Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck.

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Ok, so I've been researching these procedures...

Ok, so I've been researching these procedures since my second child, 9 years ago.(I have 3) I finally came into the means to pay for the surgery and BAM! I went for a couple consultations and already set a date in about a 2 week time frame. It's as if I had to do it this way, so I don't chicken out. The doctor I'm going with is the one I felt the most comfortable with in the consultation and not to mention he's done work on my mom and my Aunt so....he's pretty much officially the family surgeon. Lol he is an excellent doctor, who takes the time to answer every question thoughtfully and explains every detail. He did a great job on my family so I'm trusting he will do his best for me. My procedure is paid and set and there is no backing out now! I'm extremely nervous because, 1. I have never been under before.....2. This is my first surgery.......3. I'm scared of the recovery and complications that can arise......4 I'm not rich and this is something that took me a very long time to save up for....5. I just need to take a couple anti anxiety meds to get through My excitement is finally starting to rise and show because now, that it's paid for and set, it just now seems more real to me. I'm having a TT and breast augmentation. No lift because I was blessed with slightly deformed breasts. Thank God those are going to be gone! Btw Dr. Stagnone does the best breasts, hands down. I've seen his work and he comes highly recommended for the boobs! Lol can't wait to see his artistic work on me!

Trying to prepare for this

So far I have .....tank tops and yoga pants to wear, sports bra, list for the next store trip is thin maxi pads, Maderma, Gatorade, they provide the caretaker will be a family member who has an electric recliner,walker, pillows out the wahOo. Lol I'm open to any other suggestions if I'm missing anything. I'm also wondering if my surgeon is going to include lipo of the flanks? I've noticed that most women who are chunky like me are automatically getting the back lipo thrown in to accent the tummy tuck. I took a pic of my back and was grossed out at how fat it looks. (Hadn't seen it in a while! Lol) I'm hoping the combination of the tummy and breasts will help my flabby back out! I'm doing everything backwards because, I really wanted to lose 20 lbs before I did this but ......if I don't get it done now I may never get the chance to do this again. I'm not seeking to look like a super model, I just wouldn't mind being able to wear a two piece without feeling completely gross. That is my ultimate goal in 6 months or by the summer the latest. Happy healing mommies!

Before pics...yuck

Wish pic

2 weeeeks!

Trying not to let my thoughts of how quick the surgery is coming up overtake my thoughts. Keeping busy but, it's hard!

Breast implants

So I'm a pretty broad girl with hips so I knew I wanted them large but, I don't want them looking too big if that makes sense. I've been looking through all the mommy makeover photos like crazy and it's really challenging finding women with my proportions. Most women my size were blessed naturally with larger breasts. Now they are having BL instead of just a BA. That's a good thing for me right? I've suffered with imbalance for so long I refuse to feel guilty about boobs. Lol I need balance in my life! Ok so the Dr suggested between 450-550cc in the beginning then we came back in with my hubby and because the distance between the nipple and breast fold is so short (my deformity) he informed me 550 might not give my breast optimal shape. I definitely don't want my nipple pointing to far south or double bubble so whatever the dr suggests I'm going to listen to. I mean he's only been doing this for 22 years! So 500 cc silicone moderate profile it is. Saline was never an option. I think the feel and look of silicone is a better result. I'm sure no matter what the size of the implant it's better than deformed unformed boobies right?! Lol

Feeling like Superwoman!

I'm going to stop fearing this procedure. Like the doc says. This is an elective procedure. No need to be freaked out and fearing for my life. I know being nervous is normal but, there are times I've been letting this consume me. Well I'm done with that. I'm doing this and I'm going to come out a superstar......eventually. Lol

Jealousy and bad reactions.

I feel like I can only talk about this surgery with a few people. Especially my in laws and even my own mother is acting weird. I'd rather just keep it to myself than get the negative feedback. Anybody else experience this besides me?

Exactly 1 Week!!!

I have one week to go and I'm so....unprepared. My pre op appt is tomorrow and I still need so much. Ugh. I hope I can make it through all this without having a meltdown of nerves!

Coconut water with pineapple

I just stocked up on this stuff. I've read that it does wonders during recovery. Really hope it works well. Lol also, what is the best bra to buy for recovery? How the heck do I know what size to buy?! Lol

Pre op

Rule number 1. Never take a toddler to with you to a pre op appt.....even if you have a good friend with you to help out. Lol

ok so I'm a little bummed cause, I thought my mommy makeover was going to include a little lipo but, that's ok. I guess I'll have to drop the back fat through good ol fashioned exercise and healthy eating. I just assumed because, everyone I've been following....that mommy makeover includes lipo...well it doesn't, so don't assume. Lol I am however excited about this flabby stomach being gone and Boobs!

