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I can not fully express in the appropriate words...

I can not fully express in the appropriate words how amazing Dr. Mark Deuber's perfected 24 hour breast augmentation truly is. It is worth the extra time and money to travel to him for this procedure. I was literally up and out sight seeing 3.5 hours after my surgery. This is no joke. No bra no pain meds except ibu. Arm movements directly after the procedure. No sleeping restrictions, no narcotic bloating, and beautiful boobs. I am post op day 5 and doing my normal daily routine. And only taking Ibu. There are some restrictions such as exercise and lifting, but beyond that, I am driving, cooking, was back to work post op day three, and am living normally. I do have some tightness and numbness but am healing just fine. Dr. Deuber surgical fineness yields natural results, and he will only place an implant that is appropriate to your tissue size. Which is also important, because he boasts a 3% re-op rate compared to the standard 25% re op. I highly recommend him and his staff. I would have done this years ago had I found this incredible Doctor. Check his website for addtional info. 365 cc naturelle ultra high inspira profile. Again the 24 hour recovery is really real girls. You can have this surgery with minimal pain and downtime.

6 week update

Hello Ladies!
Today is my six week update!
I am happy to report that they feel like they have been a part of me forever. The recovery has been so easy.
I literally Took nothing more than ibu. No pain meds beyond that needed. I was walking 3 miles a day 3 days post op and doing most normal household activities with lifting restrictions of course. I returned to work post op day 3 and truly only missed 3 days for this breast augmentation. Again the 24 hour recovery is incredible and Dr Deuber has perfected this.
At this point in recovery I believe I have done all of the dropping I am going to do and the swelling is gone.
However, my doctor insisted that correcting my asymmetry was unnecessary and usually turns out for the worse. I am beginning to question that philosophy a bit.
I will say that boob greed is a real thing
I loved the size when they were swollen, but they have shrunk a little and I keep thinking an extra 25 to 50 cc wouldn't have hurt. Esp in left smaller.
My left is noticeably smaller that my right and hangs a bit different. I am a little frustrated, however via a post op through emails (since I traveled for this procedure) I am being told that this was my breast shape to start with and implants only make the breast bigger and not change the shape.
I am wondering if I chose the wrong type of implant that exhasberates this asymmetry or if I did the right thing.
I am wondering at this point if I will change much or if this is my end result
I was hoping for just a bit better result, however this could be the trade off for the specialized nature of the 24 hour recovery. It is explained at www.bestbreast.com in detail
Also, when I lift my left arm there's a straight line angle vs a rounded look like my right.

I would also like to note that traveling for surgery when you have to fly does present a post op challenge. I do wish I could speak with my surgeon in person, but the expense of flying down isn't feasible.
I apologize my photos are out of order. But if anyone wants to weigh in id love opinions
They aren't horrible, however when you make a big investment you can't help to have certain expectations.
But I have to repeat, the zero down time was really fantastic


10 week Update-- bottomed out on right already?????!!!!!

Hello All! Well... It's hard to believe I am at the 10 week mark. I must say that I believe everything has healed properly, howevever I am not real happy with my results. From the beginning I communicated w my ps office that I felt something was off. (See diff shapes in pics) Now I think I may be starting to bottom out on my right breast. I only have 8 week photos which I will post. When I raise my arms you can clearly see the dilination between the implant and breast tissue and it looks like the implant is sitting below incisions. If I look at previous photos I can see some suggestion of this as I progress through the healing process. Does any one else see this??? Or is it mal position of the implant? Or am I being to picky and crazy??? Also my right nipple is star gazing when lift arms. Also, the shapes are driving me crazy Two different shapes and sizes. Ugh! So frustrating when you pay for these procedures and expect a different result. I am on week # 2 of waiting to hear back from PS office. It's seems communications are more difficult maybe with out of town people. (I traveled 1500 miles for this Doctor) I can handle the asymmetry so long as it's only noticeable to me. But the bottoming out? Not so much. My doctor boasts a nearly 0% chance of any re op due to his method. So, let's see where this ends up. I'll post more pics tonight. I still love the look and don't regret surgery per say, but maybe I should have stayed with a local surgeon and endured the pain. I'm considering a consult with a local surgeon to get a second opinion, but gosh darn it I only wanted to have to do this once. Grrrrrr! Any opinions appreciated

Getting worse by the day--

Hello Ladies-- just a quick update. My right breast is getting worse by the day, and I'm getting zero support from the office staff and Dr Deuber. I'm a very reasonable person, and have been very patient since I know schedules are crazy, but 3 weeks and no response from a person in charge is unacceptable. I have a real issue and deserve some sort of official communication/directives from the office.
It's like I have two different breasts and my right is bottoming out. And I'm not even 6 months post op. This started almost immediately
I'm not happy with this outcome. I can deal with a reasonable amount of asymmetry, but this is a procedural problem not symmetry problem.

Dr. Deuber delivers a 24 hour recovery and that's about it. I have had issues with my augmentation from the beginning, and as other reviewers have stated, no care or concern after the surgery is performed and monies collected. My breasts are Ugly, he did not do a good job, and my right implant is falling out of the pocket in less than 6 months post op, and I'm getting no response back from the office. I concur with the other two ladies who reviewed, do yourself a huge favor, go to someone else. :-(

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