Finally Going Through with Rhinoplasty! - Dallas, TX

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So I'm 27 years old now and since maybe middle...

So I'm 27 years old now and since maybe middle school or a freshman in high school I started feeling really self conscience of my nose. Maybe because at that time it had become really pronounced from my body maturing and reaching adulthood. Me and my brother both have my dads nose, which isn't all that of an inconvenience for my brother cause he's a guy. But my large nose just looks so unfeminine on me with my small frame. I also think it depresses my smile a bit, it would be a plus if the surgery had some affect on this, but if not no biggie my nose itself is my main focus. I've never been bullied per say or even picked on about my nose, but there have been comments made before that just really affected me and have always stuck in my head. For example, my little nephew he's 5, I took him swimming last summer with a few of my friends and out of nowhere he said "you have a really big nose". It just really embarrassed me, if even a little kid can notice my huge nose I'm sure that adults really can too lol! Anyway, I've finally reached a time in my life where I'm financially stable and have enough saved up that I can finally achieve my goal of having a rhinoplasty. My medical insurance will be paying for the septoplasty part, I went to an ENT in August because I've been having so many sinus infections and bad daily headaches it's insane, and I always constantly have muscus drainage down my throat. He did a CT scan and showed me my severely deviated septum and large turbinates. The rest of the cosmetic portion I've saved up a good chunk of money so I won't have to put anything on credit. You can see from my pictures my big hump and large nostrils and when I smile the tip droops. Hopefully ALL those can be fixed! :) Thankfully, my parents are really supportive, and are even proud that I saved and finally doing this, they just want me to be happy. I have my consult scheduled for April 18th with Dr. Bassichis in Dallas, a co-worker referred me to him and all of his reviews I've researched have been awesome so we will see how it goes. Eeek excited, can't wait for April 18th to get here!
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