Oh man what am I gonna do? I've never had normal boobs before! So I am getting less nervous about the actual surgery and fear of never waking up...for now. I'm now just worried with how I'm going to heal, how I might scar, capsular know things that are beyond my control. I need to just think happy thoughts....that's what I'm being told and I really do have happy thoughts but, there still sits all the little worries. Lol

500cc silicone moderate plus implants with the sizers to make sure I don't need a different size in my left breast. I have a little asymmetry. I've been reassured Dr. Stagnone does an amazing job on getting a drastic difference in the tummy with his technique of TT. Can't wait to see the final outcome! Scripts are being filled as we speak. Just a recap of perpetration details before surgery were explained. Sooo now I just wait........

Omg I'm gaining weight!

What the hell! I've been stress eating. Uuuuuggghhh so now I weigh 189 lbs. I'm 5' 7.5" I've never thought I looked that heavy but damn. I was weighing 230 a few years ago and got down to 172 and was happy there but, this tipping the scale back up to 200 is nooo bueno. I'm sick of this fat. Ugh! I can't wait for 6 weeks. I'm going to be hitting the gym like a champ. I'm tired of being at this weight. I hope this procedure really does help me kickstart a good weight loss.

37 more hours!!

Ohh I'm beginning to calm down. I feel anxious here and there but mostly ready to get this over with so I can begin the healing. Happy healing to all you ladies that just started the process!

On my way!

I'm a little terrified but I'm still on my way! Pray for me.

I made it and I wish I had done this sooner.

I'm on the pain pump. Ladies don't do this procedure without it because, recovery is so easy. The only pain I've had is soreness, when I coughed (super ouch) and when standing up. Toilet seat riser with handles... A must have!!!!!
The strangest thing is I was sent home with only my breasts bandaged. My tummy was left exposed.exept the wound of course. Well peeps meds are kicking in and I'm loopy but veerrrrry happy happy with the boobs can't wait for the drop. Alright peeps I'm getting sooo sleepy. Night thanks for the prsyer

Here is post op day 1 before and after.

I'm still very swollen and of course not able to stand straight.

Pain is beauty

I'm can't lie. Today was a little rough. The abs are burning and hurting. The boobs feel like they're about to pop. I'm sure it's all the nerve endings reattaching. Getting up and down out of the chair is painful and I'm when walking around the back is burning with pain. I popped a muscle relaxer and it helps so for now I'm going to bed I. Hopes of waking up in less pain...yes it's pain but it's not anything unbearable. I know it will be worth it in a few more weeks. Good night! Tomorrow I get my compression garment. I'm looking forward to that. :)

Post Op Appt

I'm so glad to have my binder on. I feel so much better having that support for my back. I went in and everything is looking great, I'm just super swollen and they got onto me for trying to do too much at once. I have to be careful because I can get a seroma and that's the last thing I want at this point. So my orders were to go home eat and sleep. I haven't been getting enough Z's so that's what I'll be doing as soon as I get back to the bed.

Emotional day

I can't seem to stop crying today. I'm not a crier either. This sucks because I should be happy that I'm feeling better but instead I keep crying. Ugh!

Much more rest

I cut down on my meds and slept way ore last night and today. I feel way better today. I was a basket case yesterday ...geez. My drain is putting out way less today. Not sure if that's normal or not. I'm working on more rest and cutting the meds completely out. I've only taken one of each today and hopefully this will be my last day of meds. I'll post my surgery story day in a bit. I've just been too out of it to type it up until today. Sleep seems to be the key to feeling better. :)

Soooo swollen

My stomach is so swollen and the skin seems a little loose around the belly button area. Not much has changed on my stomach from this pick except the breasts are a little softer and dropped a little more. I'm drinking water and taking Arnica tablets daily which helped with the bruising but nothing is helping with this swelling. I drink water constantly and pee a lot but feel that this swelling is never going to end. Trying to be patient but I'm not 100 percent happy with the tummy yet. I liked my 1st post op pic way better....then came swell hell. Lol I know it will go down but I hate it!

Surgery day

I keep forgetting to post about my surgery up at 5:45 to shower with hibeclens. Popped a Valium and muscle relaxer. Arrived at 7:15 am. They brought my husband and I into an area where the nurse asked a series of questions and took my blood pressure. It was all pretty much a blur because of the Valium and muscle relaxer I was on cloud 9. Lol the dr came in marked me up and sent my husband out. The nurse led me to the OR table and I remember starting to freak out laying there. I was listening to the anesthesiologist and nurse talking. The nurse put an oxygen mask on me and asked me to take 10 deep breathes. I remember taking 2 then I was out. Woke up after what seemed like 15 minutes of sleep. Was being forced to get up and I remember being in the car. It's mostly just flashes of memory. I remember looking at my stomach in the car and freaking out telling my husband. They didn't fix my stomach. Lol I think it's because I was expecting to be binded right away. I don't know but, I got home, didn't sleep and was slurring like a drunk person. I was wired but in little pain. I guess I'm one of those who are wired after surgery and apparently was being mean.

