My First Juvederm / Botox! - Lips and Lines! - Dallas, TX

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Hello, RS friends! I haven't been on here since...

Hello, RS friends!

I haven't been on here since my TT in 2015, but I go in for what is likely to be my first juvaderm/botox treatment tomorrow morning and figured I would blog it so other women have one more story to compare.

I found Dr Daniel Beck throughly friend/hairstylist who apparently has been getting "Dysport" treatments for almost two years... COULDN'T TELL!

The fact that she looks great makes me hopeful that Dr Back will do a good job on me. I am not a huge fan of Botox. I personally would prefer to go the Fat Transfer route, and still hope to in the next few years if I can get Dr Stiles office to call me back :)

...I digress, My point in mentioning that I am not comfortable with botox is to say that I may chicken out of that part of the procedure tomorrow. What I do know if that I WILL be doing the Juvaderm to the lips, and we will see how the rest goes. I will attach a few photos of my natural lips resting and smiling for a comparison. - Please excuse the lack of make-up :)

My goal for my lips is to have the top lip made symmetrical with much fuller sides of the lip nd an overall increase to my poute while maintaining a natural look.


I did it!

So First... After discussing everything with Dr. Beck I chose to give the Botox a go. I did only the forehead, and I did a small amount. I wont have before and after pictures of that procedure, but I will give my full opinions once it has taken affect in a few days. I was really on the fence with the botox so I will be able to give a very non biased view of the results.

Now on to my lips... I do have lots of photos of those!

I arrived at Dr Beck's office in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute around 8:30am - 9am appt. I had asked to come early to be numbed as I was in a time crunch.

Ashlei in the office was a true help in getting a time nailed down and for letting me come in early. She numbed me up and Dr Beck arrived right on time to get started.

He asked what type of look I was going for and talked about his method. He likes to start conservative. You pay for the syringe and whatever you don't use in the initial setting you can always come back in and use in the following weeks, once the swelling has worn down, if you don't like the outcome. I used half a syringe and although I think I will want a little more up top I like taking it slow, and I do really like my lips so far.

I personally did not feel anything until we got to my cupids bow on the left side. There was a very sharp sudden pain. Other than that one stop however I could honestly not tell the difference from Dr. Beck massaging the product around to him putting the product in.

I went straight to work after the injections and made it through most of the day before the swelling started to kick in.

I am 12 hrs in now and the swelling is VERY noticeable. I feel like I have major duck face! I also have one big bruise on the left side. Other wise everything looks good. I am excited to see how it settles.

36 hrs post ...

I was in the office today and although I felt a little self-conscious because of the swelling above/below my lips it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it was last night. I also took an ice pack with me (given to me by Dr Beck) and between clients I would run to the kitchen and hold it on my lips for a minute or two (really seemed to help!). My colleagues all say my lips look great! I am still trying to get familiar with the new size. I love the size/shape on the right and I think once the extra swelling goes on the left I will love that side as well. I still think I may want to go back in a few weeks and add a little more volume not eh bottom of the upper lip... if that makes sense.

Enjoy the photos!

6 days after injections...

Fairly certain all swelling is gone and my lips are at their final volume / shape. I mostly love them! I love having more volume and the feeling that I am able to smile and not show only gum!

I do plan on going back and trying to correct perfect my natural lip shape as well as ad a little more volume... just a little! I will post a mother photo after that is done but in the meantime enjoy the final results of my first Juvederm.

If you re looking for a Doctor in the Dallas (DFW) area give Dr Beck's office a call. He has two offices. One in Southlake and one in Dallas. He is very patient and kind, and on top of that does an amazing job!

BOTOX REVIEW (areas treated: between the eyes and forehead)

I have given it a few weeks and want to give my quick opinion on Botox...

I believe I mentioned this, and in case I didn't: I received Botox between the eyes and Dysport to the upper forehead.

It took about 2-days before the product began to set in and then another 5 days before it was really "there". I do want to mention that I tend to be a VERY expressive individual as far as facial expressions. I wear every emotion on my face, and because of that the first week after the products set in was very hard for me. I had constant headaches and felt very "blue" for lack of a better term. Getting through work with clients was actually difficult. Before I met with Dr Beck I had read a few scientific studies about the negative emotional responses of paralyzing facial muscles, but I didn't really expect it to be such a heavy reaction in myself.

The physical feeling of having the Botox/Dysport was a tight and heavy sensation. Comes on heavier at times, and then you wont notice it for hours. Very sporadic. One strange thing I deal with now is having to tilt my face up to put on eyeshadow. Since I can't raise my brows I have to look down to smooth out the lid... random tidbit :)

All this being said I think it is obvious I am not a fan, and while I probably won't do the forehead again I can say I am LOVING how smooth it looks. I truly thought I needed fillers in my face not Botox/Dysport , so I am very surprised how smooth everything is. Even though I don't want to repeat the forehead I do think I will do between the eyes again. Having the smoothness between my eyebrows has helped my brows look even and made filling them in easier. Lovely!

I guess this is all a long winded way of saying that I love the look, but hate the little side effects. If you tend to be an overly expressive person you may want to think twice about Botox.

Current pic.

I received a comment today from a RS who thinks I have duck lips after the injections. I let her know photos shown were in the swollen stage, but that got me thinking that I really need to show everyone what they look like AFTER the remaining product was put in and they had time to settle from the first injection.

It did take my lips about 1.5 weeks to really settle. They ended up looking not much larger then before but now have much better definition to them and a better pout.

The attached pic was directly after the remaining product was put in. They actually did not swell this time, but we used a very small amount of product. Only evening out a few areas.


About 5 months post Juvederm lip injections

Hello Realselfers!

I wanted to give a quick update for those considering lip injections or those who recently had them.

About 3-4 weeks after the injections I noticed my lips would look very thin one day an due plump again the next. I read up on some other reviews and this seems to be normal. Hydration plays a big part so keep drinking your water!

I did go back and use the rest of my syringe but noticed no difference. My top lip ended up not being any bigger then when I started I just had a little more definition. The bottom lip had some good volume.

In January I decided to go back in and have Dr Beck look to see if I needed another full syringe or what b/c my lips were about back to normal. I sent his Office Manager 2 separate emails a few weeks apart and never received a response. I finally texted Dr Beck in February and after 2 days received a response with another person to contact in his office. I emailed he over the weekend but haven't heard back yet so I am hopeful that she will contact me soon.

It has been frustrating trying to get in touch with someone. At this point I just want to buy another syringe of the product but I feel as if I am getting the run around since I initially mentioned that I wasn't happy with how fast the product wore off. Hopefully I am wrong and somehow I simply fell through the cracks...

One last thing, after speaking with several friends and friends-of-friends who have this done I found it is much more common for women to go very 4-5 months then the 6-9 the doctors tell you. Best to prepare yourself for the financial aspect of going every 4months. :)
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