Labiaplasty: Trim Method, Laser with Clitoral Hood Reduction. Dallas, TX

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I had very large labia since I can remember. I...

I had very large labia since I can remember. I suffered from the typical discomfort when playing sports (huge problem being a collegiate athlete in volleyball) as well as embarrassment sexually. Married now, I still found the look and feel of my vagina to hold me back in so many ways. I literally spread eagle one day, looked at myself and said "nope, I want you gone". I scheduled the surgery the next day with a known plastic surgeon in Dallas who I have to say is the most amazing surgeon I have ever worked with, Dr. Brady. She made me feel at ease, and completely understood me. The staff is 100% professional and made the whole experience pleasant. I went under sedation and local, the procedure took 2 hours and the initial pain post op. was very little. I was asleep during the whole thing. Although more expensive than other places, going here was worth it. Writing this, I am 8 days post op and have little concern with how the "pieces" are coming together.

Day 1 Post Op

I spent majority of the day in a hotel room recovering until check out time. I live 2 hours from Dallas so we decided not to drive back the day of surgery being that I was still so highly sedated.

The first thing I noticed was how different it felt! The meat curtains were gone and I felt so feminine. The pain and bleeding was pretty mild as I kept the ice on and off every 20 minutes. I was given instructions to start the antibiotic this morning, twice a day for one week. I was also given lidocaine cream for itching or pain and an antibiotic cream to put on 4-5 times a day. Peeing was interesting. I did rinse every time but used the antibiotic 4x. The most painful is the area that is stitched from my clit hood to the labia as well as the back where my perineum is as she lasered this too. Bruising is less than I thought. Overall, not to shabby as I waddle like a duck.

Day 2 post op

Feeling like I have a mighty clit today! Slept okay and still icing every 20 min. The right side is HUGE compared to the left and throbs. Bleeding is pretty small. I haven't had to use more than a liner the whole time since surgery. Still chilling in bed, taking it easy at home and trying to compress a little to help with swelling.

Day 3 post op

OUCHY! Everything is colorful and swollen today. Pretty painful but trying to keep busy reading and studying. Luckily I have 2 weeks off before summer school starts. I gave in to the pain medication today and took two throughout the day. Getting nervous about how the healing of my clit hood and labia will heal. Quite a bit of stitches, swelling, and scabbing. Nothing else really to report.

Day 4 post op

Still in quite a bit of pain today. I haven't left the couch or bed since surgery. Utilizing the antibiotic cream to keep the scabbing down a bit since it seems to be getting tied in with the stitches. ICE ICE ICE is your bestfriend

Day 5 post op

a lot going on today. The incision line makes me nervous being so swollen and prominently distinct. The right side still remains super swollen in comparison and my clit as well. Huge tip: get a wax before surgery so these freaking hairs don't prick the incisions!

Day 6 post op

Still swollen, painful, and spotting. Feels like day 3-6 has been pretty consistent with little change. Keeping to routine of ice, antibiotic cream, and pain meds.


This hair is getting out of control!! Pricking and hurting me but walking is still really uncomfortable. Today I also started using coconut oil to help with rubbing on the liner. Often I just roam comando though in a nighty. Stinging is getting pretty intense at night.

Day 9 post op

getting really nervous about the healing process. I seem to be far behind others with pain, bleeding, and swelling. The perineum is really starting to hurt now.

Day 10 post op

Today I spent time really washing the incisions and scabby looking areas with warm soap and a q-tip... oh and i also SHAVED! whohooo new woman. Today I really felt comfortable sitting, walking, etc. Still bleeding from the back/inner part of where the back was lasered. holding compression also helps too!!

post op 1 week & 5 days

Just when I felt like everything was healing well, I woke up this morning with a large amount of blood on my liner. I went from very little bleeding to a light period. After exploring I discovered a split on the top part of my left labia and then again very low on my right. Typically, I would assume things like this to heal on their own this far post op but the bleeding makes me nervous it might be a little deeper than your typical partial wound dehiscence which I read heals pretty well on its own.
I have to say every time I use the lidocaine cream, I seem to take a step back in the healing process. The first time I used it, the back where my perineum is started to bleed profusely and at this point hasn't really stopped. I used it again last night and now I have other parts splitting and bleeding.

Hoping this weekend is somewhat of a miracle because I have to go to school and work all day starting Monday.

Two weeks & 2 days

So not happy today. I have been having constant bleeding from the posterior fourchette for over a week now and have 3 incision line splits. I now have what looks like a hematoma developing accompanied with pain and stinging. The split I am most worried about is the right clitoral hood attachment to the labia but all seem to keep bleeding and bleeding. School has been rough as each day has me sitting for 2 hours then standing for another 4 for lab. My doctor keeps telling me there is nothing to worry about but this doesn't ease my discomfort I am in. I am at the point where I don't care what it looks like if I could just get the pain and bleeding to stop.Im sure my husband agrees ;) Hopefully my 3 week check in is better! Because I feel like I haven't made much progress.

Nearly 6 weeks post

well I'm nearly 6 weeks post op and I'm not as happy as I thought I would be. My labia have splits in them and the cut oral hood isn't attached on one side. I know time will continue to heal and swelling will go down but I'm positive I will need a revision, something don't have time for. This aside, I'm happy about the fact I don't have extra tissue down there anymore! I feel so Feminine and MUCH more comfortable in panties, spandex, etc. I havent had sex yet because some stitches and openings make me nervous to.
I'll update again in a couple weeks, hopefully it'll be more "put together" :)

Nearing 10 months

Nearling 10 months post op and I wasn't very happy with my results. I had asymmetry and the hood was partially detached in my right side. 2 days ago my doctor did a small revision in the office with a radio frequency laser. It was easy and the recovery isn't as painful so far. I'm hoping the results are better :))
Dr. Brady

AMAZING!! If you get a chance, see this team for your surgery.

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