose since it developed after 13 years old. I have been contemplating Rhinoplasty for over a decade. I had always been somewhat apprehensive due to the recovery, but I knew that those few weeks of recovery would be worth a lifetime of carefree enjoyment of my new nose. Looking back now a few weeks post op, I have realized that I've been modifying my mannerisms even due to my new nose. I used to turn and face anyone if they had been speaking to me from the side, to avoid a view of my humpy profile. I have been re-training myself to ignore those impulses because after all... I have a lovely nose. Did I truly hate the nose I had before? No. I believe it was a fine nose. It was a family nose, a flagship nose. I also believe the nose was masculine and is better suited to a man's face. When you see a rhinoceros, you notice its grand horn. Does the rhino have beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes? Maybe. Would you notice them when distracted by the distinct horn and its grandeur? I feel like a dorsal hump can be distracting when coupled with delicate features.

Lets get into the experience with my surgeon and the recovery... Oh the recovery.

I made my appointment with Dr. Cochran about 3-4 weeks out... He is a very coveted and busy surgeon only specializing in Rhinoplasty & Revision Rhinoplasty. That being said, who wouldn't wait for the best? Rhinoplasty is not a spur of the moment decision, so don't become impatient when everything you do isn't on the fast track...this is a life decision.
I felt good after the initial consultation! Upon being called back, I was taken into a small studio to take photos of my current horn. The adorable and professional brunette (her name escapes me) made me giggle while we took photos from many different angles and sides. She set me up on MyTouch, which is a website used to upload and view the 3D photos. Dr. Cochran was warm and funny. He listened to my concerns. I personally loved the tip of my nose, the bridge was my only issue. A previous plastic surgeon I had consulted a few years back had told me he believed one of my nostrils was slightly larger than its counterpart... this was not a concern for me... Same MD stated he would be required to fix It because he doesn't want a nose that's not perfect representing him. NEXT!
I am happy I found Dr. Cochran. He was the opposite. He listened to my idea of MY perfect nose, not someone else's. The previous doctor had stated he would only do my case OPEN, and I was more interested in a closed dorsal hump reduction. I was delighted when Dr. Cochran agreed the procedure could be completed closed. No scars! woot woot!

I was so confident with my surgeon and procedure, I scheduled my surgery at the end of the visit. The typical wait was about a month I'm told, but an opening had come up in 10 days. I took it! A wild decision but I knew this was what I had wanted for years. In the days upcoming I made sure to take many pictures of my natural born nose in order to document it. I looked at myself several times in the mirror... this was what I wanted. You can buy all the preparatory items in the world and never be prepared for that first 3 days of HELL. Ahhh, its not quite that bad but close. Let me place emphasis on a few items you will REQUIRE:

AN INSANE AMOUNT OF Q-TIPS (I used around 1000 in the last 2.5 weeks... almost hilarious)
Bendy Straws (It's a bit hard to drink when you have a gauze mustache... attractive)
Instant Ice packs or re-freezable ice packs (For the first 72 hours your face is absolutely wrecked... nothing really helps like cold compresses)
Goodies for the house... Comfort foods. (You aren't going to want to travel much)

The day of surgery arrived! I was as ready as I could be. My doctor arrived about 30 minutes behind schedule. Did I mind? Not at all... as long as he had drank his coffee and had his breakfast, gone to the bathroom and cracked his knuckles! You must be patient... this is the person who will be performing life altering work on your FACE. Relax... and try to enjoy the ride.

I awoke to nurses asking me to get up out of my gurney and into a reclining CHAIR. Do you know how fun it is to get into a chair when all you want to do is lay down? Oh well, too bad. You have just had a procedure which requires you to sit up ALOT afterwards. They offered me apple juice and jello. Let me just say... intubation is a form of torture. My tonsils were slashed in a more than a few places... I had quite a bloody and raw throat. How does acidic apple juice taste going across those wounds? Just fantastic I assure you. Maybe its a cruel trick to have you avoid the pain in your nose by supplying you with an even greater pain in your throat! Smart/evil people! After taking a painful bite of jello I was permitted to have a pain pill. I wanted IV pain meds, seems more intelligent... being as it is almost instant and the pill will take time to kick in. I swallowed my lovely pill with a nice swig of acid apple juice and Hey! Its time to head home. I was lucky to have my mom there with me, she had loaded up the car with pillows and blankets.

