Cellulaze Performed February 5th - Dallas, TX

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I had the cellulaze procedure performed on...

I had the cellulaze procedure performed on Tuesday, February 5th. I am 5'9 and weigh around 140 pounds at the moment. I am 40 years old and have 2 small children (my youngest being 10 months old). The first time I ever saw any cellulite on my body, I was around 25 and under some hideous dressing room lighting ... it was very minor at first, but I feel like it has progressed moreso after the birth of my 2 children. For example, I never saw an ounce of cellulite on the front of my thighs until after my first child was born when I was 36 in fact. I eat pretty clean, but (honestly) probably only work out 2 times a week due to my demanding work schedule and wanting to spend time with my kids. However, even when I was single/married with no kids and worked out 6 times a week, I still had cellulite.

I had 3 areas done: (i) the bottom part of the front of my thights; (ii) the top part of the back of my thighs; and (iii) my butt. One thing I loved about my doctor is he uses twilight sedation versus just a local numbing agent, so theprocedure itself was extremely comfortable. I arrived at 7:30 am and my husband picked me up at 1:00 pm. I was prescribed an antibiotic and pain medicine and I also elected to start taking Arnica the day before my procedure to help with bruising. This procedure felt kind of serious and precise to me when it was over, which confirmed my decision that it was appropiate for me to have it performed by a plastic surgeon .... but I am also one of those people who has a dermatologist or plastic surgeon instead of... say .... a med spa do my chemical peels, photofacials or botox. I take things like this very seriously.

Other than a nauseous reaction to the painkiller (hydrocodone), the messy leaking that lasted through the following next day from one of my incisions, and the generic minor general annoyance with the compression garment, my recovery - thus far - has not been bad at all. One pointer -- for me, the most annoying thing about the compression garment is that it is somewhat high waisted and that feels constricting, so the second I walk into my house after work, I undue the hooks around the waist and fold that part over - SO much better. I sit in an office for work all day and my soreness is not to the point that doing so is at all uncomfortable. The only time it feels uncomfortable to me is when I go to the potty because of the hard ceramic ;)

I took the day off after my procedure, but ideally I would have had this done on a Friday just because of the leakage. I was scheduled the Friday before, but the office had to reschedule to the following Tuesday. But today is Friday and I feel pretty great.

I am a little swollen,which I assume can appear like you're already seeing great results, but I have a friend who did this in September with another doctor (she is happy with her results) and she warned me that you get all excited at first because the swelling makes it look the cellulite is all gone, but then the swelling goes down and you get disappointed ... but then the results get better over time. So, I will be watching and waiting patiently, promising to update you all every month or so. I made my husband take some "before" pics the morning of the procedure, but I get kind of freaked out about posting them on the worldwide web, but may do so when I get some good "after" pics done .... Or, if you message me separately, I would be happy to share.

So, here is prayer going out that this is successful and well worth it! :)

3 Week Update: It has been 3 weeks since my...

3 Week Update: It has been 3 weeks since my procedure and I am doing great. My bruising has been completely gone for several days and I no longer have to wear my compression garment - hallelujah! My skin is still tender and sore to the touch, as well as has that numb feeling. Curious when that will go away because I have seen girls post about doing yoga etc ... but I would not feel comfortable just yet doing my power yoga or pilates classes - I have been sticking to moderate cardio and weights at the gym for about a week so far.

am very thankful I have not had some of the issues others have posted about ... including continued discoloration of the skin, sagging look in my skin, or small bumps underneath the surface. I do feel one sort of knot on the front of my right leg halfway up from my knee, but I have been massaging that daily and hopefully it will resolve itself. At my 1 week check up, my doctor was thrilled I did not have much in terms of heavy bruising or lumps that would require any kind of lymphatic drainage massage and his exact words to his nurse were "come look - this is exactly what I would like all of our Cellulaze patients to look like 1 week out."

At this point, the swelling has gone down and I do see some small change (moreso on the front of my legs than anywhere else), but I am lucky that I have a close friend who already had the procedure done and she warned me that it does take at least 4 months or so to start really seeing a difference. So, I will certainly continue updating from time to time to keep everyone posted :)

Update on April 15, 2013: It has been a little...

Update on April 15, 2013: It has been a little over 2 months since my surgery and review. Just this weekend, I took a good look in the morror and can honestly say I see a substantial difference. Are my thighs perfect? No, but I am also 40 years old and have had 2 children..... But I can sincerely say that they surgery DID make an improvement. Since my friends who have had this done said they saw the biggest improvement between 4 and 6 months, I am thrilled to have seen an improvement already - I am hopeful it will continue. I need to have my husband take some more pictures soon..... I see the most improvement on the fronts and backs of my thighs - I'd like to see some more improvement continue in my butt area, but that was the area with the deepest dimples....

I have not been back to the doctor yet to do new pics or my follow-up because I have a very demanding career and his assistant said he can only see me on Wednesdays so it has just not worked out, but I am going to try and schedule that sooner rather than later. I am thankful to have had a positive experience with this because that was a LOT of money to shell out ;)

Private message me if you have any questions!

Update with pics - 2 years later

I felt bad for not posting pics so here you go. I never check this email so did not see the comments. Excuse the fact that I could still use some muscle in my legs ;)
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

After doing 3 consultations with doctors known for doing the procedure in my area, I selected my doctor based on the fact that (i) he is a board certified plastic surgeon; and (ii) I felt like he was very honest about what areas would likely see the most improvement versus those where we were hoping for only around 50% improvement. Also, he was one of only 2 of the doctors I visited who identifed that some of the issues I had were more contouring or skin elasticity versus true cellulite. And one of the other doctors I visited happened to speak very highly of him as well. That doctor (who I also REALLY liked) did not feel like my case was "serious" enough for him to take, but said he highly recommended my doctor. So, all in all, I appreciated my doc's candor and experience and decided that he was my best choice.

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