Kybella - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY - Dallas, TX

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First and foremost, I will say that I've had a lot...

First and foremost, I will say that I've had a lot of great experience with invasive cosmetic surgeries. My rule has always therefore been 'hear the word non-invasive - run far and fast'. Last year I fell prey to misleading promises of 'revolutionary' kybella injections. I didn't just have poor or subtle result, it's nonexistent. I had a total of FOUR sessions ($600 each): in August, September, October and November of 2015. After each session I looked like a frog for a week, but it's ok, I am willing to endure whatever it takes to look good.
I am writing this posting after it has been over a year since my last session, sufficient time to see the actual results, or should I rather say lack thereof. The first 'before' photo was taken in January 2015 and the 'after' in April of 2016. Please save your time and money, and go with the real deal procedure.
BTW I do not have complaint about my dr, I like her, it's just this procedure has been marketed with extremely misleading promises.

Additional after Kybella photo - no results

Additional before Kybella photo

This is NOT me. This is what I thought my chin would look like after Kybella

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