Fast forward and I'm home... All I want to do it lay down but I must sit up. My head feels pressurized. My eyes are black the moment I wake. I had osteotomies which means basically... my nose had bone cuts/practically broken. I have a lovely mustache gauze which is quickly filling with blood.
Days 1-3 are a blur of Q-tips, ointment, black-eye selfies, a haze of vicodin and not being able to breathe out of my nose.

Be prepared to wake up with a mouth and throat so dry you cannot believe you can still breathe. Keep water with a straw handy... What makes your mouth so dry you ask? Sleeping with it open + narcotic pain medicine. My lovely throat pain was resolved within a few days... My eye bruises continued to develop quite rapidly. I am 18 days post-op today and I can still see the tiniest sliver under my left eye. The black eyes turned into jaw bruises... my IV bruise is still yellow. I am finally back to normal.

My nose? Absolutely lovely. I went back to work at day 5, bad idea. Don't go back for a least a week unless you work from home. Oh but I'm different! I am tough it! No, you're not... You don't realize how weak you will be. GIVE YOURSELF A WEEK.

My cast came off day 6... my nose is amazing. You will read so many reviews about waiting a year until you can see your final nose. I believe much tip work is playing into that estimate, as it seems to be much longer before swelling in the tip goes down vs the bridge. I am 18 days out now and I DO NOT look operated on. My nose is still kind of numb. I've been breathing from my own nostrils since day 10. I am so happy with my nose, so pleased that I no longer have to think about it's humpiness anymore.

After 1 week I am so much better, I can get out of the house and I am able to breathe a little.
After 2 weeks I am back to normal, bruises are still hanging around... I am extremely pleased with the nose.

You can't imagine how good it feels to have a new nose.

Disclaimer on price: The price listed is the price of my first consult, the surgery, the facility + anesthesia and the required supplies and prescriptions for after surgery. IT WAS WORTH IT. You can't put a price on it.


I want to talk about the fact that I had a septoplasty too... When my doc got in there he realized I also had an undiagnosed deviated septum! When I woke up he mentioned that he had repaired it as well. This was something I signed off on as a possible once he got into my nose and evaluated the structures. Dr. Cochran's goal is not only to provide an aesthetically beautiful nose but a well-functioning nose. I woke up with nasal splints inside my nose. These are flexible plastic splints that hold the septum into place as it heals, secured with a stitch. I didn't expect a septoplasty when I went in... I was surprised to wake up with the information that I had an undiagnosed deviated septum! I could always breathe fine, but I did have increased instances of nose bleeds. I am attaching a photo of the results now! I am 20 days post-op and feeling pretty fine. This was at 6 days post op. 80% of the swelling was gone at 2 weeks... this is something I want to share with Dorsal Hump removal patients. Unlike extensive tip work, I have heard and seen with others and myself, that Dorsal Hump removal in a closed fashion with no tip work leaves you with a much lower propensity for wild swelling weeks out from surgery. My profile view is drastically improved... My front view is pretty much identical.
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

You have found the Nose Guru! There is none better in the South. (Maybe even the U.S. I've heard!) Dr. Cochran only performs Primary & Secondary Rhinoplasty. His staff is top notch. You may find a surgeon willing to operate on your nose for less money than Dr. Cochran... but let's be honest with ourselves. Is it prudent to bargain over something so important as skill & talent? Dr. Cochran is first and foremost an ENT. He understands every aspect of the nose inside & out. If you were having a child... would you visit a general practice physician? No. You would want a board certified OBGYN. Why should a nose be any different? Go to a specialist who understands noses on every level. A Plastic Surgeon who also does Botox, Lipo, Breast Implants, Tummy Tucks, Facelifts and the lot cannot be as well versed in THE NOSE as someone who ONLY does noses. This is THE nose doctor in Dallas, Texas. The nose is the center of the face... and you absolutely get what you pay for. When you meet him you will notice his quiet confidence. This is a doctor who does not exude arrogance, but rather compassion and understanding. He wants to give you the nose of your dreams. You can sense the excitement in his tone and complete confidence in his ability. It would be his pleasure to give you the results you desire. This is not a surgeon who is in this field for the money, Dr. Cochran has a passion. Put your trust in a Physician who not only understands how to create a beautiful cosmetic result, but also how to make sure your nose stays functional. He will listen to your idea of an ideal nose and do his best to achieve that result. I expected greatness from him, and he delivered.

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