6 days PO

6 days PO

1 week post op appt

I'm walking about 90 percent upright I would say. Went in and they removed my belly button stitches. My belly button looks great. They said that my drain will come out Thursday even though my drain output has been under 25 for 2 days. I think the dr has a rule that the drain comes out in no less than 9 days no matter what. Which just means that I'm less likely to get a Seroma right? I'm so ready for this drain to go! Lol anyways I actually got out and did a lot of walking yesterday and felt pretty good. Came home and by the evening I noticed I had a lot of muscle spasms in my breasts. Took a muscle relaxer and it was fine. I'm really liking what I see now. Just one day made a huge difference wow!


Oh yay! Surgery helped my period come on early.(sarcasm) I started light bleeding 3 days ago and thought...oh nice it's going to be a light one. Yeah right! I was just awoken out of a dead sleep from the cramps of I actually completely stopped taking hydracodone yesterday. I was down to one in the morning and only a muscle relaxer at night. Yesterday was my first day without one. Well guess what I just took half of one because these cramps suck! I've always had horrible, irregular, painful periods, so I think this is just a normal cycle that was brought on about a week early from the surgery. Just waiting now for the pain to stop. Hope all my surgery sisters are healing well!

The drain is out!

My abyss is gone. Lol that's what I call my drain. It was like having an alien creature growing from my hip. I can finally take a real shower! Halloween was fun and I'm more than certain I over did it today. I was on the go all day and was walking with my kids for a short time. Then I was handing out candy because I just love seeing all those little costumes. Now I'm paying the price all swollen and cramps. My Dr says I'm still at risk for seroma so I need to take it easy. Especially now I'm drain free. I def didn't take his advice but today, I plan on taking it super easy and drinking lots of water.

2 weeks PO

So I went in for the 2 week PO visit and it was pretty uneventful. They removed my stitches. I bought some medical grade silicone sheeting for my incisions. It's suppose to pretty much make my scars nonexistent. I'm healing up nicely. Still dealing with a lot of swelling. I was told this is normal and won't subside for 3 months. I'm walking upright at 100 percent unless...I do too much and sit down for long periods of time. Then it feels like my stomach muscles are drawn up and I have to walk slightly bent. I'm very happy with my results so far. One of my breasts is dropping faster than the other. I was told because of the deformity the side that is dropping less was more constricted than the other but hopefully with time that skin will stretch and even out with the other. :-/ oh well everything is still a huge improvement to my before photos. :) my belly button seems to be taking an odd shape. I'm thinking about oiling it up and stretching it a little once it's more healed. Lol happy healing ladies! I'm so happy I did this! The worst part for me was the first week but it's all totally worth it! Very Happy with my new body and my surgeon is awesome. He's the best in Dallas along with the staff. I would never choose a different staff for anything.

2 weeks PO

3 weeks post op

Swelling...I'm going to throw a baby fit for a minute.....I'm sick of the swelling, I'm sick of having to wear these compression garments and binder...I'm sick of my boobs having pain and having that sunburn feeling. I'm sick of getting tired so easily and not being able to clean this dirty house the way it needs to be cleaned...there I'm done whining now lol I know it will go away eventually and things will improve but honestly it gets old at 3 weeks. I'm just ready for my body to be healed and I'm ready to go to the gym I can work out this flab. I really don't want my stomach gaining fat back and I really want my thighs to start getting firmed up. This just sitting around trying to heal is driving me crazy! Oh and did I mention, I'm tired of swelling? Lol as soon as the binder/compression come off. Bam! I start swelling like a blowfish. I just really need a day off from compression garments and swelling jeez. I'll post 3 week post op pics later today.

3wks PO


Yes, I think I have developed a seroma. On both sides of my belly button there seems to be fluid swishing around. Not a happy camper about this. I have a doctors appt at 2 today. Sigh this is an added expense I don't need right now. I wonder if my insurance will cover this but, probably not since this is the result of an elective procedure. :( feeling down about this.

Thank goodness

I went in today and was told I need a better compression garment and not to worry my body should absorb the fluid. I also need to take it easy cause apparently ...I'm still doing too much. :-/ can't wait for this healing to get better! Lol

4 weeks

No huge difference from last week. Still swollen . Better today than yesterday though.


2 weeks vs 4 weeks you can definitely see a difference in my ab detail!

3 months post op

Everything seems back to normal. I've began hardcore working out and trying to get fit. I still have numbness in the belly button region down to the incision. I have no feeling in my left nipple. I hope I regain some feeling back but if not oh well. I had an endermoligy treatment. Not sure if it helped with anything or not. I still am dealing with swelling but it's not too bad or anything undo able. I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Here comes Valentines day! I'll try and do monthly updates now. Life has just been crazy busy!


I am still dealing with swelling in the evening. My stomach will pooch out at night. It's getting better but I'm so over this swelling!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stagnone is a wonderful consult. So far he and his staff have been completely thorough and patient with every step of the process. If I have any questions I get it answered from every angle possible. The staff along with Dr. Stagnone have made this process and journey as easy as possible. He has my interest and best final outcome at heart. I feel confident he will help me reach the best result. Let me also add, I went to several consultations. Dr. Stagnone spent the most time with me, making sure I understood every detail. I just knew when I met with him he was the right choice even though his price was slightly more. I'm a firm believer you get what you pay for in this world.

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